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How Victoria Lamas Achieved a Net Worth of $1.2 Million

Victoria Lamas is an up-and-coming model and actress who is currently creating a buzz about her romantic interests. So, what is Victoria Lama's net worth? She now has a net worth of $1.2 million earned from her modeling and acting work. Please keep reading to learn more about her personal life, career, and family.

Personal Details About Victoria Lamas

Victoria Lamas is a model and US actress who was born on April 24, 1999. She is currently 23 years old and comes from a famous background. Her parents are Lorenzo Lamas and Shauna Sand. Her parents were married from 196 until 2002. She has two siblings, Isabella Lorenza Lamas, and Alexandra Lynn Lamas. She also has half-siblings from her father named AJ Lamas, Paton Ashbrook, and Shane Lamas.

Hobbies and Interests

Victoria Lamas is very interested in art. She likes to paint in her free time and has featured several of her paintings on Instagram. In addition to working on the film, she also worked in the art department on a film called History of Fear. She also enjoys clothing and accessories and likes to feature them at an online boutique where items fetch a price range from $10 to $2000. Although this seems to be a side hustle or hobby, she has thousands of loyal customers and followers who enjoy purchasing items from her.

Victoria Lamas Work and Career

Her primary career has been modeling over the years, but she also decided to act. She began studying both crafts and is currently signed with Natural Models LA. Regarding her acting career, she has studied at Margie Hager Studio and Ivan's Chubbuck Studio.

She started working in short films, her first being Disguise, which was released in 2019. The short film Disguise was written and directed by Erika Ranglova and stars Victoria Lamas and Vas Batricevic. She also acted in the short film Talk Later, which was also released in 2019. Victoria went on the following year to work on her first TV debut in the film Secret Identity in 2020. She played a small part as Tessa. Later in 2020, she also acted in two more short films called Two Niner and The Last Thing the Earth Said.

In terms of income, she makes most of her money through her modeling work and some earnings from her acting gigs. She also has a small business selling her clothing online.

Two Niner Film

This short film explores the challenges of couples having issues. They are fighting to get ahead in their careers and, in the process, are dealing with their car constantly breaking down. This combination of problems sets the stage for the film. The stranded pair are left to focus on their past, present, and future aspirations. During the film, it seems as though the couple will begin to squabble and fight, but they resolve their issues and stick with one another while trying to move ahead and get a meal.

Digging deeper into the main character portrayed by David Shea San Miguel, who plays the main character Lee, he is hopeful that he will get the job he desperately wants. He wants to think that it's a sure thing, but his demeanor lets the viewer think it's merely hope he's hanging on to save him. Later in the film, his interview becomes a desperate ploy for the job. The short film focuses on the couple reaching their goals and sticking by one another. They begin to consider the future and marriage at the film's end.

Her Parents

The backstory of her parent's relationship and marriage is reported to be very rocky and tumultuous. The actor was reported to say that the marriage was very challenging and that there were many problems along the way. However, they managed to have three children together over the years. It was also reported that there was a restraining order involved at the end of their relationship once the divorce papers were filed.

There were even reports of children being treated harshly by their mothers at that time. However, both parties accused the other of becoming violent at times. There was a long, drawn-out custody battle over all three children. The details of the relationship and the aftermath are quite alarming and were the cause of much gossip and rumors in the past.

Lorenzo Lamas

The father of Victoria Lamas is Lorenzo Lamas. He is an American TV and film actor who became famous for his role as Lance Cumson on the hit TV show Falcon Crest. Lorenzo Lamas received a Golden Globe nomination for the Best Supporting Actor category at one point. He also starred in a highly successful television series, Renegade, which lasted from 1992 until 1997. His character's name was Reno Raines. He also acted in daytime television shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful. Lamas also dipped his toe into the animated series entertainment arena with his spot as Meap in Phineas and Ferb. He also had a short reality television show about his family called Leave it to Lamas.

Shauna Sand

Shauna Sand is the mother of Victoria Lamas. She was born in 1971 and lived in San Diego, CA. She is best known for her role as a Playboy Playmate. However, she has also acted throughout her lifetime. Some of her most notable roles were in Black Dawn and Back to Even. Shauna trained in creative arts from an early age and received a dance scholarship in ballet to Ballet West.

She had a modeling career early in her life and briefly attended the American University of Paris. She made a guest appearance inn the show Renegade and popular shows such as Charmed. Sand was also the subject of Shauna Exposed, which was released by a company called Vivid Entertainment.


Victoria Lamas is an up-and-coming model and actress currently worth $1.2 million. She made most of her fortune from modeling, but she has starred in 6 short films. She has a side business selling clothes online that is also gaining popularity. Lamas also enjoys painting and frequently features her work on Instagram for her followers to enjoy.

Her most recent claim to fame was being spotted sitting next to Leonardo DiCaprio a few days earlier while dining with a group of people. Many reports are that they are not dating, and her romantic status is currently single. Victoria's parents are well known for their work in Hollywood. Her father is Lorenzo Lamas, who has starred in many television shows and movies. Her mother is a Playboy Playmate and actress with many credits to her name.

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