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How Meagan Good Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

You've seen her on television, magazine covers, and in other acting roles since the late 1990s. Meagan Good is one of the breakout African-American stars known today and has a net worth of over $5 Million.

She has been generating wealth since her childhood acting career to being an acting icon in her community. Below are the different parts of her career that have contributed to her overall net worth and what is expected to continue to develop over time.

Childhood Acting

Born and raised in California, it was easy for Meagan Good to get a start as a childhood actor. Her mother was her manager during this time, and she began taking small acting roles as an extra in films and television shows across various networks.

Some of those extra roles included both M.D. and Doogie Howser. Her roles on those shows did not do much to contribute to her net worth at first, but they did help build her resume for larger roles such as the one she landed on Friday and then later, Eve's Bayou, in which she gained several awards.

At this time, Meagan's acting career took off, and she really began generating her net worth.

Lead Roles in Hollywood

As Meagan Good became an adult, her net worth started to grow substantially because of the new roles she was taking in Hollywood. These lead roles included movies in Deliver Us From Eva, You Got Served and Stomp the Yard. 

During the first few years of the 2000s, these roles were showcasing, Meagan's acting ability, but some of these movies did not perform as well financially as others.

Her big financial break that started earning her larger salaries came with Saw V. While her salaries leading up to that point were in the thousands, she saw a $500,000 salary for Saw.

Shortly after, Meagan took roles in other successful Horror Movies and landed nearly a million dollar salary in Anchorman 2, By that time, her net worth had crossed into millions and she has been on the upward swing ever since.

Business Ventures

Outside of her own personal acting jobs, Meagan Good is a co-owner of the production company, Freedom Bridge Entertainment. This production company has seen better years since it was founded, but it currently has a net worth of nearly a half million dollars, of which only a third is accumulated in her net worth.

She did contribute and invest her own funds into starting up this production company several years ago and had expectations for it to continue to grow. At this time, she has not profited from her investment in this production company, which has had a negative impact on her overall net worth.

In more recent years, she has taken a contract of being a brand ambassador for Dark & Lovely, a hair company designed for African-American women who has taken on the mission to give back to these communities.

As an ambassador, Meagan Good will be paid for her time promoting the brand on her social media outlets and also at different events helping them raise money for their cause and be a beacon of light in the African-American community.


Over the years, Meagan Good has taken some of her earnings and started investing them into stocks and different money markets to generate financial wealth. She began this process when she was young and being managed by her mother, and has continued this trend, allowing this to contribute about 40 percent of her net worth alone.

Marriage Assets

Meagan Good was married to Author DeVon Franklin for nearly a decade. They were married in 2012, and their divorce final in 2022. As an author, producer and preacher,he has generated a net worth of his own to be around $14 million, some of which he built during his marriage to Meagan Good.

As a co-author to several of his books and a contributor to his own career, Meagan Good earned access to a part of his net worth at the time of their divorce in 2022. Her net worth grew substantially as the divorce outlined that she has access to several million dollars in assets.

After the divorce and the divide of the marriage assets, it is estimated that temporarily, Meagan Good's net worth jumped to around $7 million, but her lifestyle and having to be the only income for that has dropped some with new investments and having to make purchases on a separate home.

Real Estate

After the divorce was final, Meagan purchased a home in Hollywood Hills for almost $3 million dollars with the assets she generated after the divorce. She is currently residing in that home and it is generating a positive trend in property value.

The home that she owned with her husband for nearly a decade in Hollywood was also worth just over $3 million but that property was sold and distributed in the divorce.


Meagan Good does not have an extensive car collection like some celebrities, but she has been known to own luxury brand cars like LandRover, BMW and Mercedes throughout her career as an actor.

Charitable Donations

Part of Meagan Good's fortune has been donated to several charities in which she is very fond. Giving back to her community and offering opportunities for less fortunate children is as the top of her properties Some of these charities are the following:

  • Lonely Whale Foundation
  • Soles4Souls
  • City Year
  • Local church donations

While there are a few large charities that Meagan donates to regularly, she has given back to many local churches in her area so that they can work on their missions of supporting the homeless, spreading their message overseas, and helping contribute to youth programs that are great options for children to enjoy after school and on the weekends.

Over the course of her career, she has made donations equal to several million dollars in total for these different organizations.

Moving Forward

Now a single but successful woman, Meagan Good is expected to continue growing her net worth over the next few years and she makes positive decisions and career moves.

With her own business ventures growing as a brand ambassador, becoming a loud voice in the African-American community and having the acting skill set she possesses, we should see her back on the big screen in no time, generating large salaries and improved the size of her overall net worth.

Like other celebrities with investments, she has taken a hit, but history shows that we can expect her to bounce back and be even bigger than she was before.

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