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How T.J. Holmes Achieved a Net Worth of $7 Million

T.J. Holmes is mostly known for being ABC New's newscaster and journalist. You also know him from CNN, BET, and MSNBC. His longstanding career has created a net worth of $7 million as of 2023.

While we can only estimate how much he makes as a former newscaster, there is a rumor that it is around $3 million annually. Besides that, he has made money through other sources, which attributes to his $7 million net worth.

But what did he do to amount to such a high net worth? If you're interested in knowing more, we'll cover everything you'll need to know about how T.J. Holmes achieved such a high worth.

Who is T.J. Holmes?

T.J. Holmes is a longstanding host and journalist for ABC News. In recent years, he has left his position at the company but plans to do more. He has also worked at many news outlets, including CNN, BET, and MSNBC. Holmes is currently not working for any network but will likely continue his career in journalism elsewhere.

However, if you have yet to see him report weekly on the news, you might know him from his other work. The most well-known work is from being on Good Morning America. However, he is also known for his works covering Barack Obama, the George Zimmerman trial, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

T.J. Holmes's Personal Life

Holmes has accomplished much not only in his career but also in his personal life. He is a member of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta and a part of the National Association of Black Journalists. He has paved the way for many other black men who have aspired to become prominent in the journalistic sphere.

Academically, T.J. also serves on the board of advisors at the University of Arkansas and the Board of Visitors for Emory University located in Atlanta. As you can see, his success in these positions landed him on 2011 The Root's list of most influential black Americans.

In 2007, Holmes divorced his wife, Amy Ferson. He has two children, Brianna and Jaiden. After that relationship, he married Marilee Fiebig, an attorney. The two shared a long life before the relationship ended in August 2022.

It was later found out that Holmes had gotten into a relationship with his co-host Amy Robach, with whom he had worked for years. The two had both decided to end their long-term relationships before getting into a relationship with each other. However, the two have recently sparked controversy for the show, and GMA3 has stated that they will no longer be employing the two.

What are T.J. Holmes's Assets?

Like many other successful Americans, T.J. has invested in real estate and stocks. They are not open to the public, but he has been said to have bought a few properties around the United States. Other than that, there is little known about his overall assets, which he has occurred over the years.

T.J. Holmes Education

Holmes had attended the University of Arkansas for his Bachelors and Northwestern University for his Masters. His undergrad degree was a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, while his graduate degree was a Master's in Broadcast Journalism. He did so well in the academic career that he later ended up on the boards of both schools.

How Did T.J. Holmes Become Famous?

Holmes had been doing well for himself by doing journalism. However, he didn't become a big star until 2003, when he joined the team at CNN. He landed the position of a news anchor, and from there, his career was set.

He later joined notorious newsrooms such as NBC News and even appeared in various T.V. shows. Some of these include The Newsroom and Anderson Cooper 360. However, he was about to become a leader in the T.V. show Aging Out, but sadly it was canceled, and he left his career at BET.

After that, Holmes landed his most known job: host of Good Morning America 3. He had major success with his co-host and had been set to renew his contract until recently.

What is T.J. Holmes's Net Worth?

T.J. Holmes has a net worth of $7 million, with most of his wealth coming from his career as a journalist and newscaster. He also earns around $3 million annual salary and is said to have made a great fortune through investments in real estate and stocks. However, his net worth continues to grow due to his amazing work as a professional journalist.

T.J. Holmes Net Worth By Year

T.J. Holmes wasn't that rich, to begin with. He grew up in a decent family and worked for most of his life. It was later, when he became a T.V. celebrity, that he ended up gaining a massive boost in his net worth. Throughout his career, he started to meagerly up his annual salary from $100k to over $3 million on GMA3.

T.J. Holmes Net Worth FAQs

Did T.J. Holmes have an affair?

In 2022, T.J. and his wife, Marilee, separated. It was said that Holmes was involved with his co-host of GMA3, Amy Robach. Amy Robach also broke up with her spouse within weeks of T.J.'s breakup. However, the couple was said not to have begun dating until after leaving their spouses.

Did T.J. Holmes leave GMA3?

It was reported that T.J. Holmes would not return as a GMA3 host. ABC news had talked about renewing the contract, but since no one could come to similar terms, they decided it was best to go their separate ways. There are no signs of T.J. returning or being associated with ABC news or GMA3.

What is T.J. Holmes's salary?

T.J. Holmes was making around $3 million working for ABC news. Currently, T.J. Holmes has not stated where he is working. However, he will not be returning to ABC News. He was recently fired and will not be returning, as ABC has released a statement that he and his co-host were fired.

What does T.J. Holmes do now?

Currently, little is known about what T.J. Holmes is up to now as he has not made any public statement about his current activities. However, likely, he is still involved in some form of journalism and newscasting, as this has been the focus of his career for over a decade.

It is also possible that he may have also invested in various business ventures. Whatever his current activities, it is clear that T.J. Holmes has become one of the most recognizable faces in the news, and he is sure to have a lasting legacy in the industry.

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