How xQc Achieved a Net Worth of over $1 Million


xQc is a professional gamer who became famous for his skills on Twitch. The 24-year old Canadian esports gamer has drawn a lot of attention for his skills and tenacity in the games. His estimated net worth is placed at $1 million. While there are a lot of other esports gamers out there, how did he come to be so wealthy? Was in from his career as a famous gamer or did he have other revenue sources that helped him to build a fortune? We looked into it and here is what we learned about xQc.

His early years

xQc was born Felix Lengyel on November 12, 1995, in Laval, Quebec, Canada and he is currently 24 years old. He started out playing Overwatch as the tank in 2016 on team Q. This was when he made his debut as a professional esports gamer. He competed in a variety of tournaments and made a name for himself in the team in 2016, but switched to team Denial the following year, which was also known as “The Wolf Pack.”

Lengyel has earned approximately $14,000 for his participation in the esports realm, which isn’t remarkable when it comes to amassing a fortune. He has had his ups and downs along with several suspensions for using homophobic slurs and using other kinds of offensive language. He has also been required to pay $6,000 in fines as well as enduring the suspensions. This tells us that his gameplay on its own has not been a significant source of income for him and it’s not likely that any player is going to get rich from esports alone.

How fame has contributed to his overall wealth

xQc’s representation of Canada on an international level has drawn a lot of attention for him. He has since prioritized Esports lower than his streaming profession, which is where his real income sources originate from. The fame and recognition he gained from esports have no doubt been helpful, but it’s time to look at his real bread and butter job, which is as a streamer.

xQc is a famous Twitch streamer

xQc is best known for his commentaries on rending streamers and he’s been making videos of himself playing some downright strange games. This has been good for drawing the interest and attention of viewers. This is combined with his animated reactions to memes and videos along with some terrible outbursts and rants which the public has been eating up. He’s entertaining and people love to watch him just to find out what he’s going to do next.

He keeps it simple

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to become popular on Twitch. One of the secrets to xQc’s success is that he keeps the format wimple with nothing more than a desk, a chair, a gaming setup, and a camera. It’s located in his room in one corner. He’s not into elaborate streaming setups and his goal is to just be real with everyone. He’s not there to go to work, he’d rather feel like he’s just being himself and having a good time. This is a part of his popularity. Viewers can easily relate to his content and his demeanor.

The real income source

xQc streams for hours every day on Twitch. He plays a variety of different games so he attracts people from a lot of different backgrounds who enjoy his game commentary while he’s playing. He has an average viewership of 20.5 thousand views per stream. He also has 2.5 million followers and around 32,000 subscribers who are happy to pay the $4.99 per month tier. Twitch pays most streamers 50% of the fee, but the more prolific streamers receive higher percentages that range from 60% all the way up to 100% of the subscription fees. It has been reported that xQc brings in roughly $80,000 per month or $960,000 per year through the site. He also has a Youtube channel that brings in additional royalties.

Cheering donations

He also gets in on the donations that fans make to him through Twitch’s cheering section. Viewers who like his videos can make donations to him in almost any amount. Twitch only keeps a very tiny percentage of the donations that are made. With a strong revenue stream coming in monthly, this is just icing on the cake for the popular young streamer. He’s going strong and not showing any sign of slowing down yet. We can see that xQc has made his fortune through Twitch subscriptions and the donations that viewers send in.


We discovered that xQc, aka Felix Lengyel, is a talented social media personality who has capitalized on his love of gaming. He made a name for himself in esports, but he also got in trouble for offensive language. When it comes to streaming, he can get away with a lot more because of the over the top humor and antics that he displays. Viewers are constantly on the lookout for what new rant he is going to come up with next, and although some of the things that he has to say could be considered to be offensive to some, most find him to be extremely entertaining. Lengyel has established himself as a star in the streaming industry and he continues to bring in new viewers on a daily basis. Some of them even subscribe to his channel for a fee of just under $5 per month, much of which goes to him as his cut for his partnership with Twitch. The streaming site has been good for him, but xQc has also been good for twitch by bringing in millions of viewers and thousands of subscribers. We believe that his $1 of wealth is just the beginning and that in the next few years to come we’re going to see that number rise dramatically.

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