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How Quinn Cook Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

Quinn Cook is an American professional basketball player who was born in 1993 in the nation’s capital. He is 6’ 1” and weighs 180 lbs., which is an ideal size for a professional point guard.

He has played for several leagues and teams, including a stint playing for the Zhejiang Lions – a professional Chinese basketball team. In some ways, Quinn Cook has a storied professional career as a basketball player. As of 2023, Quinn Cook's net worth was approximately $10 million.

Quinn Cook’s High School Basketball Career

Quinn Cook was an outstanding high school player at DeMatha Catholic High School, which is located in Hyattsville, Maryland. Cook played his first three years of high school there and was part of the best high school basketball team in Maryland as a junior. After his junior year, he was named by the Washington Post as the All-Met Player of the Year.

Cook transferred to a Virginia-based school – Oak Hill Academy, in his senior year, where the team with an impressive record of 31 and 4. Subsequent to that, Cook played in the McDonald’s All-American game in 2011. And while his college career ended with an impressive national championship, Cook went undrafted in the NBA draft in 2015.

Quinn Cook’s College Basketball Career

Coming out of high school, Quinn Cook was ranked as the 38th best player by ESPNU. Cook signed a letter of intent to play college ball at Duke University at the end of 2010, an announcement that was made on a live ESPNU broadcast. Cook, looking ahead to college, had chosen to play collegiate basketball for Coach K at Duke rather than these other outstanding elite higher learning institutions - UNC, UCLA, and Villanova.

The 2011 Duke fresh recruiting class was considered among the best in the nation that year. The other Duke players recruited that year included Marshall Plumlee, Michael Gbinije, Austin Rivers, and Alex Murphy.

Cook’s college playing debut with the Duke’s Blue Devils coincided with the famous Countdown to Craziness – an annual college event. While he scored seven points in his debut start, Quinn Cook’s season-high as a freshman came when the Blue Devils played UNC Greensboro, where he scored 14.

Several years later, Quinn and the rest of the Duke basketball team became NCAA national champs in 2015. That season, Cook averaged just over 15 points and 2.5 assists per game.

Quinn Cook’s Professional Basketball Career

Despite his success playing for Coach K at Duke University, Quinn Cook was undrafted during the 2015 NBA draft. He then joined the Las Vegas Summer League and the NBA Development League’s Canton Charge. Quinn Cook was honored in his first year, being named Rookie of the Year and a selected member of the league’s All-Rookie Team and the All-NBA D-League 3rd Team.

Playing For The Dallas Mavericks in 2017

Cook signed a short-term contract with the Dallas Mavericks in February 2017. His NBA debut was on February 27, 2017, against the Miami Heat, with his best Mavericks performance about a week later against the Los Angeles Lakers – where he scored ten points.

Playing For The New Orleans Pelicans in 2017

His next short-term contract was with the New Orleans Pelicans, which was extended through the rest of the season. Cook, while playing for the Pelicans, had a career-high of 22 points and three assists against the Golden State Warriors.

Playing For The Golden State Warriors From 2017 to 2019

Cook signed with the Golden State Warriors at the end of 2017, with his Warrior debut in December of 2017. He scored eight points against the Charlotte Hornets. His contributions to the Golden State Warrior's success are well documented, especially when his skill was used to substitute for his injured teammate - Stephen Curry.

As a result, Cook signed a two-year contract in 2018, which allowed him to play in the postseason. Quinn Cook made his debut in a National Basketball Association playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs. Cook, in coming off the bench, scored five points, four rebounds, two assists, and a block to help the Warriors blowout the Spurs by more than 20 points.

The Golden State Warriors bested the Houston Rockets, which opened the path to the championship game that year – winning the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers in only four games.

Playing For The Los Angeles Lakers from 2019 to 2021

In mid-July of 2019, Quinn Cook signed with the Los Angeles Lakers – the year in which the Lakers beat the Miami Heat in six games – Cook’s second NBA championship team.

Playing For The Cleveland Cavaliers & The Portland Trail Blazers in 2021

Cook was signed for a few short-term stints during the 2021 NBA preseason and season.

Playing For The Lokomotiv Kuban in 2021

In October 2021, Quinn Cook signed with the Lokomotiv Kuban – a team that is a member of the VTB United League. The VTB United League was founded in 2009. It is recognized as an international professional men’s basketball league. It primarily consists of Russian teams, with a few teams hailing from Kazakhstan and Belarus. Cook played for the Lokomotiv Kuban through the 2021-2022 season.

Playing For The Stockton Kings 2022

Cook played for the G-League Affiliate Stockton Kings. In his 11 games, Quinn Cook averaged more than 23 points per game, shooting 44% of his three-pointers and 51.8% of two-pointers from the field.

Playing For The Sacramento Kings And The Zhejiang Lions from 2022 to 2023

In 2022, Quinn Cook signed with the Sacramento Kings but was waived soon after. Then in November 2022, Quinn Cook signed with the Zhejiang Lions, a team in the Chinese Basketball Association’s North Division. In one of his first games, playing against the Shandong Heroes, Cook scored an impressive career high of 54 points after playing only 29 minutes.

Quinn Cook’s Overall NBA Player Statistics

Since his professional debut, Quinn Cook has played a total of 172 games playing for three different NBA teams. He has scored 1,167 points. His field goal average is 46.3%, his three-point average is 43.5%, and his free-throw average is 82%.

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