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How Loni Love Achieved a Net Worth of $1 Million

Loni Love

When Loni Love was a child, she dreamed of one day being on television. She has fulfilled her aspirations, but Love is still not resting until she gets her own television show.

It has been a journey of hard work and persistence that has led to Loni Love’s net worth amounting to $1 million. With her ambition, the comedian will increase her net worth soon. In the meantime, let's tell you how she accumulated one million dollars.

Humble Beginnings

When Love told People that she wanted to show that you can have humble beginnings and make it, she meant every word. The comedian was raised by a single mother after Love’s father walked out on the family. Her mother's income as a nurse aide was barely enough to put meals on the table; thus, they had to rely on government cheese.

Sometimes, the situation was so bad that they ate potatoes only or slept on an empty stomach. One meal a day was the norm, and Love recalled that the first time her family could afford a turkey for Christmas was when she was about eight years old. Luckily, she started being exposed to different lifestyles much later.

As published by, the comedian knew that people were supposed to eat three meals a day after attending Girl Scout Camp. While there, she had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Love even had snacks so Love went back confused why her mother did not provide the same. She did not understand they were poor until she watched “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” a series featuring how the wealthy live.

She had to Fend for herself

Love had to fend for herself. Therefore, the comedian began working as an assembly line worker at General Motors (GM) upon joining high school. According to some sources, GM assembly line workers pocket between $11 and $36 per hour. Her mother then kicked her out in favor of a new boyfriend, leaving the teenager homeless.

She usually parked at the GM parking lot and slept in her car. Love never had big dreams, so even college was not in her plans. Luckily, while working at GM, she told Psychology Today that a man dressed in a white shirt and tie showed up at her workplace. She was fascinated when he introduced himself as an engineer, and from then on, Love was determined to become an engineer.

Becoming a Stand-Up Comedian

The engineer, Mr. Arnold, became Love’s mentor and encouraged her to apply to college, specifically to Prairie View A&M University. No one in Love’s family had ever attended college, so she did not even know where to begin. With Mr. Arnold’s mentorship, Love managed to go to college, and GM gave her a partial scholarship.

She had grown up surrounded by comedy, so making people laugh came naturally to her. Therefore, Love took up stand-up comedy as a part-time gig to help cover her expenses.

In the local bars where she participated in competitions, the comic who told the best story won $50. She graduated and got a job at Xerox, where she even had her own office.

As per some sources, Xerox engineers earn approximately $79,000 annually, so she could afford to live a better life than the one she had as a child. Unfortunately, she got involved with a man whose mother expected Love to settle down and be a mother and wife. Love was not ready and became depressed.

She avoided going back home after work and chose to drive around instead. One day after work, she watched a show at Comedy Store and decided that since she had dabbled as a stand-up comedian, she would pursue it. She dumped her boyfriend, determined to be a full-time comedian.

The plan to transition to comedy from her corporate job began after signing a million-dollar contract. She started taking stand-up comedy classes and built her stage presence by telling jokes about the office culture at Xerox. When the company began to lay off employees, Love gave up her job to get into comedy full-time.

Comedy Pays Off

According to The Real, Love became a regular at Laugh Factory and was a finalist at “Star Search” in 2003 after the CBS president handpicked her for the show’s revival. She was the only female among 12 comics, and that is one of Love's proudest moments.

When Love won best stand-up comedian at US Comedy Arts Festival in Colorado, opportunities began lining up. In 2004, she was cast in “Soul Plane” as Shaniece, and three years later she was a round table regular on “Chelsea Lately” which ran from 2007 to 2014. Then Love joined “The Real” as one of the hosts, and some sources report that she earns $200,000 per season while Tamera Mowry pockets $2.5 million.

In 2015, she was cast in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” and “Bad Asses,” where she must have been well-compensated for her acting skills. In 2018, Love signed a contract with Warner Bros. Television to develop scripted comedy series based on her life as a single woman, and it is unclear how much the deal was worth.

The comedian has been a go-getter, going from comedy to acting, hosting and even judging reality television shows. For instance, in 2021, she was a guest judge on four episodes of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Michelle Visage earns $50,000 per episode, meaning Love could have pocketed much less as a guest judge.

As a comic, Love has also used her gifts to pass on life lessons based on her own experiences, she has authored two books. She keeps hoping to get her own show. If that happens, Love’s net worth will increase dramatically, considering that Wendy Williams earns $10 million every year from “The Wendy Williams Show” alone.

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