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How Pamela Anderson Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

Pamela Denise Anderson was born July 1, 1967 in Ladysmith, British Colombia, Canada. Her father, Barry, was a furnace repairman, and her mother, Carol, a waitress. Pamela played on her high school's volleyball team and graduated in 1985.

In 1988, she moved to Vancouver to be a fitness instructor. It was during this time that she was also trying to jump start her modeling career. She was hired by a local beer company to advertise for them by wearing their t-shirts at a Canadian football league game.

Pam ended up on the Jumbotron and people were awe-struck. When she was brought down onto the field, she received a standing ovation. This caught the attention of Playboy magazine. Anderson posed for her first of many covers of the publication in October, 1989. She has since been on the cover more times than anyone else in the history of the magazine.

She moved to Los Angeles soon after her Playboy cover hit the stands. This is where she began accumulating her wealth. A net worth that presently stands at $20 million.

Pamela Anderson Net Worth

After relocating to LA, Anderson landed the reoccurring role of the "tool girl" on the television show, Home Improvement. This lasted until 1993. In late 1992, Pamela's world would change when she was cast in the role of C.J. on the television show Baywatch.

It's reported that she made $300,000 per episode during her 5 years on the show. This alone made Pam a wealthy woman.

In 1996, she starred in a film that was supposed to rocket her into superstardom. The hope was that she would be compared to Jane Fonda's character in the movie Barbarella. Though it's unclear how much Pamela made for the movie, it was a bomb at the box office, making just under $4 million. The only accolade Anderson garnered was a Razzie award for worst new star in a terrible film.

With her hopes for a movie career dashed, she went back to the small screen, starring in the show VIP from 1998 to 2002.

In the early 2000's, Pamela Anderson began a second career as an author. She penned 4 autobiographical works, 2 fictional novels, published a book of her poetry, a health and wellness book, and a relationship manual. Those publications added between $3 to $4 million to her overall net worth.

Her Reality TV Show Stint

In the mid 2000's, she began a run on the reality television circuit. She appeared on several overseas versions of the television show Big Brother. Reportedly, she was paid $550,000 for three days' work on the Indian version called Big Boss. She then did some fancy footwork on Dancing With The Stars and Stars On Ice.

During this time, she continued to appear on Playboy covers and within the magazine. She was paid $100,000 for each cover, and $25,000 each time she was named Playmate of the month and was the centerfold. Anderson appeared on the cover a total of 14 times over 3 decades. She was also a staple at the Playboy mansion and a favorite of the empire's founder, Hugh Hefner.

Pam made appearances in movies and TV, like Scary Movie and Saturday Night Live. At one point, Pamela's net worth was around $35 million.

However, due to some poor real estate investments, lavish overspending, and trouble with the IRS (at one point she owed millions in back taxes), the press was reporting that she was broke.

But a few years ago, she rebounded, selling her Malibu home for almost $12 million. Anderson now lives in a home in Vancouver that once belonged to her grandmother. She says she lives simply and her only "extravagance" are her donations to PETA.

Making Her Broadway Debut

Pam continues to work, having recently made her Broadway debut in the musical Chicago. There is also a Netflix project she is producing where she tells her side of her tumultuous marriage to drummer Tommy Lee. This is in response to the Hulu original movie about Pam and Tommy, which she claims had no truth to it.

Then there's her soon-to-be released memoirs, which are sure to be an interesting read. She will occasionally make a cameo or guest appearance in a movie or television show, but for the most part she has retired from full-time acting gigs.

Pam's Personal Life

Pam is almost as well known for her rollercoaster love life as she is for her acting.

On February 19, 1995, she married Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee. The couple had known each other for a total of 4 days. Lee broke off his engagement to model Bobbi Brown to be with Pam.

On their honeymoon, the two made their now infamous sex tape. What was meant to be a personal memento, became the subject of worldwide intrigue when the Lees home was robbed and the tape was stolen. It ended up all over the internet and people were charged money to watch it.

Pam and Tommy sued, and eventually, a court awarded them each over $700,000.

The marriage also produced 2 children; Brandon, in 1996, and Dylan, in 1997. Tommy Lee was sentenced to 6 months in jail for assaulting Pam. The marriage ended in 1998.

A Few More After That

After Lee, Anderson became engaged to model Marcus Schenkenberg. The couple broke up in 2001, having never married.

In 2003, musician Kid Rock proposed marriage to Pam and the couple were married in 2006. The marriage lasted less than a year. A few months after her divorce from Rock, Pam married movie producer Rick Salomon. Two months later, she has the marriage annulled.

In 2014, she remarried Salomon and divorced again later that year. Then, in 2017, she began dating French soccer player Adil Rami. That relationship lasted until 2019, when the couple parted ways.

In 2020, she entered her fourth marriage with film producer Jon Peters. That marriage lasted all of 12 days. The couple said it was a whim and a mistake. On Christmas Eve, 2020, Pam married husband number 5, her former bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst. The couple stayed together through the pandemic, but split up earlier in 2022.

For now, Pam seems to be taking a break from romance. Recently, she's only been seen in public with her son to support his work as a visual artist and a newly released clothing line. She appears to be amicable with his father, Tommy Lee, having been photographed together at their son's recent brand launch.

Anderson is living quietly in Vancouver and concentrating her energy on her work with PETA. She also has her own charity, The Pamela Anderson Foundation, which works toward the betterment of the environment, human and animal rights.

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