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How Rosie Rivera Achieved a Net Worth of $14 Million

Rivera Sisters

Rosie Rivera was always known as Jenni Rivera’s younger sister; Jenni was a musician regarded as the queen of Banda, a type of Mexican music. The sisters were best of friends until Jenni died at 43. Rivera has since soldiered on to make a name for herself as an international inspirational speaker, author, evangelist, and entrepreneur. All these titles have enabled Rosie Rivera’s net worth to grow to $14 million. Below is a detailed account of how she accumulated her wealth.

Enduring Sexual Abuse

Rivera is the last born in her family. Therefore, growing up with four brothers and a sister, she had all the love she could ever need. As said in a Medium interview, she did not even realize how poor they were because the immense love in the family filled every need. Unfortunately, that fulfillment stopped when her sister’s ex-husband, Trinidad Marin, began abusing Rivera when she was only eight years old.

At the time, the innocent little girl did not know about sexual abuse; she trusted Marin and was eager to play the “love game” with him. It took a year for Rivera to find out that it was wrong, thanks to a sex education lesson in fifth grade. After that, she was determined to stop the abuse, but Marin threatened to kill Jenna, the one person that Rivera considered her best friend.

For this reason, the abuse continued, with naive Rivera thinking she was saving Jenna’s life. At thirteen, she found out that Marin was abusing Chiquis when the niece confided in her. The two swore to keep their ordeal a secret, fearing that Rivera’s brothers would kill Marin.

Turning Her Ordeal into a Book

The silence ate Rivera up, and at 16, she tried committing suicide by slitting her wrists. Luckily, she was a Christian, and the thought of going to hell because of dying by her own hands led her to search for the bandages immediately. When Marin threatened to take full custody of the kids, Rivera knew she had to open up to someone, so she told her mother and other family members.

They reported Marin to the police. It took years for him to be sentenced to 31 years because he became a fugitive. As a result, Rivera sank into depression despite the family taking her to a counselor and psychologist. At 25, she was an alcoholic, drug abuser, and suicidal. According to Perez Hilton, she was also married to an abusive man and was doing poorly at her real estate job.

Luckily, she got saved at 25 and turned her life around. She was no longer the scared little girl and decided she would use her story to empower others. She wrote a book, “My Broken Pieces,” recounting her sexual abuse and the aftermath. She also has other books such as “Finding Beauty in the Ashes” and “Take Your Power Back,” meant to encourage readers who need healing after battling abuse.

Rivera also became an inspirational speaker, and since she is renowned, it could mean that she is a top earner. Some reports cite that the highest-earning motivational speakers take home $312,000 annually. Since she has been doing it for years, she must have accumulated a substantial sum.

Becoming the Trustee of Her Late Sister’s Estate

Rivera never wanted to be involved in Jenni’s entrepreneurial activities. As she told Billboard, Jenni had lots of business experts around, so Rivera felt it better to support Jenni as a sister. They had a close relationship, and Jenni always wanted the best for Rivera. She even prophesied great things for her little sister, which have all come to pass.

However, one day Jenni met with her attorney regarding her will and asked Rivera to be her trustee. The younger sister did not think much about it and greed. Three weeks after that brief talk, Jenni also asked Rivera if she would be the guardian to Jenni’s children. At first, Jenni had indicated her eldest daughter Chiquis as the guardian.

However, the late musician replaced Chiquis with Rivera after finding out her daughter was sleeping with Jenni’s ex-husband. Consequently, when Jenni passed away on December 9, 2012, Rivera became the trustee of Jenni’s finances. According to ABC News, the fortune was around $25 million then. Rivera took over as the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and was in charge also of Jenni’s music and merchandise.

However, Jenni’s children kept requesting audits of the Jenni Rivera Enterprises. To avoid misunderstandings and accusations of funds misappropriation, Rivera resigned as the CEO. She remains the executor of the estate but will retire from that role in 2023. As the CEO since 2012, she must have been receiving a salary that increased her net worth.

Other Projects to Increase Her Net Worth

According to Canadian News, Rivera may no longer be the CEO of her sister’s business, but she will continue to immortalize Jenni. She said the best way to carry on the legacy of Jenni is to continue releasing singles, making documentaries, and even a film about Jenni’s life. She added that she is even planning on publishing a book about her late sister’s life to inspire young children to go after their goals.

By March 2021, Rivera revealed that the film, which will be English, was in its pre-production phase. The script was ready, and all that remained was the main character. Her involvement in the productions will be worth her while. Besides, Rivera and her husband, Abel Flores, launched a podcast, “The Power of Us,” to guide couples through marriage.

According to Businesswire, the podcast is inspired by their own experience. They were on the brink of divorce but still forged on to have a stable marriage. Since she consistently uploads audio files to her podcast, she has attracted a large audience, facilitating her earnings.

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