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How Ali Wong Achieved a Net Worth of $3 Million

When it comes to Ali Wong net worth, the numbers may seem staggering to many. However, when you take a step back and realize the sheer amount of work that she has put in? It all makes sense. In addition to the work that she put in, she has also been willing to serve as a guiding light to those who have come after her.

While she has not been providing tips and pointers to those who are looking to emulate her path in a more direct sense, the lessons that she has to offer are very easy to glean if you have been paying attention. Let’s take a closer look at Ali Wong net worth and most importantly, we will be taking a deeper dive into her career and how she got there.

What Is Ali Wong Net Worth?

The most recent estimate of her net worth pegs the total at $3 million. Wong is a woman who wears many hats as well. While most know her as an actress and/or a stand-up comedian, she has also done some writing work behind the scenes. Her Netflix specials, Baby Cobra, Hard Knock Wife and Don Wong, are among the most well-reviewed on the streaming platform.

As someone who has made a career out of presenting herself in the most relatable way possible, it is easy to see why these specials have become so popular. In addition to the work that she has done for Netflix, Wong has also become a television mainstay. She’s made appearances on Black Box, Inside Amy Schumer, Are You There, Chelsea, Breaking In, Hey Girl, Ask The StoryBots and American Housewife.

How Did She Get Into Comedy?

Wong did not show any signs of being into comedy during her early life, which may make her come up story surprising to some. She is actually the daughter of Adolphus Wong, who is a physician who was born in America and spent 30 years working for Kaiser Permanente. However, the seeds of greatness were sown from a young age, as she was named the president of her high school graduating class.

After graduating from San Francisco University High School in 2000, she then enrolled at UCLA. Four years later, she graduated with her BA in Asian-American studies but up til that point, she had not shown signs of looking to take comedy more seriously. All of that would soon change, though.

Once she was finished with college, Wong decided that she would take a swing at stand-up. What could have been a post-college flight of fancy would soon become her career path. Her initial foray into stand-up took place at the Brainwash Cafe and before long, she decided that she would move to New York City, so that she could pursue the profession on a full-time basis.

Her Early Days in NYC

The amount of work that she put in when she first got started is staggering. During her early days in New York City, she would perform up to nine times per night. All of her hard work eventually paid off and the accolades started to roll in. By 2011, she was named to Variety’s 10 Comics To Watch list. From there, she was invited to appear on John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, Dave Attell’s Underground Comedy Show and The Tonight Show.

All of the buzz that she spent years building crested in 2016, with the release of the highly acclaimed Baby Cobra special. It all becomes even more impressive when you stop to release that she is one of the few working mothers that the industry has to offer. Women see themselves in her and men can relate to the sharp observations that are made regarding gender roles.

In fact, The New York Times noted these aspects of her rise in a glowing profile that was released at the same time as her follow-up to Baby Cobra. Her fan base full of mothers is something that Wong does not take for granted. “I can’t tell you how many selfies I’ve gotten asked for at the gynecologist and pediatrician's office. I should sell tickets there,” she told the Times.

Ali Wong's Work Ethic

Her work ethic knows no bounds, either, as she returned the stage not long after giving birth. This decision was made against the advice of her doctor. “I’ve seen it happen to people who got famous and seduced by it,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s work ethic or if they’re delusional because the audience loves them so much.”

That’s why she decided to film the follow-up to Baby Cobra, entitled Hard Knock Wife, while she was already seven months pregnant. Her commitment to her craft runs so deeply, she even did a set for the Upright Citizens Brigade within two months of giving birth. When all of these decisions are stacked on top of each other, it is easy to see why she has been able to rise to the top.

She even found time to shoot a film for Netflix, a romantic comedy called Always Be My Maybe, in which she co-starred with Randall Park. That leads us directly to the aspect of her rise that will mean the most to many readers…..

What Can We Learn From Her Success?

For starters, Wong teaches us that willpower is the way. Some may point to her background and believe that her path was easy but once you start to look at how long it took? That point of view quickly becomes obsolete. While having a physician for a father certainly afforded her certain comforts that some of her contemporaries may not have had, she still had to put in a great deal work, laying the foundation brick by brick.

She first tried stand-up after graduating from college in 2004 and despite all of her hard work, her first stand-up special did not premiere until 2016. Wong set her goals and stopped at nothing to achieve them. Furthermore, she kept her pedal to the medal once she got to where she wanted to go. This is what allowed her to continue to build on that initial success.

It’s a story as old as time itself. A celebrity will grind their way to the top, only to take their foot off the gas pedal before long. Wong did not make those types of mistakes. She is also not known to be a big spender, as many entertainers of her ilk would have already purchased a big, fancy home or an expensive car.

Sticks to Her Values

These are not purchases that Wong believes in and she has remained true to herself. That is the final point that must be made here. She has not had to change or compromise in any way. While other comedians have taken cracks at her, claiming that pregnancy has become her trademark, she has been quick to crack back.

“Pregnancy is not rainbow suspenders,” she said, making a joke about the famous prop comic Gallagher’s penchant for the clothing item. This is how Ali Wong has amassed this net worth and with the release of her third stand-up special, Don Wong, last year. We are willing to bet that this is just the beginning.

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