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How Sara Eisen Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Have you wondered what the net worth of highly visible new correspondents and broadcast TV contributors is? I have, for example, wondered how much Sara Eisen net worth is, and maybe you have too.

If so, please read further to discover what her net worth is.

Actual Sara Eisen Net Worth as of 2022

Data compiled from trustworthy sources indicate Sara Eisen is one of the wealthier news anchors in the world. As of 2022, her estimated net worth is $5 million based on her salary, endorsements, investments, and other income sources.

Who Is Sara Eisen, and How Did She Create a High Net Worth?

Born in Cinnicannit, Ohio, in 1984, Sara is an American journalist with many anchors or co-anchor roles on CNBC and Bloomberg television. She was either a news anchor for financial news on CNBC or a co-anchor on several other CNBC news shows. The shows she co-anchored include "Worldwide Exchange," "Power Lunch," and "Squawk on the Street." In addition, she formerly worked as a correspondent for Bloomberg Television and was co-anchor on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Her tenure at Bloomberg Television, especially while working as a journalist for Bloomberg TV in Hong Kong, provided her with valuable journalism experience. Not only did it gain her much-needed expertise, but it also gained her the respect of her peers.

What is Sara Eisen's Monthly Income?

She is currently the highest-paid anchor on CNBC. She now earns over $1 million a year on CNBC as a news anchor for financial news and as co-anchor of "Closing Bell." In addition, she earns $50,000 a month for hosting World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), including Wrestle Mania.

One reason for having such a high salary is her extensive knowledge of the global economy and financial markets. For example, in her position as co-anchor of "Closing Bell," she interviewed financial icons like Janet Yellen, Christine Lagarde, Phil Knight, and Leon Black.

What is Sara Eisen's Career Path?

She graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism with a broadcast journalism degree in business reporting.

She started gaining experience early in broadcast journalism by working as an intern at the startup The focus of the new broadcast journalism company was foreign currency and business news, which began to lay the background for her career in financial news broadcasting.

In 201, Eisen began working for Bloomberg Television as a correspondent and later as co-anchor of the "Bloomberg Surveillance" show. While at Bloomberg Television, she reported on global macroeconomics, business and policy. While at Bloomberg TV in Hong Kong, she gained valuable experience reporting financial news.

The events she covered on Bloomberg Television were the tsunami aftermath, the European debt crisis, and the Japanese Fukushima nuclear meltdown catastrophe. She also hosted Bloomberg Radio's "On the Economy" program.

Sara began at CNBC in 2013 as a correspondent focusing on global consumer news. During this time, she held many roles as co-anchor on the programs "Worldwide Exchange," "Power Lunch," and "Squawk on the Street."

She kept working up to her current position as co-anchor of the "Closing Bell" program on CNBC from 3 pm to 4 pm Eastern Time. Her ascension at CNBC culminated with her anchoring "Closing Bell" and positioning her as one of the highest-paid CNBC anchors.

In addition, she acted as editor on McGraw Hill's 2013 publication of "Currencies After the Crash."

Sara Eisen's Bio and Family

Born in Cincinnati in 1984, Sara is 38 years old and stands 5 feet six inches tall.

Sara Eisen Educational Background

She first received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Television Reporting and Business Coverage. Sara then went on to get a master's degree in broadcast journalism, focusing on business reporting, from the Northwestern University of Medill School of Journalism.

Sara Eisen's Parents

She was born to Drore and Jane Eisen. Her father had a dermatology practice in Cincinnati and was the founder and medical director of the CDx Diagnostics laboratory. The New York laboratory specializes in cancer detection and prevention, and her mother is a retired pediatric dentist.

Sara Eisen's Husband and Family

In 2016, Sara married Mathew Levine after meeting while they both worked at Bloomberg Television. When they met, he was a managing director, and Sara was a working journalist at Bloomberg Television. They reside in New York City with their two sons, Samuel Levine and James Levine.

Sara Eisen's Most Embarrassing Moment

Although Eisen has managed to stay out of social media, for the most part, she did have an embarrassing moment that became viral. She adjusted her skirt when the cameras were live but not focusing on her. While adjusting the skirt, the camera went live on Sara and caught her in mid-act. After a startled moment, she carried on as a professional and, in the process, created a viral video.

Sara Eisen Charity Work

Sara spends a lot of time collaborating with various charitable organizations, including Room-to-Read and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. She works with Room-to-Read in supporting and promoting education for girls. In addition, being from a Jewish family, she supports the Simon Wiesenthal Center for defending Jewish human rights and fighting anti-Semitism. Also, her grandparents are survivors of the Holocaust.

Sara Eisen Media Presence

Eisen spends time and remains active on various social media sites. She shares content on the areas with her fans, including promoting her job. She has almost 100,000 followers on her Twitter and Instagram accounts and several thousand on Facebook. Part of her popularity on social media is her ability to project a down-to-earth and casual persona.

Sara Eisen Business Achievements

Interestingly, despite being one of the most respected and famous business news journalists, she has yet to win any notable awards. Sara has paid all the dues in her industry by working her way up from reporting in the field to various anchor positions on different broadcast news networks.

What Is the Future of the Sara Eisen Net Worth Future?

As Sara's reputation as an expert in the financial business news continues to grow, so will her financial fortunes. She is currently a highly-paid star and anchor at CNBC, with a salary commensurate to her lofty broadcast position.

Her fortune will continue to grow thanks to CNBC and her recognition as an expert in financial markets. Currently, she is in demand as a keynote speaker, with fees at various events as an expert speaker ranging between $5,000 and $10,000. This amount will, in all probability, increase in 2023.

The future looks bright for Sara, and as she becomes established as an expert in the financial news industry, her net worth will continue to grow. This outlook is rather exciting for Eisen considering her net worth is already estimated to be in the $5 million range.

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