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How Emily Browning Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

Emily Jane Browning, an actress based out of Australia, first appeared on television in the film The Echo of Thunder (1998) as Opal Ritchie when she was merely 8 years old. However, since then, she has appeared in blockbusters such as Sucker Punch (2011), Pompeii (2014), and Legend (2015).

Over the course of her career, she has managed to make a rather astounding net worth, with 2022 estimates suggesting that her profile currently stands at just over $8 million. As an actress, singer, and model, her passion has also led her into the fashion design industry now.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how Emily Browning net worth has managed to rise to a whopping $8 million, several awards, and more, along with an overview of her illustrious career.

How It All Started for Emily Browning – Her History

Emily Browning is a famous Australian actress and singer. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, on December 7, 1988. She is best known for her starring roles in the films “Sucker Punch,” “Legend,” “Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and “Ghost Ship.” Browning won several awards for her performance over the years as well.

One of her earliest successful roles was in the 2002 movie Ghost Ship, where she played the lead role of Katie Harwood. It brought her to a wider audience and led to her winning “Best Actress” at the 2005 Australian Film Institute International Awards for her portrayal of Violet Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Family & Personal Life

Browning has two siblings: Nicholas Browning (born 1995) and Mathew Browning (born 1997). She attended the Etham High School in Melbourne, where her career really began. One of her friend’s father saw her acting in a school play and recognized her talent right away.

Based on her success, Emily Browning famously said, “what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may, in fact, be the first steps of a journey.” In hindsight, many believe that she was referring to her career as the film was the stepping stone for her fame as a model and an actress.

How Emily Browning Amassed Her Net Worth

Emily Browning has been in the industry for more than two decades and has accumulated a net worth of $8 million. She has managed to achieve this net worth via her focus on a wide range of artworks as well as countless clothing designs.

As a model, she attended and promoted several brands as well. In 2007, she attended the L’Oreal Fashion Festival as a brand ambassador. This made her further grow an interest in the industry. During the same time, she was also hosted in a music video for Evermore’s song “Light Surrounding You.” The singer suggested that “we suck as actors (ourselves), so we decided to get Emily.”

Emily Browning In Fashion, Art, & Real Estate

Her time as a model inspired her to become an avid fashion designer now, and as she releases more and more designs, her intellectual property is set to increase. While she also has an active interest in charity, she is known for sponsoring artworks as well, either via her signature or promoting them via other means.

There are several Emily Browning Signed artworks available in the market that make the paintings much more valuable. And then there are her ties in real estate that make her a prime candidate for becoming an ultra-high-net person (UHNW) in the coming future.

She owns several pieces of property across her homeland occupied by her family members, all of which combine to make up her net worth. While there are rumors that Emily Browning’s high-grossing days are behind her, that is not true.

Emily Browning – Her Present & Potential Future

In 2022, she took on the role of Laura in Monica, a 2022 drama film, and is set to be cast in the upcoming drama Class of '07 by Amazon. It is expected that as she continues to act in Hollywood and pursue her fashion designing and art interests further, her net worth will also increase.

Throughout her career, the Australian actress has managed to earn a rather “cute” yet powerful reputation in the industry. Her endorsements speak for themselves as she is actively earning a rather large sum enduring fashion accessories, songs, singers, and even appearing in some ads. She continues to build her wealth in artwork and real estate.

Getting to Know Emily Browning: Her Hobbies, Interests, & More

Emily Browning is a young woman with a passion for art and fashion design. She has been involved in charity work and has volunteered at the local hospital to promote her focus on health while taking an active part in showing her support for the Arthritis Foundation.

Furthermore, she also supports women and racial equality in Hollywood, voicing her concerns on several public platforms and interviews over the course of her career. The most notable one includes how she voiced her concern during the Legend press conference during the Toronto International Film Festival (2015).

When asked about the role, she replied that she was determined “not to play the hot babe that doesn’t say anything, that can’t have an opinion(...).” She continued further and added that “Hollywood movies are made for white men, and that’s something I think about and which bothers me all the time.” (2015) Seymour, T.

This shows that along with an active interest in the world of fashion designing, makeup accessories, and more, she is also ready to support women in the workplace and their opinions via her roles.

Emily Browning’s Social Media Presence

To further support her image in the public, she hosts a rather active presence on Social Media via her Instagram handle, @emilyjanebrowning, hosting ~279,000 followers. She regularly posts her opinion, feelings, and her makeup/clothing preferences on her Instagram for her followers.

However, she does not have any official account on Twitter on Facebook, so don’t be fooled by the blue ticks or any account claiming to be “official!”


The Australian actress has been a rather successful persona in Hollywood from a very young age, especially for Millennials and Generation Z. Her ability to replicate a wide range of accents has given her the versatility Hollywood expects from high-grossing actresses, allowing her to fill roles of almost every background.

Her net worth is a culmination of her hard work, endorsements, and smart real estate investments. While her presence in Hollywood has slowed down a bit, she is gone, but not out, according to fans. Only time will tell how she continues to build herself and her net worth moving forward.

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