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How Dylan Dreyer Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Dylan Dreyer

The American meteorologist and TV reporter Dylan Dreyer has been a public figure for quite some time. She is a meteorologist among the most well-known in the United States.

Since 2012, Dylan has been a part of NBC News, where she has served as the Today Show's weather correspondent.  Dylan is extremely engaged on social media, and she does not hesitate to keep her fans up to date on what is happening in her professional and personal life.

Dylan is highly competent in her work as a reporter, which requires her to travel frequently throughout the nation to cover various natural disasters. Through her different achievements and career, she has garnered a net worth of $4 million, and here is how she did it.

Model (1996)

One of the things that not many people know about charming weather girl Dylan Dreyer, who everyone appears to like, is that she has a secret. Even before she became successful in the television industry, she worked as a model for stock photos. According to Distractify, she once worked as a model for a calendar.

After being found while working behind the desk at CVS, a retail and healthcare corporation, Dreyer worked as a stock-photo model while she was still in high school. This led to her getting hired by the company. She was featured in advertisements for CVS as well as multiple newspapers.

Rutgers TV

Dylan received her Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Rutgers University, from which she graduated a Cum Laude in 2003. She operated as a meteorological anchor for the Rutgers University Television station and radio station while she was a student.

Although the money was low, Dryer could continue doing what she enjoyed, which was all that mattered to her. Later, she would start finding a better job with her graduation papers.

WICU 12 News (2003-2005)

In 2003, the weather forecaster started her career off on the right foot by landing a job at WICU 12News, where she worked as a weekend meteorologist. She got paid $16,000 annually.

According to Celebrity net worth, after establishing high career goals for herself, he began searching for better opportunities, ultimately leading to her working for various media houses. She later left WICU 12News for WJAR TV.

WJAR-TV (2005-2007)

She worked for WJAR-TV in Providence, Rhode Island, as the weekend meteorologist for the station.

WHDH-TV (2007-2012)

Even more impressive is that she worked for WHDH TV in Boston. This network was linked with NBC, and as a result of her amazing work, she was recognized as Boston's finest weather anchor. This opened the door for her to become a host for a weather program on NBC, which she did.

NBC (2012-2022)

Dreyer is a meteorologist with NBC News and the host of the weekend edition of "Weekend Today." She shares the role of a weekend anchor on Weekend Today with Sheinelle Jones. She makes it a point to visit every corner and crevice of the planet regularly to report headlines, which can immediately enhance her company's sales.

In addition, she provides reporting for "NBC Nightly News" and "The Weather Channel." Dylan also serves as a co-host for the program "Today's 3rd Hour."

Because Dylan Dreyer is among the most recognizable on NBC's Today, it should not be a shock that she gets compensated handsomely for all of the work she does for the network. That being said, her actual lifetime earnings are currently unavailable for public consumption.

Nevertheless, she must have made a good amount of money throughout her career as a meteorologist by working for various channels and hosting various programs.

Today (2013-2022)

Dylan frequently fills in as a meteorological correspondent on "Today" during the week, filling in for Al Roker and Carson Daly when they are not on air.

Journey with Dylan Dreyer (2016-2018)

In addition to her other tremendous works, Dreyer hosted her weekend show on NBC called Journey with Dylan Dreyer. This program was nominated for a Telly Award and aired on Saturday mornings. It is impressive how Dylan Dreyer has connected to nature and things that matter to society.

"Sunday Today with Willie Geist" (2016-2022)

Every week on Sunday, Geist, and Dylan bring together new voices for a roundtable conversation on a wide range of topics, ranging from economics to pop culture, in which they evaluate the peaks and valleys of the previous week and look ahead to the week to come.

In addition, the program includes recurrent series that bring audiences even closer to the tales that have been unfolding during the week. Today, Dylan is no longer on the show.

Winter Olympics (2018)

Additionally, she participated in the Olympic Winter Games held in Pyeongchang in 2018. As a direct consequence of this achievement, they are receiving substantially more money than before.

Earth Odyssey (2019-2022)

The host's passion for the great outdoors led to the creation of a second NBC program called Earth-Odyssey. According to Show biz corner, It is a live tv program, which will journey the viewers on an extraordinary voyage to the uninhabited places on the planet, exposing the relationship between the environment, wildlife, and people of exotic settings" is how the series is being billed.

Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day (2021)

In 2021, Dreyer published the children's picture book. The sales of Dreyer's books contribute positively to her income as well. Misty the Cloud and the Very Stormy Day is the title of her book, and it can be purchased for $14.55.


She has also made appearances on "Megyn Kelly Today," "The Rachel Maddow Show," and "NewsNation with Tamron Hall," and she served as a judge on "Beat Bobby Flay" in 2019.


Although she stepped down from her job at NBC, she is seen playing her part on the 3rd Hour Show during the weekdays. With the different career opportunities that Dylan Dryer has managed to bag over the years, it is no wonder she has a net worth of $4 million.

Although it is not disclosed how much she earned when at NBC, it must be a good amount as this is where she has spent the most time of her career. Seeing a female meteorologist win in a male-dominated sector is amazing.

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