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How Asian Doll Achieved a Net Worth of $1 Million

Asian Doll

Misharron Jermisha Allen was born in Texas on December 7, 1996, to parent LaKeitha Lewis and Michael Allen. She grew up in Park Row, Dallas, part of the projects, the oldest of four kids. Her father was in and out of prison, and the family constantly moved, an early source of inspiration. According to, "growing up, Asian Doll was a troublesome child. She was kicked out of her high school in the 10th grade. She did join another high school but dropped out in the 12th grade instead of graduating to focus on her career as a rapper." Asian Doll's classmates recorded one of her songs. Soon it was all over the halls of her high school. Then, it gained so much popularity; she dropped out of high school. Her parents encouraged her to get a job providing her a stable income. But, thanks to a substantial social media presence, she opted to pursue music full time. Her rise to fame has almost taken Asia Doll out several times. She is currently doing what she loves most, making music and making a million.

Rise to fame

She released her first album, Rise of the Barbie Doll gang, in 2015. In 2016 she released two more albums, Drippin in Glo and Project Princess. The following year she recorded Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Outtaspace. Also, in 2017, she signed onto 1017 Eskimo Records, Gucci Mane's label. Although the label started in 2010, Asia Doll was the first female artist signed. Asian Doll changed her professional name in 2019 to Asia Da Brat. She felt that her name was too close to others in the industry. Instead, she opted for the name Asian Da Brat, rumored to reference a Chicago rapper.

Tragedy strikes

The next several years were heartbreaking and nearly fatal, but her career was still going strong with the release of Doll SNZ in 2018. The same year Asia the Doll started dating King Von, another rapper. Although it was rumored they split, she was with him the night he died. King Von killed on November 6 outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta. After his death, Asian was very vocal about the grief she was feeling. In an article from Complex, they wrote, " In the interview, she described him as her "first love" and her "first real boyfriend," adding that she firmly believes he was her "soulmate." After his death, she got a tattoo of him on her hand. Amid public criticism, a month later, she recorded a song with mixed success. The music was more forceful than her other, and many thought she was trying too hard to be like King Von. In 2021, she had a near-fatal car accident. wrote, "In an IG story post, Asian Doll wrote: "I'm Hurt No lie My brothers bleeding from they head when the car flipped over I had to crawl out 1st everybody was bleeding knocked out," she wrote. The car accident happened hours before she was launching her new brand, Doll Gang.

Public feuds

In December of 2020, Asian Doll, Megan Thee Stallion, JT, and Yung Miami were publicly feuding. Stallion released her debut album, Good news, with the song that Asian Doll thought was hers. For much of her career, she went to social media to post her outrage. Eventually, Lil Ju Made Da Beat, the producer, got in on the back and forth. According to Vulture, in a now-deleted tweet, Da Beat said "“I made that beat for Megan. Megan sent that beat to her anticipating a remix. I don’t even have contact with Asian Doll to send her beats.” Eventually, Thee Stallion tried to end the feud but instead infuriated Asian Doll further. More rappers started to get involved, and finally, it ended with Asian Doll tweeting that it began over a comment she made about her looks. This is not the only public feud. Asian Doll didn't mix words with James Charles, calling him out for charging 150 dollars to do makeup. James Charles is a social media influencer who has worked with many high-profile artists. Receiving a lot of press for the feud she kept it going awhile before adding a patented Asian Doll spin and dropping the argument.

Miss Millionaire

Asian Doll has never shied away from controversy, instead of making it into a career. According to Allmusic, "Amid her constant flow of new music, there was also constant turmoil, as she frequently had very public beefs with other rappers, most notably former friend Cuban Doll as well as Bali Baby. " Even though she was a high dropout, she has always understood the value of social media marketing and how to keep fans interested. Her early childhood gave her the inspiration that led to many hits and besides having a huge personality, she has a lot of talent. Her music is only one source of income. She is also an influencer, using her social media platforms to promote products. Her clothing and accessory line Doll Gang also does exceptionally well.

Multiple labels passed over her before the historic signing onto the Eskimo label. Each time she met defeat, she kept striving for success. Some find her brash and her antics over the top, but all of those missteps have defined her career. Many careers follow a clear linear path, and others like Asian Doll's are bold and constantly in the public eye. Her million-dollar success at age 24 is a product of authenticity. She's never fit into any perception of what or who she needs to be. Instead, she goes with what she feels. She made the daring decision to drop out of high school, and against the odds, her career took off. She's had hit songs and high-profile romances. Most of her career has used social media as a catalyst. Asian Doll's first million is because of one key factor; she knows how to market herself. If she keeps doing the same things, she will undoubtedly make it to her second million.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

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