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How Roger Stone's Net Worth Dropped to $50,000

Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a political consultant, strategist, lobbyist, and author who is known for his work with the Republican Party. Following a hugely successful career, Stone had accrued great wealth. However, it has been reported that he is now worth just $50,000. So, how did Roger Stone go from being a multimillionaire to having an estimated personal net worth of only $50,000? Stone was born in Connecticut on August 27, 1952, and he became interested in politics at elementary school and was then a member of the school government at his high school. Roger Stone went on to study at George Washington University D.C. where he was a member of the Yong Republicans Club.

Net Worth$50 Thousand
NameRoger Jason Stone Jr.
BornNorwalk, Connecticut
Birth DateAugust 27, 1952
Source of WealthPolitical Consultant
CountryUnited States

After showing such an early interest in politics, it is hardly surprising that he went on to pursue a career in politics. According to Cheatsheet, Stone first made his name in politics during the Nixon presidential campaign of 1972. Since then, he has been continuously associated with the Republican party. During this time, he was allegedly involved in the Watergate scandal and was quite proud of his involvement with things that were certainly shady, but technically not illegal. He then worked on Ronald Reagan’s campaigns in both 1980 and 1984 before running a political lobbying firm with Paul Manafort. Stone next worked as a political consultant during Bob Dole’s campaign in the early 1990s. His main job was opposition research, but he was also responsible for bracketing, which involves putting hecklers in place for the opposition’s speeches. However, he was later fired from Dole’s campaign.

His career took a bit of a downturn over the last few decades until Donald Trump expressed an interest in running for President, and then Stone latched on to him to get back into the inner political circles. Even though Stone was fired during Trump’s campaign, he was instrumental in the campaign’s In 2018, Roger Stone was estimated to have accrued a personal net worth of around $5 million. This was the result of his successful career in politics and as an author. Sadly, that is when everything started going wrong for this man.

Stone has said that the reason his finances have taken such a dive and he is now broke is because of the Mueller investigation into the interference into the 2016 presidential election. Regarding his part in this interference, Stone was arrested on January 25, 2019. The counts on which Stone was indicted included lying to investigators, obstruction, and witness tampering in relation to Trump’s WikiLeaks campaign. Roger Stone has always fought against these charges saying that he was framed, and even set up an online fundraising site to get himself the support he needed to fight the charges. He is even selling autographed special stones via the site to try and raise money for himself. Furthermore, he is also selling posters, T-shirts, and autographed copies of his book via this site. He hopes that anything he raises will help to pay off his legal fees, which are believed to amount to over $2 million.

One of his supporters described the issue as an attempt to silence Stone and explained that the accusations stem from the supporters of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. According to Stone’s supporter, Stone was simply being sued because the opposition was upset when they lost the election. The Bulwark goes on to explain this situation further, saying that Stone has simply slipped out of the limelight following the investigation, without anybody really caring. However, falling from the limelight means that Stone has lacked support over his current financial situation.

To draw back attention to himself, Stone has made a point of highlighting his plight to fellow Republicans. His wife has even got in on the game by sending out pity letters to the people they know begging for what they are calling an advance in return for the Stone’s making a charitable donation in the future. This letter was asking for money, not for their legal fees, but to support the family in living to the standard to which they have become accustomed. The situation has only got worse for the Stones as Roger Stone awaits his trial in November, reports Culttture. Stone has told his followers on Twitter, that he and wife Nydia have been forced to move to a one-bedroom apartment in an undisclosed location.

This means that they have been forced into the situation of giving up their luxurious home in Fort Lauderdale, which is estimated to have cost the couple around $9,500 per month. It first became clear that the Stones had moved out of the property in February 2019 when a for rent by owner sign appeared outside the property. This is the home from where he was arrested by the FBI in January. The same article reveals that his home is not all that Roger Stone has lost as a result of the charges made against him. He has also lost his car, his savings, and his insurance. Worse than that, he claims he has also lost the ability to make a living until he can clear his name. When Stone gave out this information to his online followers, he also used the opportunity to request that they made donations to support him.

Until the trial, Roger Stone will struggle to work, so his financial situation cannot improve unless people donate or until he has faced his charges and can potentially work again. Stone is determined to clear his name and has described the charges as nothing more than a politically motivated investigation. He has also added that there are no circumstances under which he would bear false witness against his friend, President Donald Trump. It is now a waiting game to find out what will happen in court and if Stone can restore his life, improving his financial position into the bargain.

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