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How Si Robertson Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

Si Robertston and Family

Si Robertson is an Army veteran and retired duck-call maker who has become a television personality appearing in various television series. Also known as Uncle Si, Robertson has become a wealthy man since he began appearing on television. It is reported that Si Robertson’s net worth is now $8 million, and here is how he accrued his wealth.

His Early Life

Silas Robertson was born in Louisiana on April 27, 1948. He has four brothers and two sisters, and he is the sixth of the seven children. His family was poor, so Robertson grew up in rugged conditions with few amenities. Robertson attended North Caddo High School in Vivian, Louisiana. He attended Louisiana Tech University but dropped out to join the army.

Si Robertson’s Military Career

After dropping out of university, Robertson was drafted into the United States Army, and he served in the Vietnam War. While he was serving, his mother sent him a package containing two plastic cups, rice, beans, and a pair of boots with a couple of jars of jalapeno peppers in each boot. Robertson still has the plastic cups, and he is often seen with them on television. Robertson achieved the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7) and retired from the army in 1993. He has received recognition for his service in the form of an exhibit that is on display at Louisiana’s Chennault Aviation and Military Museum in Monroe.

His Job at Duck Commander

Following his retirement from the military, Si Robertson began working for his brother Phil’s business, Duck Commander and played a significant role in the company’s growth. Robertson’s main role is to fashion the reeds for the duck calls. He has described it as being an easy job and finds it difficult to stay on task. Fans have seen him taking a break to play with equipment in the warehouse and taking naps.

Duck Dynasty and Robertson's Other Television Appearances

Robertson first appeared on television in 2009, when he was in the television series ‘Duck Commander,’ which ran until 2011. This led to the creation of the series ‘Duck Dynasty, of which Robertson was one of the main cast members. The series aired for the first time on A&E in 2012 and ran for 11 seasons until 2017. It is about the family-run Duck Commander business that makes products for duck hunters.

The company was founded by Si Robertson’s brother Phil, although the CEO is now Phil’s son, Willie Robertson. Multiple members of the family are part of the business and appeared in the television series. Although there were many members of the family in the cast, Si Robertson became one of the standout characters of the series. He became so popular due to the jokes and stories he told throughout the series. There was also a 2015 television movie documentary about the family business called ‘Duck Commander: Making the Musical.

Spin off Series

Due to his popularity on Duck Dynasty, a spin-off series was launched. ‘Going Si-ral’ aired on A&E from 2016 to 2017. Robertson was the host of the series, and his nephew Willie is his sidekick. Although it is a spin-off from ‘Duck Dynasty,’ this series is completely unrelated, as it features some of the best clips from the Internet, with Si and Willie sharing their thoughts.

Robertson was also an executive producer of this series. Despite having no previous acting experience, Si Robertson made a guest appearance in an episode of ‘Last Man Standing’ called ‘Back to School’ in 2013, playing the part of Uncle Ray. Robertson also had a small part in the 2015 Christian drama film ‘Faith of Our Fathers,’ in which he appeared as a gas station clerk.

Si Robertson has also appeared on various television talk shows on multiple occasions. He has appeared on ‘Fox and Friends’ on four occasions, ‘Good Morning America’ twice, ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ ‘Larry King Now,’ ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’ ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’ and many more. Additionally, Si Robertson and his fellow ‘Duck Dynasty’ cast members were included in the TV documentary series ‘E! True Hollywood Story.' Robertson also appeared as himself in ‘The Barbara Walters Summer Special,' as he was included in a list of the 10 most fascinating people of 2013.

Si Robertson's Other Ventures

A little-known fact about Si Robertson is that he has also had a musical career. He released his uncharted single ‘Me and My Smokin’ Hot Honey’ in 2014. Another of his ventures was narrating the Veggie Tales video ‘Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas. In addition to narrating the video, he appears as a mall janitor. Robertson has also published a book in 2013 called ‘Si-cology: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle.’

Si Robertson’s Net Worth

According to, Si Robertson’s net worth is $8 million. He has made most of his money from his business. However, he now also makes money from his appearances on television in ‘Duck Dynasty’ and various other television series and from several other ventures, including releasing a single and publishing a book.

Robertson’s Personal Life

Si Robertson is married to Christine Robertson. He once revealed in a television interview that he asked his wife to marry him at least 70 times before she agreed. They eventually married in 1971, and he has described his wife as the woman who got his heart. The couple has a daughter, Trasa, and a son, Scott. Through their two children, they also have eight grandsons. Robertson and his family are Christians. Robertson is an advocate of better care for veterans. Not only is he a veteran himself, but his son also served for the U.S. Army and completed eight tours of Iraq. Part of Robertson’s motivation to advocate for veterans was his son suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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