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How Taye Diggs Achieved a Net Worth of $16 Million

Taye Diggs is an American actor that currently has a net worth of approximately $16 million that has generated significantly over the years. Known for his roles on Broadway, television series, and even the big screen, Diggs is a household name and continues to succeed in whatever he does.  So how did he achieve this net worth?  Let's find out:

Taye Diggs Early Life

Being raised in New York, Taye was raised by his mother and step-father to humble beginnings and a middle-class worth. Taye Diggs always dreamed of being an actor and displaying his talent in the Fine Arts genre, so he graduated with a BFA from Syracuse University in 1993.

After graduating from college, Taye Diggs did not have a substantial net worth and began his career to start that process.

Taking on Broadway

Taking lead roles in Rent and Wicked, he began generating a small income and building his career. Since those days, Taye went on to star in other types of roles and productions, but he still finds himself on Broadway regularly.

The salary he is accumulating these days is $4 Million annually for his performances, which is a long stretch from the few hundred dollars he was earning back in 1996 at the start of his career.

Tay Diggs and His Television Career

After taking a break from Broadway in his early years, Taye Diggs decided to supplement his time on the big screen with television, taking a role on the famous daytime soap opera, Guiding Light.

With it being filmed right in New York at the time, Taye was able to maintain all his different acting commitments, with his net worth growing into tens of thousands of dollars by this time.

His acting abilities were noticed by lots of networks including CBS that filmed Guiding Light. He landed several roles on large television dramas, where he accumulated $5000 an episode on TV dramas.

Since that time, Taye Diggs has grown from more supporting roles in these shows to lead roles over the last few decades. His most well-known leading role was Private Practice, which ran for six seasons.

As a spinoff of another hit television drama, he gained a substantial amount of net worth from this role, making over $4 million dollars in salary during this time. His salary at the time of the series ending was $100,000 per episode.

More recently, Taye Diggs has been a leading actor on the show All-American as character favorite Billy Baker. This has been one of his more recent commitments and he earns a salary of approximately $80,000 per episode. With the show being in its fourth season, this is a big contributor to Taye Diggs net worth of $16 million, especially as it continues to progress.

His Movie Roles

Some of the biggest hit movies from the late 1990s and 2000s starred Taye Diggs, such as How Stella Got Her Groove Back, The Best Man, and Chicago among several others. In each of these movies,

Taye Diggs gained a salary that contributed to his net worth. While The Best Man is one of his most popular, however, Diggs and his co-stars did not get a decent salary for their roles because it was not expected to be as large as it was.

Their salaries ranged between $30,000 and $70,000, but Taye continued to move forward with the project because of the impact it would have on black culture as a whole.

Voice Acting Roles 

While you may not see his face, Taye Diggs has generated a substantial income contributing to his net worth over the last 15 years to being a voice actor.

Being a voice in children's cartoon series allowed Taye Diggs to maintain a stable income and add to his $16 million net worth. One of the shows is the animation of My Little Pony which has several seasons available and is one of the more enjoyable events for Taye Diggs.

Hosting and Appearances

Taye Diggs is often asked to make guest appearances on shows such as America's Next Top Model. With each of these appearances, Taye Diggs is compensated for being a part of the show, which has contributed to his net worth.

Taye Diggs has also taken his talents on the road, appearing and speaking at different schools, celebrations, and events to promote his skill, and the acting community and be a positive figure in the African American culture.

One of his most recent events was speaking to students at Coastal Carolina University in February 2023. While these events earn about $10,000 per appearance, as many as Taye Diggs has done over the last decade as a way to reach different communities has had about a 15 percent contribution to his overall net worth.

Diggs Owns Real Estate and Property

A large part of Taye Digg's net worth is related to the real estate that he owns and has generated over his career as an actor. He generated over $500,000 in profit from his 5,000-square-foot apartment in Studio City that sold after his divorce.

This home was broadcasted around Hollywood and has since been one of the most popular properties in Studio City because of the different features within the home. It had over five bedrooms and the new owners of the property made a video tour of the home to display the different features.

Currently, Taye Diggs is living in an upscale home in Newark, New Jersey as his primary home and residence. His son does live there with him part time.

This residential property is private and in one of the more secure and lavish communities in the Newark area. It is estimated to be worth just over $3 million dollars.

It is not often that Taye Diggs is spotted out in public driving, although he is known to own at least own a couple of different Mercedes and upscale luxury vehicles.

The extent of his car collection is unknown. He has had a few traffic incidents that showed him driving these Mercedes vehicles and choosing luxury car rentals when he is traveling, as well.

Taye Diggs Continues to Grow His Net Worth

It is no secret that Taye Diggs has generated a substantial net worth in his acting career, and it is expected to continue to progress.

As he embarks into his 50s, Taye Diggs is looking to continue working in the industry, but be a positive role model for African-American culture and take on projects that promote these communities throughout the country.

You can expect to see him still contributing in areas like New York and Chicago where he has built his career.

Over the next decade, expect that net worth to continue to climb due to good investments and more roles as Taye Diggs continues to seek more aspiring roles on television and in film.

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