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How Bob Saget Achieved A Net Worth of $50 Million

Bob Saget

Bob Saget will forever remain in the hearts of millions for his portrayal of Danny Tanner on the iconic television show. Full House. Saget brought the perfect blend of comedy, compassion, and wisdom to the role of a widower trying to raise 3 girls. With, of course, the help of his wacky friend and cool cousin.

The show was a hit and remains so today, in syndication. Add the Netflix reboot Fuller House, which introduced a whole new generation to the wholesome yet entertaining family.

Saget was born on May 17, 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Temple University. It was while at Temple that Saget dipped his toes into the entertainment world. He wrote and directed a documentary short entitled "Through Adam's Eyes". The production, about a young boy who'd had full facial reconstruction surgery, won Bob the student academy award.

Sadly, Bob Saget passed away in 2022. His official cause of death was blunt force trauma to his head. It's believed he suffered a medical emergency that caused him to fall and hit his head. At the time of his death, Bob Saget's net worth was $50 million. How did this bright star that left us too soon make his fortune?

Bob Saget Net Worth

Bob Saget has always had a flair for comedy. Upon graduating from college, he put together a stand-up act and hit the road. While doing his risqué humor in comedy clubs across the country, Bob caught the eye of a talent scout. That scout worked for a variety program called The Merv Griffin Show.

Saget was asked to come in and do a cleaner version of his routine. Delighted, Bob made some tweaks and appeared on the show. He now had national exposure. His charisma, comedic timing, and humor were obvious to everyone.

Soon after, he was being offered guest spots on shows like:

  • Bosom Buddies (1981)
  • Full Moon High (1981)
  • The Greatest American Hero (1983)
  • At Ease (1983)
  • It's A Living (1986)

In early 1987, Saget was offered a spot on the CBS Morning Show. The show was short-lived, but Saget again garnered the attention of someone that would forever change his life.

Saget was approached by prolific television producer, Jeff Franklin, to play the role of Danny Tanner in a new show called "Full House". The role was originally offered to television host Bill Mahr, who turned it down.

The rest was history, from 1987 to 1995. Danny, Jesse, and Joey became household names. Adults and children alike tuned in each week to see what childhood growing pains DJ or Stephanie would experience and how the "three dads" would deal with it.

At The Peak of Full House Fame

With Daddy Danny at the helm, everyone was sure to get some sound advice. To this day, on the many lists of favorite television dads, Danny Tanner/Bob Saget is consistently number one. It's estimated that during his time on Full House, Saget made between $1.7 and $2.1 million per season.

Two years into his top rated family show, Bob was asked to host a new show. Something that hadn't been done before. People would send in their funny home videos and compete for a chance at the weekly prize of $10,000.

Bob agreed and the show was a massive hit with families tuning in every Sunday to watch silly videos and listen to Bob's hilarious reactions to them. It's believed America's favorite dad raked in $70,000 per episode for AFHV. During all this,

Bob still continued to do the comedy club circuit. People came out in droves to see this dandy t.v. dad do his R-rated jokes. Though it didn't bother the producers at Full House or America's Funniest, it's said that his humor made brands steer clear of him. That's why we've never seen yogurt or cereal ads featuring Mr. Tanner.

Battle With Scleroderma

But that didn't seem to bother him, he was happy where he was at in his career. Then, in 1994, tragedy struck. Bob's sister, Gay, passed away after a long battle with scleroderma, an autoimmune disease. Sadly, this was not the first time Bob Saget had lost a sibling. Several years earlier, he had lost his older sister Andrea to an aneurism.

Little was known about scleroderma and Bob wanted to raise awareness. He also wanted to pay tribute to his sister for her brave battle against a disease that stiffens one's body from the inside out. When Full House ended in 1995, Bob used some of his fortune to develop the movie "For Hope", which was based on his sister.

Not one to sit around, Bob soon sat down and wrote a movie entitled "Dirty Work". The movie starred the late Norm McDonald and Artie Lange. Guest appearances on shows like Entourage followed, as well as a short-lived sitcom on the WB called Raising Dad.

Throughout this period, Bob continued his stand up, commanding tens of thousands of dollars for one set. He also wrote a book called "Dirty Daddy". In 2005, sitcom audiences were happy once again when How I Met Your Mother premiered and Saget was the narrator. Though we never saw a glimpse of him, he was a focal point of the hit show for 9 seasons. It's estimated he made $90-100,000 per episode.

The Full House Reboot

Soon after How I Met Your Mother wrapped up, Saget got a phone call from his old pal Jeff Franklin (Full House). He told his funny friend that he was in the middle of developing a Full House reboot, called, Fuller House.

This version would revolve around a newly widowed adult DJ left to raise her 3 children. As she quickly unravels, her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy step in to help her. Though Saget was not the focal point of the reboot, his character often visited and remained a favorite. It's not known exactly how much he took home with the reboot but we know it was 6 figures an episode. Fuller House was a hit for Netflix and ran for 5 seasons.

Moving On

After wrapping up Fuller House, Bob continued to do his stand up. He also started a podcast, called, Bob Saget's Here For You. He was also enjoying some well deserved down time with his second wife, Kelly, who he married in 2018. Bob enjoyed being a real life dad to his 3 daughters with his first wife, Sherri. Saget spent countless hours serving on the board of the Scleroderma Research Foundation. He also organized many fundraisers for the disease. In addition to his work with scleroderma, Saget helped many other charities as well, including:

  • Starlight foundation
  • Alliance for children's rights
  • Lupus Foundation LA
  • Much love animal foundation
  • Angie's Foundation
  • Susan Komen Foundation

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