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How Katie Maloney Achieved a Net Worth of $1.5 Million

One of the most accomplished reality stars in America, Katie Maloney has become a household name for those watching Vanderpump Rules. Currently, her success has generated a $1.5 million net worth from her performance and her ability to keep working as a reality star and employee at the SUR restaurant. Since her early days on Vanderpump Rules, she has grown into a successful businesswoman, reality star, and fashion designer in her own right with a growing net worth to match her success.

Waitressing at SUR Restaurant

SUR restaurant is one of the trending restaurants in LA, where it is owned by one of the famous Real Housewives, Lisa Vanderpump. Before the show started filming, Katie had taken on a role as a waitress, which is one of the best-paying positions in the city in terms of tips. As a chic and fine dining restaurant, it is expected that servers in the restaurant earn close to a six-figure salary each year from tips alone because of the lucrative clientele that dines there regularly.

When Katie Maloney moved to LA and started working at SUR restaurant, she only had a modest net worth of nearly $30,000 after leaving her hometown of Park City, Utah. Because of her experience and her agreeing to be on the reality TV show, she was able to land this job where she would earn a significant salary on her own working with a very specific clientele from LA. This restaurant is known for more than drama since the food has earned it one Michelin star since being opened in 1998.

Vanderpump Rules Reality Show

When Bravo TV decided to create a reality show surrounding the businesses that Lisa Vanderpump owned, SUR restaurant was on that list and the staff working was recorded and followed from shift to shift, generating content about their personal lives and how it affected the business. SUR restaurant was one of three restaurants covered on the show, and Katie was the central character on the show.

Several of her co-workers were her best friends and the drama that followed them and their lives in the restaurant earned Katie a salary of $500,000 just for appearing and participating in the show in the latest seasons. Early on, it is estimated that the salary for cast members started around $100,000 until the growth of the reality show and popularity turned the cast members into household names.

Katie participated in ten seasons of the reality series, which saw her date and marry a co-worker, Tom Schwartz, and was the main contributor to her net worth. She has moved from being just a waitress over the years to having bigger roles in the restaurant, impacting her salary and earnings outside of the show.

In the most recent seasons, her husband, Tom Schwartz has opened a bar with another co-worker, and she has had a role in the growth and operation of that bar. It is not clear at this time if Katie will continue working in that bar since she recently split with her husband. She is still working with the Vanderpump organization in one capacity or another after 10 years of being employed and having a vested interest in the organization that helped spiral her career.

Marriage and Real Estate with Tom Schwartz

Since Katie Maloney has been married to Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney has purchased a home worth nearly $2 million with her husband. With their recent split announced over the summer, the home was put up for sale and sold for over $2.6 million. It is believed this is the only real estate they owned together and the money from the sale had to be split with her husband.

During her time with Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney had undergone financial scandals that were linked to her because of her relationship with Tom. Over the years, their relationship has been on display for the world to view and has been one full of controversy. The net worth that Katie Maloney has generated is her own and not affiliated with her husband.

Pucker and Pout

While she has been an employee of SUR restaurant and a cast member on a reality TV show, she has also generated her own business, Pucker & Pout. With a background in fashion and design before moving to LA, this was a dream of Katie Maloney's. Currently, if you want to purchase her items, you have to order through the website that she manages. This has generated Katie Maloney a net of $1 million to date and is a growing contribution to her net worth.When you search the website, you will find a variety of items for beauty and wellness, where she has her own lines of products to help her customer with their personal beauty goals.

You're Gonna Love Me Podcast

Because Katie Maloney has a significant following of fans from her reality TV show, she has taken advantage of that and generated a podcast, You're Gonna Love Me, where she talks about different aspects of her life, the reality TV industry, and the fashion industry. Since the Podcast is still relatively new, it has not had a major impact on her overall net worth, but it is gaining popularity from fans all over the country, offering long-term potential.

It is important to note that Katie Maloney has generated a large following on social media, as well. She is active on most platforms, including Instagram where she has had a few partnerships established with brands to motivate and encourage her followers to make purchases. She advocates regularly for skin care products and routines, encouraging her fan base to take care of their bodies and remain healthy of her own products, as well.

Moving Forward

With her fame only being a few years old, this net worth is still relatively small to the potential she could have. It is also estimated that her net worth was higher prior to her split from her husband. Once the terms of the divorce are final and Katie's personal assets are clearly defined, you could see her net worth improve significantly. With the growing success of her podcast and her own fashion line, the reality show and Vanderpump restaurants are not the only contributors to her wealth and earnings.

This is essential for her overall net worth, as the reality TV series is expected to stop filming after the 2022 season and she will need new sources of income. The Katie Maloney Net Worth is expected to increase and have various impacts over the next decade as new business ventures take off.

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