How Christina Aguilera Achieved a Net Worth of $160 Million

The former Grammy Award winner is one very prominent American singer, actress, and songwriter. To this date, she has released eight studio albums. Among the albums are Back to Basics (2006) and Christina Aguilera (1999), which were both listed in the Billboard 200. Additionally, with her role as a coach in the show ‘The Voice,’ Christina has managed to earn herself significant fortunes, and a considerable position in the list of millionaires. Including her movie appearance, TV career, and album sales, the Genie in a Bottle sensation has amassed about 160 million US dollars net worth. Read on to grab more information about Christina’s salary, income, expenses, insurance, and net worth.

Christina’s Net Worth: Album Sales, Earnings, and Income Sources

The American songwriter cum actress, as of March this year, has made a net worth of 160 million US dollars. Numerous sources have reported an overall fortune of about 130 million US dollars as of December 2018. In comparison to her former husband, Jordan Bratman, Christina is about ten times wealthier. Jordan Bratman prides in a net worth of about 15 million US dollars.

Christina took the highway to success with her debut album Christina Aguilera. She released the album after her part in the competition show Star Search where she finished second. The album did well: it took first position in the Billboard 200, with over 253000 copies sold in the first week. In January 2007, Forbes placed her as the 19th wealthiest woman with a net worth of about 60 million US dollars after she made her return from Back to Basics Tour. Her sources of income include earnings made from album sales, her role as a coach in the show ‘The Voice,’ and concerts and tours. Christina’s Back to Basics Tour, according to Billboard Box Score, grossed as the highest earning solo female tour that year. The tour grossed about 90 million US dollars in total, including about 48 million US dollars that year alone.

Album Revenue and Sales

One year after she recorded her debut song Reflections, Christina released her first album, Christina Aguilera. Through the album, she won a Grammy Award in 2000.

Tours and Concerts

Aguilera’s debut tour came up in 2000 after the release of her third album: My Kind of Christmas. The tour was held in North America; it later extended to Asia and South America in 2001. To this date, Christina has organized and held about five tours including the much acclaimed the Justified and Stripped Tour, which she held in 2003 alongside Justin Timberlake after the release of her fourth studio album Stripped. Besides the successful album tours, Aguilera has managed to grab considerable sums of money from her private concerts. In 2005, she charged about three million US dollars to perform three songs in Andrey Melnichenko’s wedding. Andrey is a Russian billionaire. Additionally, Christina made more than one million US dollars for singing in a private occasion organized by Charles Brandes, a well-acclaimed investor. In 2011, she charged 3.2 million US dollars to sing four songs in a ceremony hosted by a Spanish millionaire.

Movie Contributions and The Voice

Christina Aguilera, in April 2011, played a role as a coach for the debut season of reality singing show ‘The Voice.’ She has appeared in six seasons out of 16. The show’s 16th season premiered in 2019. By serving as a coach till the third season, Aguilera made about 17 million US dollars in salary. She returned on the fifth season of the show and pocketed about 12 million US dollars in salary. For her two appearances that followed, the show paid her 17 million US dollars each season. The Latin Grammy winner also has a few movie credits alongside TV appearances.

YouTube, Endorsements, and Instagram Earnings

It is so obvious that immense fame attracts enormous endorsements. Well, Christina might have been lucky enough to make some huge deals too throughout her career.

Some of her deals include:

  • Levi’s
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Sears
  • Skechers
  • Orange
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Pepsi
  • Oreo
  • She was also the face for Fetish, the make-up line, in 2000.

It is reported that she made about three hundred thousand US dollars for opening the sale at Harrods store in London in 2004. She might have made more from her appearance in adverts, such as MAC Cosmetics.

Social Media: Instagram and YouTube

Christina Aguilera has and still is an active Instagram subscriber with more than six million followers. This kind of following makes her about ten thousand to twenty thousand US dollars per sponsored post. She also has a YouTube channel called CAguileraVEVO, which prides in more than three million subscribers. Christina’s income from this channel averages about two thousand and thirty thousand US dollars every year. Fun Fact: In 2008, after she gave birth to her first child Max, she sold his picture for 1.5 million US dollars to People.Com.

Houses, Cars, Expenses, Insurance, and Assets

The multi-millionaire songwriter lives a lavish lifestyle; she owns a nerve-wracking property empire. At the moment, she owns a six-bedroom, nine bathrooms, 11.107 Square feet, Mulholland Estate home in Beverly Hills. Aguilera purchased the property in 2013 at a cost of 10 million US dollars from equity multi-billionaire Tom Gores. The American actress and singer previously owned a house in Beverly Hills albeit on a joint agreement with her former husband, Jordan Bratman. The mansion was situated at 513 Doheny Rd. However, after the two separated, they sold the nine-bathroom, six-bedroom home for 13.5 million in February 2011. Additionally, Aguilera sold her 6500 square foot mansion for 4.65 million US dollars in 2011. She bought the house, which was located in Los Angeles, for about five million US dollars after she had paid Steve Hermann, a home designer, about three hundred thousand US dollars. Besides her millions worth of mansions, she owns a car collection that includes a Range Rover, Lincoln town car, Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari, and a Mercedes Benz. The total net worth of her vehicle is estimated to be more than eight hundred thousand US dollars. She also floods a lot of money on jewelry and designer clothes.

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