How Bretman Rock Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock is an American who works as a social media personality and beauty influencer. He has an interesting personality, lifestyle, and background. Many people wonder how he achieved a net worth of $ 2 Million. Read on to find out how this YouTuber did it.


According to Wikipedia, Bretman was born on the 31st of July 1998. He is Filipino, and his birthplace was in the Philippines. His horoscope is that of a Leo, and his full name is Bretman Rock Sacayanan. His father was a great fan of wrestling, and he named him after two of his favorite wrestlers. Rock was named after Bret Hart (The Hitman) and after the Rock (Dwayne Johnson), and that’s how his name (Bretman Rock) came to be. Although Bretman is very proud of his name, he is not what the name depicts physically though he has a wrestler’s spirit. When he was in 7th grade, his family relocated to Hawaii, and he’s been raised on this beautiful island since then.

His battle when growing up

In an interview with the Phil Star, he says that he had an easier time than other people who change their gender, in that when he finally decided to come out and talk about his gender, his family was not against him, as it mostly happens to most people who decide to come out and declare their gender change. It might have been easy for Rock at home, but at school, the tables turned. From being called names to being mocked, others referred to him as being weird. This is something that many kids in schools that have not embraced that other kids are different and should be accepted for who they are can attest to. The haters continued to whisper negative words even after he completed high school. They slithered into his DMs and comment section, trying to give him a piece of their mind on what they thought of him and his art. He decided not to be affected by all that negativity since such people had not made any significant improvements in their lives, as they were still doing the same thing they were doing in high school, being bullies, while he is doing much better than them in that he has a net worth of six figures. Therefore he decided that he would leave the haters to hate as he made more money. Despite all of this, the way he accepts himself and not apologetic for being gay has widened his fanbase.

His love for beauty

Bretman had his breakthrough on the web when he uploaded his “How to Contour ” video that made his YouTube subscribers and viewers skyrocket. He’s mentioned as a beauty guru by tons of individuals. He got his love for beauty from watching his grandma when he was about four years old. He loved how she would suddenly appear after putting on makeup. He began posting makeup videos from a tender age, and his family always backed him up. His first videos were mainly when he was in eighth grade (which he deleted). His current videos are those that support beauty, specifically makeup. On his YouTube channel, he has uploaded himself using different makeup products. He attracted different companies that went on collaborations with him, like Colourpop and Morphe. He went on Wet ‘n’ Wild to make his makeup collections, his eye shadows being bright and vibrant colors. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Bretman is ready to earn through collaborations.

The beginning of his way into the limelight

He began expressing himself on the internet using Vine and Snapchat. He felt inconvenienced at how Snapchat only allowed sharing photos for less than 24 hours, so he would save his snaps and afterward post them in his then private Instagram account. His fan base quickly sprouted once he made his account public. His life took a complete 360 degrees turn, from having a couple of followers to 200k. The numbers the raised to 2.7 million within a very short time. He broke the web to some extent, and Instagram had to shut down his account temporarily. When Instagram shut down his account, his fans went on Twitter to go against this action, and #bringbretmanback was born and became a trend. With a rise in the number of followers, his YouTube page also grew. His Instagram handle currently has 10 million followers.

How his life within the limelight boosted his net worth

His YouTube channel currently has 8.7 million subscribers, and he has posted 127 videos, thus accumulating over 550 million total views. He gets 140,000 views per day on all his different platforms letting him earn $ 1,100 per day. YouTube pays its content creators 40% to 80% of the entire views. Various things determine how much a content creator earns, including the kind of device the content was played on, the time of year, the percentage of people that skip the ad, where the viewer is found, and sort of content. The longer a viewer watches a content the more the creator earns and that is the case with Bretman. Bretman also makes extra income by making sponsored posts through his Instagram account, which currently has 16 million followers. He willingly promoted products like Juvia’s Place, and White With Style. He is currently collaborating with Morphe on a pallet of his highlighters.

His net worth and fancy lifestyle

Bretman’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. To top it all, he owns a very fancy and classy house in Hawaii. Most of his furniture and art pieces are crafted by Philippine artists. The decor of his house was done by a Hawaii-based company named MCYIA. His house was also featured on Architectural Digest. His house being featured by Architectural Digest is a clear indication that he has made it in life and most people admire him.

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