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How Bretman Rock Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock has built his own empire by doing what he does best. He brings his authentic personality while infusing it with his sense of humor to everything he does. While he could be dismissed as just another YouTube fake celebrity, this dude’s net worth alone is enough to let everyone know that his fame is the real deal.

Slaying Social Media Even Before the Makeup

Few people know that Bretman Rock filmed and released comedy YouTube videos and vines when he was only 15. He also gained popularity by making comedy videos for his friends through Snapchat.

This was before he changed his focus to makeup tutorials. Learning the ins and outs of the social media world paid off by the time he made the viral video that changed his life.

The Video That Changed It All

In 2016, Rock posted a contouring tutorial video full of his skills and humor on his YouTube channel. This video blew up and skyrocketed the very young artist to instant fame.

The makeup artist and content creator still enjoys posting his videos on his YouTube channel, where he has the devotion of almost 9 million subscribers. This is still and likely will be the primary and most consistent income source the creator will have for some time. According to, the influencer makes around $1.65 million in gross income from his channel.

Instagram and TikTok Giant

While Bretman’s best source of income today is through his YouTube Channel, he’s no slouch with his profile on Instagram. He posts to his 18.5 million followers over there. And when you factor in the sponsored posts he does on that platform, you can only imagine the kind of revenue that comes with that type of exposure.

Since he’s already mastered how to work every other social media platform, it’s no surprise that Rock’s got 14.9 million followers on TikTok. His posts on this platform run that gamut from makeup content to hilarious comedy.

Trailblazing and Breaking Down Barriers

Bretman Rock is the first gay male to be on the cover of Playboy magazine. He also signed with Nike for their Pride-themed “Be True” campaign, marking a sponsorship milestone.

Rock has also received several awards, solidifying him as a social media favorite. He’s been awarded:

  • 2019 People’s Choice Awards Beauty Influencer of the Year
  • 2021 Breakthrough Social Star
  • 2021 Streamy Awards Show of the Year: Unscripted Series of the Year

The influencer has also been nominated for the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Reality Program and WOWIE Awards for Best Instagram in 2022. These awards and nominations only solidify the star’s popularity among his followers and powerful influence on his current and future income opportunities.

Sponsors, Merch and More

If you’ve watched anything on YouTube, you’ve likely seen a channel’s creator announce that they have their own merchandise for sale. You’ve also probably noticed that some videos have their own sponsors. Every time you see a sponsor on Rock’s channel, he’s getting paid.

To Collab or Not to Collab?

While almost every influencer or social media star grabs nearly any chance to collaborate with brands, Rock stands out. He doesn’t sign just any collab agreements. Instead, he appears to take his time, think things through, and sign on the dotted line with the brands or people that fit best with him.

The few times you see Bretman’s collabs are mainly through other influencers. He’s had Nikita Dragun, James Charles, Bella Poarch, and Chelsea Handler on his channel.

Here are some more popular and profitable collabs Rock’s taken on:

  • Bretman’s had some pretty impressive cosmetic collabs. He’s created his own Colourpop cosmetics line to reflect his personality and creative side.
  • Wet n’ Wild and Morphe have also been granted the influencer’s golden touch with their own collaborations. While these brands are known as more affordable, it’s safe to assume that everyone involved is pretty happy with the payoff.
  • Rock made sure his fans had a fabulous face to put his makeup on when he partnered with Curology. The influencer-created products include a cleanser, a customizable formula, and a moisturizer that can go on top to seal in all of the skincare goodness.
  • Rock also had the opportunity to collaborate with stylist Andrew Gelwicks during NY fashion week in 2019. He can tackle any opportunity and turn it into a profitable venture.
  • If you didn’t like Crocs before Bretman created his own styles with the footwear brand, you probably do now! Only Rock can take basic, functional shoes and design them to be popular money-makers.

Name recognition and brand awareness are two vehicles Bretman knows how to steer for maximum exposure and income.

From YouTube to TV

While the content creator’s TV appearances don’t veer very far off from what he creates for YouTube, he’s embraced the opportunities, and they seem to pay off. For example, fans could watch him star in MTV Following: Bretman Rock and YouTube’s 30 Days with Bretman Rock series.

He also made an appearance on Instant Influencer with James Charles. Between his YouTube channel, Instagram account, and TV work, Rock seems selective at expertly choosing his opportunities.

Designing EyeWear for Anyone

Rock’s advocating for acceptance of all takes things to a new level with his eyewear line collaboration with Dime. The influencer worked to create a line of original yet non-gender-specific sunglasses as well as blue light glasses. Even though the line fills a much-needed gap in the glasses market, it’s safe to assume that Bretman’s bank account grew a bit bigger with this deal.

Plans for Activewear Line?

If you’re unfamiliar with the influencer’s background, he was heavily involved in sports growing up. This included volleyball, soccer, baseball, and even cross-country.

In an interview with The Net Line, Bretman indicated that he’s planning on creating his own fitness and sportswear. And in true Rock fashion, he wants to make fashionable pieces with a bit of humor involved. The star can bank on serious cash from the endeavor with that magical combination.

Where is Bretman Rock’s Home?

Bretman spent much of his childhood in Hawaii, so it makes sense that’s where he lives in his three-story mansion. The home is more than 3,000 square feet and is nestled between gorgeous mountains and the ocean. His house is valued at around $2 million, so there’s no doubt that the influencer continues to be savvy with his choices and money.

Investing in a Car Collection

Many people have to spend money on a car, but Bretman Rock can choose which kind and how many vehicles he wants! The influencer isn’t shy about sharing his auto purchases, which can give an idea of how much money he’s pulling in each year.

His Mercedes-AMG G Wagon has an estimated worth of $179,000. The Tesla Model X has a starting price of around $79,000.

He also still has his third-generation Jeep Wrangler that he’s had since before he skyrocketed to fame. And while he’s reminiscing about the good times with his Jeep, he can ride around his property on his own custom-designed golf cart.

When a guy enjoys his new, expensive toys while valuing the tried and true ones, he has a good perspective on his status. Bretman Rock is loyal, but he’s grateful for what he’s been able to accomplish and deserves a few car splurges.

What is Bretman Rock’s Net Worth?

According to us, Rock’s net worth was around $2 million at the end of 2021. Of course, the information available can vary widely, so it may be more than that number. Regardless, there’s no question that Bretman Rock is smart, talented, and financially savvy.

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