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How Travis Barker Achieved a Net Worth of $50 Million

There are always going to be questions about the net worth of anyone who ends up marrying a Kardashian. The speculation is natural, for sure. So what is Travis Barker’s net worth? How has he managed to build such a lasting career? While his wife Kourtney Kardashian is certainly not hurting for money, that does not mean that Travis is a slouch in the financial department either.

To find out more about Barker’s net worth and how he has amassed (and continues to manage) his considerable fortune, the following guide is here to help. Please be sure to read on….

How Much Does Barker Make Each Year?

It is hard to pin down Travis’ exact level of earnings from year to year, which makes sense for someone who works in the world of music. As of 2021, there is not any exact reporting to rely upon. In fact, any information that is being reported about his current yearly salary is fully based on past legal paperwork that the rocker has filed.

When he filed child support documents back in 2016, he claimed that he earns $600,000 per year. During these proceedings, he also listed his net worth at $40 million. This number has since gone up but we will get to that as soon as possible. It is fair to assume that his yearly salary has increased, especially now that his net worth has risen.

Is Travis Generous To His Loved Ones?

As most would expect, Travis gets to spend his money on the people that he loves most. He is well known for his generosity, especially with his family. He loves to post photos from the exotic vacations that he takes his children Alabama and Landon on and he never neglects to bring his stepdaughter, Atiana, along for the fun.

The ginormous engagement ring that he presented to Kourtney when he proposed is proof of this generosity as well. Barker spared no expense on the wedding bling, visiting celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz so that they could have the works. He presented Kardashian with an eternity band that was studded with round cut stones.

As for Travis himself, his ring is studded with pavé diamonds and looks to be a wider style set. According to gem experts, the engagement ring that he presented to Kourtney could be worth as much as $1 million. “It appears Travis has bought into the Kardashian family philosophy of going big and going flashy with the enormous oval-cut diamond engagement ring he gave to Kourtney,” said Diamond Pro CEO Mike Fried in a statement about the ring. “It looks to be larger than 15 carats in a pavé or hidden halo setting,” he added.

So…How Much Is Travis Barker Net Worth?

As of 2022, Travis’ net worth is said to have reached the $50 million mark. He is actually not that far from his wife in this department, as her net worth is said to be at $65 million. While Travis is certainly best known for his drumming work with pop punk stalwarts Blink-182, he has dipped his toes into a variety of ventures.

What Are His Primary Sources of Income?

Famous Stars and Straps

Reality TV and fashion have allowed him to make a greater name for himself outside of music. Famous Stars and Straps is an apparel and accessory company that he founded in 1999, catering to the skating community and those who love streetwear. Barker has made wise decisions with his brand, even adding a women’s line that includes bikinis.

The “F” logo is very distinctive and it is referred to as a “Badge of Honor”. The logo is utilized in a number of designs, as Travis will use it in words like “forever”, “family” and “famous”. Motorcycle, BMX and skateboarding teams wear the gear as well. If you are a member of one of these teams, you are referred to as a member of the “FSAS Family”.

Music Production

In the world of music, he has extended his influence well beyond the world of Blink-182. As an avid rap fan, Travis connects with a wide range of artists. Over the years, he has collaborated with a number of different rappers who traffic in a variety of different subgenres. Yelawolf, Asher Roth, Suicideboys, 03 Greedo, Trippie Redd and Uno the Activist are just a few of the rappers he has worked with in recent years.

He’s also worked with bands like the Aquabats, Transplants, Goldfingers, Nothing Nowhere and some pop acts as well. Blackbear and Avril Lavigne have tapped his services this year alone. The work that he has done with Machine Gun Kelly is arguably his biggest recent achievement in the world of music, though. When MGK was ready to make the transition from rap music to pop punk, Barker was there to serve as the primary form of musical guidance on both projects.

Tickets To My Downfall and Mainstream Sellout both debuted at #1 and Barker played a key role in both projects, serving as the executive producer for each of them. As someone who understands the worlds of rap and pop punk equally well, there are few artists who would be able to handle this process as smoothly as he has.

Reality Television/Authoring

Travis has been a reality television mainstay since 2005. The premiere of Meet the Barkers marks his debut and audiences were given the chance to follow him and his wife at time, Shanna Moakler. He and Shanna married in 2004 and were separated by 2006. In 2008, his divorce became final.

Now, he plays more of a guest role on The Kardashians. In addition to his stints on these reality shows, he also released his memoirs in 2015. Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death and Drums, Drums, Drums. It was hard for him to delve into the tougher aspects of his life but he was glad that he did. In his mind, those stories needed to be shared.

What About the Blink-182 Reunion?

Of course, few ventures are slated to line Barker’s pockets like the Blink-182 reunion will. In typical fashion, the band announced their return in a funny video that was released in October 2022. Mark Hoppus and Barker had been waving the Blink banner in Tom DeLonge’s absence, but now they have come together once more.

They released a new single, entitled “Edging” and Travis prided himself on being able to walk a mile in the listener’s shoes. He wanted to craft a song that would satisfy a 2022 Blink-182 listener while allowing the band to say what they wanted to say. Barker did not want the music to sound like time had passed them by either, paying close attention to how the new song would sound from a 2022 production standpoint.

The band’s reunion tour will kick off in March 2023 and a full-length album is planned. While Matt Skiba stepped up to take over for DeLonge when he decided to step away from the band, he was not included in their reunion announcement. True to form for Barker, there was even an alternative form of the video that was released on the Lyrical Lemonade channel, featuring rapper Lil Tracy.

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