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How ASAP Rocky Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

The ASAP Rocky net worth is estimated at roughly $10 million. Not too shabby for the American rap artist who is only 34 years old as of this writing. Although he is also a record producer, sources that are close to Rocky say most of his money comes from his rap albums. This young man has certainly taken the hip-hop world by storm!

ASAP Rocky Conquers Life

Despite numerous struggles in his early life, Rakim Mayers, aka ASAP Rocky, has persevered and made a name for himself in the world. Being born in Harlem, New York was just the beginning of those struggles. He fought against the temptations that dominated others in his family and the neighborhood.

Today, Rocky is a multi-millionaire with a very bright future ahead of him. He can serve as a role model and an inspiration for those folks currently embroiled in life's difficulties. Other youngsters can aspire to earn the equivalent of the ASAP Rocky net worth for themselves. Rocky has proven that anything is possible.

So, How Does the ASAP Rocky Net Worth Break Down?

As a result of his earnings from both songs and brands, as we told you, he is presently worth $10 million. That breaks down to approximately $1 million per year or $250,000 per month. Not bad for a man who faced homelessness in his younger days.

The ASAP Rocky net worth has steadily increased by at least $1 million per year since 2018. Some years it has climbed more than that. This young gentleman has an incredible talent for rapping and is adored by legions of fans, especially in the United States.

Rocky Discovers Rap Music at An Early Age

This occurred when Rakim was nine years old. Not only did he discover he loved it, but he also found he had a knack for doing it himself. Rocky began putting his rapping talents into practice when he was still only nine years old. Yes, hip-hop and rap music were definitely his calling.

At just nine years of age, Rakim had no idea what an important part of his life rapping would become. Fame and fortune were awaiting him, yet he endured many of life's troubles before this happened to him. Nowadays, a thriving ASAP Rocky credits rap with being the saving grace of his life. He encourages the younger members of his following to pursue their dreams and not give in to temptations.

The Early Days of Rocky's Rap Music Career

Rakim himself was inspired by the likes of then-popular rap groups such as Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep. Little did he know that one day he would join their ranks as superior genre artists and earn millions for his work. A family tragedy took place when Rocky was just 13 years old. This encouraged him to become serious about performing the music he loved.

In his later teenage years, ASAP Rocky began recording albums as part of a group, followed by a few solo releases plus a mixtape here and there. Everything he did resulted in rave reviews and drew a sizeable audience. As they say, "the rest is history." Speaking of history, he has surely made his mark on the music industry in the ensuing years.

ASAP Rocky and Romance

While being involved in a long-term relationship does not necessarily contribute to his net worth, it is a sign of just how far Rakim has come in life. For many years now, he has had the opportunity to call R&B sensation Rihanna his one and only lady.

Although it does help keep his name in the news from time to time, his relationship with Rihanna does not bring in the dollars. His loyal following and immense talent do that. But, oh, what a handsome couple these two make!

What Role Does ASAP Mob Play In His Life?

It is the name of the combined crew of the music company that produces some of his recordings as well as those of other artists. ASAP Mob does play a part in the ASAP Rocky net worth. The income from this venture is attributed to Rakim's production skills.

Not-so-dedicated fans of Rocky may not realize this is part of his empire, as he usually produces music under the name of Lord Flacko. However, people who are adamant followers of this talented person know fully well who Lord Flacko really is. Not only does he produce music with ASAP Mob, but he is also the boss of the crew.

The Multi-Award Winning Hip-Hop Artist, ASAP Rocky, Endures

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only has Rocky earned millions plus a faithful following, but he has won several awards for his efforts. These include World Music Awards, BET Awards, and MTV Awards. Will these awards inspire more growth of the ASAP Rocky net worth? Possibly yes, let's wait and see.

It is true that the once-troubled youngster from Harlem is now so important to the world that the awards keep piling up around him. And, he is still only in his early 30s. Who knows what lies ahead for this multi-millionaire? One thing is almost certain, that he is far away from announcing any retirement plans. As long as his audience loves him, he will keep rapping.

Does ASAP Rocky Have Any Family Members In His Life?

Mr. Rakim Athelaston Mayers, known to the world as ASAP Rocky, was born on October 3, 1988 in New York City, New York. He has an older sister named Erika, with whom he cherishes a nice relationship. Unfortunately, his dad and brother both succumbed to tragedy early on in Rocky's years.

It is interesting to note that Rocky also has a cousin who is famous in his own rite. That cousin has an association with ASAP Nast. It is unclear what kind of relationship Rocky has with him, but one can hope it is favorable. Fans of the music industry likely know who ASAP Nast is though.

What Can People Learn from ASAP Rocky?

You can bet you have not heard the last from Rakim Mayers. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the news about the hip-hop music scene to see what to expect from ASAP Rocky. Plus, he should continue to enjoy life with his sweetheart, Rihanna. The two are bound to remain in the spotlight.

This young musical genius can teach people of any age or any walk of life how to stare adversity in the face, and come out on top. He never allowed his early struggles to dictate his whole life. Instead, he learned from his mistakes and proceeded to lead a productive life. He is truly an inspiring person to follow.

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