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How Kevin David Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

Kevin David

Kevin David was born in 1991 in Eugene city. He has been a hard-working person from a very young age. He learned many valuable lessons through sports, how to grow through hard work, handling competition, and always winning. Kevin's affinity to entrepreneurship, therefore, started to show when he was 14 years old. Kevin graduated from Oregon with a degree in accounting. He began working as an accountant in Oregon for a while before moving to Facebook, where he worked as a private consultant. Before he could settle in that job, his entrepreneurship desire led him to search and do a lot of online digging until he finally ended up with the Amazon FBA business model, which was his turning point. Kevin is an online marketing guru and a CEO. He also runs other ventures which bring him income, such as Amazon FBA, Digital training courses, YouTube, Shopify, and Affiliate marketing. He also markets himself as a CEO and a founder e-commerce Coach. His fast growth has managed to help him achieve a net worth of $10 million.

Leveraging On The Opportunities Provided By Social Media

Kevin prides himself on having trained more than 500,000 people to do business online and more than 2000 people to become entrepreneurs by quitting formal jobs and embracing full-time online jobs. He has taken advantage of social media to get this information to these people he has revolutionized business-wise. One of the methods he applied is creating content on YouTube. Although not detailed, these videos were free and only acted as an appetizer, making people desire more available at a fee. Kevin has about 400 000 subscribers, and thousands of people watch his videos due to his practical approach to teaching business and entrepreneurship. This huge following makes other businesses advertise through his channel through Ads generating even more income. The many views on his channel also bring in extra cash through payments from programs like YouTube’s AdSense.

Giving People Value For Their Money

Kevin was also able to market to specific target groups, which were very successful as they provided great value to his audience. He was able to do this through Facebook advertisement. The advantage of this form of marketing compared to YouTube is that by running paid traffic, he could manage to provide content as per each group's needs. Therefore, meeting his clients' needs has given him an upper hand as his content is considered of greater value earning him a premium.

Presentation of His Content in a Unique Way

Kevin realized the enormous power embedded in Facebook and decided to unlock that potential to grow his brand. He created a platform on Facebook where his students could engage him one-on-one through inquiry on a wide range of topics, including those beyond business, such as life issues. What made this interaction more unique was that other entrepreneurs in the program were brought on board also to answer questions raised. This, in turn, enriched the program enabling Kevin to create the largest Facebook group globally, according to This, of course, meant more income to Kevin, explaining this phenomenon of becoming so rich in a very short time.

Identifying His Purpose And Following It

Kevin has figured out his purpose in business and given his all into it. One feature that strikes out is his unselfishness where, unlike other people who keep success to themselves, he has chosen to share it with others through ‘Digital Course Secrets.’ According to, he offers his online courses and trains others on how they can generate their own courses and market them. Kevin is so determined to ensure that others avoid the challenges he has experienced by sharing his testimonials. Interestingly enough, as the saying goes, life is an echo; his actions have rewarded him as people share his courses, making even skeptics like them, which has earned him more income.

Involvement In Affiliate Marketing

Kevin has also been involved in affiliate marketing, a concept where one influences potential customers by recommending products and services to them. It is a very tasking job as it requires the person to be conversant with skills like blogging and keyword research. Although it depends on the individual’s effort, it is well paying, which is a characteristic associated with Kevin. A good example is where it is said of him [Kevin] that though he is trained in accounting, he does not create those theoretical courses in his field. Still, rather he develops practical courses according to his experience. This, therefore, places him at an advantage while undertaking affiliate marketing.

Offering Digital Training Courses

Finally, the major contributor to his wealth is the digital courses that he offers online. Through this avenue, he generates income by teaching people how to sell products with a few overheads with no physical product. Kevin is a popular brand because of his work. This business model favors him because there is no stock management and the returns are amazing with high profits. Examples of the courses he offers include the Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass course, Shopify Ninja master Class, and Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Course. To describe how this model works, it can be traced into his brand called THATLifestyleNinja, a project that allows people to learn to own their own online businesses, which have the capacity to give them more income than usual salaries. THATLifestyleNinja, according to, helps others to do business online. Furthermore, Amazon’s FBA, unlike other Google Ads, has one of its selling points: a person has to do prior research about the product and competition and therefore be able to make more even without owning the product physically. Kevin can make a $1000 profit per day, which is collaborated by the fact that Amazon FBA sales in the USA are estimated to be around $ 64million.

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