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How Dana Perino Achieved a Net Worth $6 Million

With her love for politics, journalism, and the media in her corner, the Dana Perino net worth is a handsome figure of approximately $6 million. And, this 50-years-young woman is not finished yet. Fans of Ms. Perino can expect to see her add to that sum in the years to come. So, what is the breakdown of that net worth? Keep reading this all the way to the end to find out.

Dana Perino's Early Life

From her youth to her higher education studies, the stage was set for the Dana Perino net worth of $6 million that she has today. Her degree from Colorado State University-Pueblo was in mass communications. She always knew she was destined for great things. Dana always had a penchant for all things political, journalistic, and media forays.

During the same period of time, she also worked at hosting and producing programs on public affairs and politics. Later on, Ms. Perino received a Master's Degree in public affairs reporting. Those days would set her up perfectly for the career path she embarked on after moving to Washington, D.C.

What Were Dana Perino's Early Days in Washington Like?

Initially, Dana was a staff assistant for Congressman Scott McInnis. It was through that job that she was given the opportunity to be the press secretary for Congressman Dan Schaefer. She held the latter position for about four years. After a brief stint living in England, Ms. Perino returned to Washington shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

It was around that time when she became the primary spokesperson for the Department of Justice. Following that, Dana Perino was the White House Council on Environmental Quality's Associate Director of Communications. Each of these gigs prepared her for perhaps the biggest role of her life. Keep reading to see what that was.

The Positions of a Lifetime for Dana Perino

From 2005 to 2007, Dana Marie Perino served as the deputy press secretary. She was hired for that position by Andy Card, who was then the White House Chief of Staff. She did so well at it that President George W. Bush had her as his assistant.

Later on in the Bush II presidency, Ms. Perino was promoted to the illustrious position of White House Press Secretary. She remained in that job until the end of President Bush's administration. She was never afraid to tackle the tough questions posed to her by the White House press. Dana always handled them extremely well.

Breakdown of the Dana Perino Net Worth

Dana Marie Perino, who is only 51 years old right now, earns an average annual salary of $12 million. Her monthly take on that amounts to about $1 million. A good chunk of that comes from her role as the 26th White House Press Secretary for former President, George W. Bush.

Today, Dana can be seen on her various permanent television shows on Fox News. One of them is as a co-host of The Five, while another is as THE host of America's Newsroom. Younger viewers of Fox News may not realize she had been a White House Press Secretary. Her capable handling of that job led to her current television gigs, where she is immensely popular.

Speculation on Dana Perino's Television Career

There is talk in the air of moving her to a prime-time slot on Fox News. That will catapult the Dana Perino net worth into the stratosphere. Experts say she could become as valuable to the network as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Fans of Ms. Perino should keep their eyes and ears peeled for this over the next couple of years.

In addition to her regular television gigs, she is often called upon to provide commentary on major political happenings. These stints will likely add to her magnificent net worth. She has a wide audience, many of whom find all her appearances to be appealing. Conservatives and moderates usually find her opinions to be intellectually stimulating.

Dana Perino's Talents Span All Political Parties

Due to the amazing poise and confidence that Dana has brought to her positions, both with the White House and with Fox News, she has bi-partisan support. What are we talking about? In 2010, former President Barack Obama recognized her talents. He hired Ms. Perino to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Directors, which she did very aptly.

Dana Perino is so popular with all the political parties that she had no trouble being confirmed by the United States Senate. Nowadays, in her various television roles, she remains an impartial voice, never really leaning towards any one particular party.

Dana Perino's Investment Prowess

Also adding to the impressive Dana Perino net worth are her investments and assets. Her portfolio of stocks alone is worth $8 million and includes some of the most prestigious names in business. Among these are Netflix, Starbucks, and General Motors.

Then there are her equally spectacular array of real estate properties, cars, and one super-luxury yacht. Dana has cash reserves of over $9 million thanks to her keen sense of business. If she were to retire tomorrow, she could continue to live very well.

Dana Perino Is Far From Retirement

Do not let our last observation send you into a panic. Dana Perino not only has no immediate plans to retire, but is in good standing with her future endeavors. As we told you earlier, she is destined for good things at Fox News. You can be sure you will see much more of this still-young lady in the years to come.

We would be remiss if we didn't include that Dana is a published author. She has at least one children's book to her credit, which she often plugs when she is on the air. Will we see more of these from her? Possibly yes, stay tuned.

Dana Perino's Family Life Is Important to Her Too!

Dana adores her father, Leo Perino, her mom, Jan Perino, and younger sister Angie. Not only that, but she has been happily married to Peter McMohan since 1998. Peter is a well-regarded American entrepreneur. He is incredibly successful at it. Together they are raising his two children from a previous marriage.

This family also enjoys spending time in their massive home and on the yacht. Although she spends a lot of time working, Dana is adamant about her family time as well. Being a step-mom is also quite precious to her and she is loved by them and their dad. Ms. Perino is expected to maintain this delicate balance between work and family for the foreseeable future.

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