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How Daniel Radcliffe Achieved a Net Worth of $110 Million

Daniel Radcliffe

Actor Daniel Radcliffe was born in London, England, on July 23, 1989. He is the only child of George Radcliffe, a book agent, and Jeanine Gresham, a casting director. Radcliffe has wanted to be an actor since he was 5 years old. Often running around the house, pretending to be various characters from television and, ironically, books.

The young wizard in training also took part in his schools' small dramatic productions. Daniel landed his first role at the age of 10. He played a young David Copperfield in a BBC (British Broadcasting Company) version of the Charles Dickens novel.

Soon after, he was granted an audition for the lead role in what would be the first of many Harry Potter films. He was called back several times to audition and waited 8 months to hear that he had in fact gotten the role. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone would debut in theaters on November 16, 2001.

Though Radcliffe was paid $1 million for the first film, it was only the beginning. More movies would be made from the super popular fantasy books by JK Rowling.

Rowling, who had already enjoyed superstardom with the book series. She started out writing them while a single mother on public assistance in Scotland. The books went on to sell over 400 million copies and were printed in over 60 languages.

Radcliffe was fortunate to be a part of this franchise. It was about to make him one of the wealthiest young actors in the world.

Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth

Thanks to Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe's net worth is $110 million. Over the course of bringing Rowling's brilliance to the screen, Radcliffe's paychecks looked like this:

  • Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets (2002) - $3 million
  • Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) $6 million
  • Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire (2005) $11 million
  • Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (2007) $14 million
  • Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince (2008) $24 million
  • Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 (2010 and 2011) were $50 million combined.

All told, between his base salary, profit sharing, and royalties, Daniel Radcliffe made well over $100 million from the wizard films. After the Harry Potter films wrapped up for good. Daniel was riding high. He was wealthy beyond his expectations and was gaining accolades left and right.

For example, he became the youngest non-royal to have his likeness hung in the National Portrait Gallery. But it was time for young Mr. Radcliffe to decide what would be next for him and his career. Daniel has stated that he feels fortunate to have made enough money to never have to work again.

So he is able to pick and choose what projects he wants to do. To that end, he has worked consistently on smaller, lesser known film projects and also in a few plays throughout London.

They include:

  • 2002 - The Play I Wrote (London stage production)
  • 2006 - Equus (London stage production)
  • 2012 - How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (London stage production)
  • My Boy Jack (2007 film)
  • Kill Your Darlings (2013 film)
  • Horns (2013 film)
  • Victor Frankenstein (2015 film)
  • Imperium (2016)
  • Jungle (2017 film)
  • Guns Akimbo (2019 film)
  • Escape From Pretoria (2020 film)
  • The Lost City (2022 film with Sandra Bullock)
  • Weird: The Weird Al Yankovic Story (2022 film - for the ROKU channel)

In addition to his stage and film work, Radcliffe has also been a part of the TBS Anthology series Miracle Workers. This quirky, yet interesting show, centers on Radcliffe's character Craig.

He's a low on the totem pole angel, who has become responsible for answering all of humanity's prays. Because his boss, God (played by the iconic Steve Buscemi) has checked out to pursue his hobbies.

Daniel Radcliffe Charity and Causes

Daniel Radcliffe knows that he's been very fortunate in life. He likes to help return the favor by involving himself in as many charities as he can. A few of the organizations he works with are:

  • Book Aid International (an organization that sends books to communities in need)
  • Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (collection of Broadway performers that raise money and awareness for AIDS research)
  • Demelza House (hospice center for children and their families. Located in London, they provide care, therapy, and activities for families in Kent, London, and Sussex at their 2 hospice facilities)
  • Great Ormond St. Hospital (London's version of St. Jude. Where children go to receive specialized treatment for illnesses such as cancer).
  • Project Last Stand (an organization that plants trees to help the environment)
  • The Small Steps Project (dedicated time to providing shoes and hygiene kits for children whose families live on rubbish dumps).
  • The Trevor Project (an organization focused on suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth. They have a hotline, in school workshops, educational materials, and online resources. The goal is to provide resources to both LGBTQ young people who are in crisis, but also to those wishing to help them.
  • Only Make Believe (a group that performs in hospitals, care facilities, and special education centers to brighten the lives of children in need.
  • American Northampton Welfare Rights Organization (provides free advice and representation in the areas of welfare benefits and debt to the residence of the Northampton area. Helping them to help themselves, so they can get back on their feet.)

Awards And Accolades

  • 2001- Golden Apple Award (Youth Male Performer of the Year)
  • 2007- National Movie Award (Best Male Performance)
  • 2012- Teen Choice Awards- (Best Fight Scene)
  • 2012, 2022- MTV Movie Awards- (Best Hero, Best Villain)
  • 2012- BloodGuts UK Horror Awards ( Best Leading Male)
  • 2012- People's Choice Award (Favorite Ensemble Cast)
  • 2013- Empire Awards (Male Hero)
  • 2013 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards- (Best Actor)
  • 2015- Was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA

What Does Daniel Radcliffe Do With His Time Off?

When he's not working or spending time with his charities, Daniel Radcliffe spends his time at one of his 2 homes. The first being not far from his childhood home in London. The second is a stately, historical brownstone he purchased in New York City's upscale West Village neighborhood. He paid $5.65 for the cute 1800 square foot home on a tree-lined, cobblestone street in the heart of Manhattan.

Radcliffe recently sold his home in Australia to his parents, for $2 million. He can also be found around town with his partner of 10 years, Erin Darke. She is an actress, best known for her role on Good Girls Revolt. The two can often be seen out and about together in NYC. As for Hermione and Ron, Daniel remains very close with both Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

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