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How Dwight Howard Achieved a Net Worth of $100 Million

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is a professional basketball player who plays for the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association. His career began in 2004, and he has since become a very successful sportsperson. In fact, his success has led to him accruing great wealth and it is now believed that he has a net worth of $100 million. Here is how Dwight Howard has become such a wealthy man.

His Life

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 8, 1985, Dwight Howard grew up in a family who are passionate about basketball. His mother had played for the women’s basketball team at Morris Brown College, and his father was the sports director of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. It is probably the family’s passion for basketball that encouraged Howard's own love for this sport. The high school he attended was the Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, and he played on the basketball team in the power forward position for the four years he was there. His excellent performance during his high school career helped to lead the school to win the 2004 Georgia State Class A title when he was in his senior year.

By the time he was at the end of his high school career, most people considered him the best basketball player there and he won many accolades in 2004. These included McDonald’s National High School Player of the Year, Morgan Wootten High School Player of the Year, Gatorade National Player of the Year, and Naismith Prep Player of the Year. This just shows the talent and potential that he showed even before he began his professional basketball career. When Dwight Howard was declared for the 2004 NBA Draft, it meant that he had to choose between a college career and becoming a professional basketball player at the age of just 18. He decided to take the risk and launch his career in professional basketball. This is probably a decision that he is thankful to have made because it was the start of many good things for the young player.

His Career

He initially joined Orlando Magic, and he was a talented addition to the team. Orlando Magic was struggling at the time, but Howard in his number 12 jersey helped to turn things around and he had soon made a name for himself. During his time at Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard also represented the United States in the basketball team at the 2008 Summer Olympics. His contract with Orlando Magic lasted until 2012. The six-foot eleven-inch basketball player was then traded to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was there for just one year before he was traded again. This time, he moved to Houston Rockets in a contract for a four-year deal worth $88 million that allowed him to be a free agent.

However, he didn’t actually complete the full four years with Houston Rockets as he was there for just three years. For his first season, his average was 18.3 points and 12.2 rebounds per game. Unfortunately, suffering a series of injuries during his second season limited his time on the court and he played for only 41 games. Howard also saw a drop in his stats during his final season with Houston Rockets. During the 2016 to 2017 basketball season, Dwight Howard predominantly played for the Atlanta Hawks, and his statistics remained similar to what he had achieved the previous season. By June 2017, Howard was traded to the Charlotte Hornets as one of the players in a multi-player deal. He was with this team for just one season in which he played 81 games and averaged 16.6 points.

More Career Information

In July 2018, Dwight Howard moved for a final time to the Washington Wizards, and it is for this team that he is now playing. He did not have a good start with the team as he had injured his backside. This meant that he missed all the pre-season training, the exhibition games, and the first seven games of the season. Howard then played for nine games before having spinal surgery in November 2018 to resolve the issues he was experiencing with pain in his glutes. Unfortunately, he was also struggling with a hamstring injury at the same time. Howard exercised his $5,6 player option to return for a second season with the Washington Wizards in April 2019.

Now, it is estimated that Dwight Howard has a personal net worth of $100 million, says Earn the Necklace. The majority of this comes from his salary of $21.4 million a year for playing for Washington Wizards in the NBA. However, he has also done a little work on television. Howard has appeared twice on ‘Tanked’, an Animal Planet reality series, along with his pets. He has appeared in two episodes od the ABC series ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’, once in 2006 and then again in 2011. Finally, Howard featured in Epix’s documentary ‘In the Moment’. This 2014 documentary was about Dwight Howard’s life.

Like many basketball players and other professional sportspeople, Dwight Howard has also made a significant amount of money through endorsing brands. It is believed that for endorsing McDonald’s and Adidas, he has made a staggering $4 million. In his personal life, Dwight Howard has five children with five different women and they live across three states. One of his sons, Braylon, was born after a relationship with Royce Reed, a former Magic dancer. He lives on his farm in north Georgia. At his farm, he grows vegetables and keeps hogs, cows, deer, and turkeys. He also keeps approximately 20 snakes. So, other than his property, what else does he spend his fortune on? He has a car collection, including a white Ferrari FF with a red interior and a silver and white Bentley Mulsanne. Another item he collects is guns, but these are only for ornamental purposes. His collection of 50 guns includes a pair of bazookas.

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