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How Karlous Miller Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Karlous Miller

Karlous Miller is an American comedian, actor, and rapper. He is best known for his stint on MTV’s Wild N Out with Nick Cannon. Karlous has always been the class clown. According to CA Knowledge, his classmates would ask him to crack jokes when there was no teacher in class. As a result, he never had stage fright as a kid since he would always perform in front of people.

Since then, he decided to pursue comedy professionally. His comedy career is largely the reason for his wealth. With his new-found fame in comedy, he has appeared in movies and television shows. The movies and television shows have also made him more affluent. With his wealth, he has been able to purchase properties that we will mention. Without further ado, here is how Karlous Miller achieved a net worth of $4 million.

Yo Mamma (2007)

Yo Mamma was a show where contestants would insult each other’s mother. The contestants would do that by engaging in a rap battle against each other. Karlous appeared in one episode of this show as a contestant. When the show premiered, it had a decent reception. However, as it ran, there were certain factors that caused it to have only three seasons. First, the show had a controversial premise. According to The Things, parents resented that children were being taught to insult and bully each other. Also, the show cashed in on a fad, and fads tend to wear out their welcome. As a result, people grew tired of the “Yo Mamma” jokes.

The Mo’Nique Show (2010)

The show was hosted by comedienne and actress, Mo’Nique. In the show, he would crack some jokes in a separate segment during the show. He once joked about women who are fake in their behavior and hair. Cracking jokes about a certain gender is a tricky thing to do. If the jokes fall flat, you may be accused of being sexist. Thankfully, the host and the audience found his joke inoffensive. Besides having comedy sessions, the show would also feature celebrity guests and musical performances.

Wild N Out (2013-2020)

Wild N Out is a sketch comedy and improvisation game show hosted by Nick Cannon. In this show, Nick has a team that competes against a team led by a celebrity guest. The team comprises contestants who battle against each other in improvisational games. Karlous appears in the series as a contestant. After the games, the contestants proceed to battle against each other in the bonus round called the “wildstyle.” Nick has a comedy championship belt that is up for grabs. If Nick’s team wins, he retains the belt. On the other hand, if his team loses, the other team wins his belt.

Last Comic Standing (2014)

Last Comic Standing is a talent show competition that seeks to award the best comedian from a group of hopefuls. Karlous appeared in the show as a contestant. He was going up against other comics like Rod Man, Joe Machi, and Monroe Martin, just to name a few. He lost during the challenge rounds. At that time, he was close to the quarter-finals.

Glorious Mail (2005)

Karlous plays the role of Flyree Johnson in the film. The movie focuses on a Jewish filmmaker from New York who travels to Mississippi to shoot a documentary. His documentary is about a gay antique dealer who stirs controversy with his gay mailbox.

How High 2 (2019)

In the film, he plays Larry. The film begins with Roger getting fired from his fast food job. After getting fired, he decides to open a marijuana delivery business. He conducts this business with his cousin, Calvin. Coincidentally, the pair finds a “Weed Bible” that explains how to grow the plant. Unfortunately, the weed bible gets stolen, and the pair must find it.

Podcast Career

Karlous cohosts the comedy podcast, The 85 South Show, with Chico Bean and D.C. Young Fly. It features guests from business, entertainment, etc. Besides hosting guests, the trio has a segment where they freestyle. You can watch the podcast online via their website. For you to watch a podcast, you must pay a ticket costing between $36-66. Karlous earns a lot of money through this podcast. According to Artslope, he earns around $10,000 to $15,000 per show.

Solo Events

As a comedian, touring is inevitable. Sometimes he hosts events or appears as a guest speaker. Either way, he earns a lot from his standup shows. According to Speaker Booking Agency, he earns around $10,000 to $20,000 per event as a guest speaker. In a month, he may do 6-8 shows. By conducting such a high number of shows, he rakes in around $960,000 per month.


The comedian owns a large collection of vintage cars. One of the cars that he owns is the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS. He upgraded the car’s interior so that it could drive like modern cars. The impressive feature of the model is that it is a muscle car. As a result, it has a powerful engine that is ideal for high-performance driving. Today, you can get this car for around $3600-3800. Another car that he owns is the 1996 Impala SS. Like the other car; he upgraded its interior. Its seats and door panels are wrapped in cream leather and green stitching. This car costs about $22,500-24,410.


He lives in a luxurious house with his son. The house is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Besides this house, he owns residential houses. Unfortunately, it is not clear how many residential houses he owns. However, owning a residential house still generates a significant amount of income.


Class clowns entertain their fellow students or even teachers. However, few of them think of venturing into comedy as a career. The education sector will emphasize more on academics than a student’s talent. Fortunately, Karlous rose from a class clown to a comedian, thanks to his classmates encouraging him. His journey into comedy has not always been easy. He has appeared in shows that flopped and has lost some competitions. Nonetheless, none of these things killed his spirit as he has continued to earn a lot from his hard work.

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