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How Lizzo Achieved a Net Worth of $40 Million

One of the hottest acts to hit mainstream media these days is Lizzo or Melissa Jefferson. Singing and promoting positive influence for women everywhere, she is currently worth $40 million in her short career that only began in 2017. Her net worth is related to her music sales, her endorsement, and her new clothing line.

Early Rapping

While Lizzo has been a mainstream rapper for the last few years, she has a rapping career that began nearly two decades ago. As a teenager in Houston, she began rapping at local events and even performed with her best friends in rap competitions and performances.

While this was not enough to truly streamline her net worth, it did build a foundation for her to begin moving forward in her career as she got older.

Mainstream Rap Sensation

In 2016, Lizzo signed with Atlantic Records and released her first single the next year, 'Coconut Oil,' which started to rise up on the charts. At this time, Lizzo's net worth was continuing to grow, well between a few hundred thousand dollars and a million because of the steady growth.

Lizzo continued to push through, even as a woman with a larger body who was experiencing backlash from the media because she did not fit the look that they were searching for in women.

Lizzo's voice and music took a turn to reach women everywhere and promote body positivity, which captured the attention of fans and moved her net worth into the millions at that point. In 2019, she became one of the most popular female rappers and saw Lizzo net worth grow substantially to nearly $7 million. Since that time, she has had continued success and endorsements to increase that number.

Tour Income and Royalties

After generating the fanbase she was seeking in her career, Lizzo began taking to the road and going on tour with sold-out shows throughout the country and Canada. These sold-out shows allow Lizzo to charge more mainstream ticket prices and generate millions on each tour, adding to the overall net worth. Over 175,000 tickets were sold in 2019 and more recent tours have seen the same or even more numbers on her tours.

Because Lizzo is at the top of the industry, she is generating funds daily from royalties of her song being played, downloaded and even used in different commercials and advertisements across the world. These royalties are a significant portion of her wealth, averaging at approximately 40 percent of the overall $40 million Lizzo net worth.

Endorsement Deals

One of the biggest contributors to Lizzo's net worth is her endorsement deals. Because of her success with women and the messages of body positivity she promotes, she has been endorsed by several brands which have increased her net worth.

She is currently endorsed by Dove for the Self-Esteem project, encouraging all who use their products to be comfortable in their own skin and not feel pressured to look a certain way.

Lizzo has also been connected with other major brands such as Urban Decay, Absolut Vodka and Google Pixel 6. These brands target the audience that Lizzo has regularly and encourages them to purchase and utilize these products.

Keep in mind that these endorsement deals are worth a few million each, and is expected to be worth around 20 percent of the overall Lizzo net worth.

One of the biggest endorsers that Lizzo has had over the years is Quay, where she launched her own sunglasses collection. During this endorsement, she generated nearly six million dollars towards her net worth and was influential in the sales of these glasses by posting online and through social media.

Yitty Clothing

Like many plus size women, Lizzo has wanted to make waves in clothing for women with body shapes that were larger and different from the average bodies.

Not all women are made or shaped the same, and Lizzo made a point to make a change for women who live with these different body shapes. By partnering with Fabletics, the largest line of women's athletic clothing in the world, Lizzo developed the 'Yitty' line that is designed with these women in mind.

It has been a successful venture since 2020 when it first became available to the public. It is estimated that it has earned LIzzo close to $10 million based on the sales of Fabletics annually, and its continued line with the brand.

Reality Show

In 2022, Lizzo decided to host her own show known as 'Watch Out For The Big Grrrls' where 13 women would come onto the show and do a competition to be a dancer for Lizzo. These women had similar body shapes to Lizzo and represented women everywhere.

Because of its message and the competition component of the show, Lizzo saw millions of revenue from the show. It has the potential to continue running for multiple seasons and continue generating the income that Lizzo is seeking in her career. These types of shows are only able to continue based on contracts with the network.

Real Estate

Since becoming a multimillionaire, Lizzo has added to her net worth with real estate purchases. Her current mansion is valued at $20 million dollars with all the amenities and an ideal Los Angeles location.

When she purchased the home, it was worth $15 million and was the former home of Harry Styles. This home has a variety of big name celebrities as neighbors, showing that Lizzo truly made it to the top in her career. With the amount of money that Lizzo is generating currently, you can expect multiple property purchases in the near future.

Lavish Car Collection

LIke many celebrities, there is a lot of money found on the property, and often in the garage. If you take a tour of Lizzo's garage, you will find approximately $5 million of her net worth in those doors with her car collection. With so many vehicles ranging from Bentley's to Range Rovers, she has a variety of vehicles to enjoy for any event. All the vehicles in the collection are luxury cars which are a product of generating a large net worth.

Moving Forward

With the strides and positivity that Lizzo has promoted over the years in the media, it is important that she continue growing her reach for women and promoting body positivity. As long as this message continues to be a popular one, you can expect her net worth to continue growing over the next decade. With the rate it has currently grown, it could potentially double as Lizzo continues to diversify her income streams through music, television, clothing and endorsements.

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