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How SZA Achieved a Net Worth of $6 Million

With the release of her 2017 album Ctrl, SZA established herself as an artist on the rise, but she was in the industry for several years before that, building up her career and practicing her singing and songwriting skills. What is SZA’s net worth, and what opportunities does she have to earn more money? Keep reading to get the inside scoop on SZA’s financial status.

Who is SZA?

Born Solana Imani Rowe on November 8, 1989, SZA is a singer and songwriter who was born in St. Louis to a father who was an executive producer at CNN and a mother who served as an AT&T executive. SZA’s been working on her music career since 2011, but in 2015, she started to break through in the industry, and she cemented her place as a star with her 2017 album Ctrl.

SZA’s Early Life and Career

Although SZA was born in St. Louis, she was raised in Maplewood, New Jersey. Her family was an integral part of SZA’s world views and success. Her older brother, known as Manhattan, was a rapper, and she also had an older half-sister.

SZA’s mother is Christian, but her father is Muslim, and her parents decided to raise her as a Muslim. Her Muslim identity is super important to her mindset and beliefs, and she not only went to her normal school, but she also attended a Muslim school after she finished her normal classes. Islam has been important to her throughout her life and has caused a lot of connection and distress.

Unfortunately, being a Muslim resulted in SZA being bullied in junior high school. After the 9/11 attacks, kids began to bully her, and at this time, she decided to stop wearing her hijab. Of her relationship with her religion, SZA has said in an interview, “It’s the way that I connect with God; It has always made sense to me. I think I would love to wear my hijab but I feel like I don’t wanna wear my hijab and talk crazy on stage and be in videos with Travis Scott. Like I don’t wanna be disrespectful because I have too much love and respect for the religion, for my father, and for myself.”

Early Connections to the Music Industry

SZA eventually graduated from Columbia High School, where she was an athlete and participated in both cheerleading and gymnastics. After high school, she attended college at three different schools and was studying marine biology; however, she dropped out one semester before graduation, and she began working odd jobs.

Between 2011 to 2014, she began making connections in the music industry. These connections led to her sharing her music with music executives. She created a buzz around her songs, which led to SZA being signed as TDE’s first female artist. SZA also released her first EP in 2012. She continued to release music and try to gain traction by playing shows.

In 2015, she started to increase her popularity. Not only was she working on her debut LP, but she was also writing songs for other artists. Some major artists she wrote for include Rihanna and Beyonce. These opportunities gave her the chance to practice her skills and make invaluable connections. In 2017, she released her album, Ctrl, which would lead to her having immense success as a musician. That year, she received a whopping 5 Grammy nominations. She was even nominated for the big category of Best New Artist.

What is SZA’s Net Worth?

SZA’s music career has boosted her net worth incredibly in a relatively short time, but how much is she really worth? SZA is worth around $6 million. This artist’s career is still relatively new, but she’s already making a splash and has been included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Music list, showing the traction her career has gained within the last few years.

How Did SZA Make Her Money?

SZA primarily makes her money from her career as a singer and songwriter. As part of this career, she not only makes money from her albums, but she also makes money from performances and other appearances. For example, she has headlined Ctrl the Tour and is headlining the 2023 SOS tour, which correlates with her second album, SOS, which was released in 2022.

Music is not just a way to make money for SZA. SZA is a musician who has reached heights that many musicians only dream of reaching, and she has focused on making high-quality music that expresses her identity and beliefs. Her writing is very vulnerable, and by sharing intimate parts of herself, SZA has been able to create a career that should last her many years.

What Does SZA Have in the Works?

Although SZA only released her last album in 2022, she’s always working on new pursuits. Starting in February 2023, she embarked on her SOS Tour, which includes 54 tour dates across North America and North America. This tour was only meant to be 18 dates, but due to high demand from fans, the tour was massively expanded. This tour will keep SZA busy throughout 2023, but there’s no doubt that she’s already got making more music on her mind.

Does SZA Have a Bright Future?

SZA shows no signs of slowing down. She continues to work on music and performance, building her craft to be something greater. Her album, Ctrl has not only had chart success and mainstream popularity, but it has also marked her as a musical tour de force. Rolling Stone included her album in their list of “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” While she’s already reached huge career heights, there’s still plenty of room to go up.Her journey still has many challenges. She has fought her way to success, and she doesn’t just fight outside forces, but she fights internal ones as well.

SZA has described herself as self-critical whereas she’s more compassionate to other people. She can get too much into her head rather than being fully present, but she has learned how useful practices like meditation are. As she continues to become more popular, she’s had to challenge her self-criticism, and she has to continue to fight the doubts in her head.

Not only does SZA want to create a good future for herself, but she also wants to help future generations and the world at large. She has explained how she loves helping other women, “I love empowering women. I think it’s crazy: if you ever try to belittle women, you’re playing yourself – I ride with whoever rides with me.” She has also taken an interest in environmental science and politics because she’s passionate about trying to help the world and preserve the environment however she can. The more money she earns, the more awareness she has of her ability to make positive changes in society.

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