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How Webbie Achieve a Net Worth of $2.5 Million


Webbie is a beloved American rapper who is also known for his songwriting and his acting talents. He's kept us entertained since he made his musical debut in 2005. It's been reported that he has achieved an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. We were interested in learning more about how he came to be a multimillionaire in an industry that is hard to break into, and not all rappers become wealthy pursuing their dreams. It's a tough business but he's beaten the odds. After looking into his personal and career history, we learned some interesting facts about him, leading to his current status of wealth. His life story is interesting, although bittersweet.

A difficult start in life

Webbie was born in September 1985, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by birth. His mother named him Webster Gradney, Jr., after his father. Webbie's family noticed that he had an unusual talent for rhyming by the time he was just five years old. He was already an avid fan of rap music. As soon as Webbie could write, he was composing his songs. When he was just nine years old, his mom passed away from cancer, leaving him in the care of his father and grandmother, according to Wealthy Gorilla. The loss brought a change in his life. Naturally, he would turn to music to soothe and express his emotions. It awoke the talent within him. Music helped him deal with the traumatic and sad events of his childhood.

Webbie's influences

Some of Webbie's favorite artists included UGK, DjTrillReed, the Geto Boys, and Master P Eightball & MJG. He developed a passion for rap and hip-hop music. These are the artists that influenced his developing talent. He continued to hone his skills to prepare for what would become a brilliant career.

Webbie's career in the music industry

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Webbie made his debut in 2003, releasing his first hit "Ghetto Stories," followed by his collaboration with Lil Boosie on "Gangsta Musik" in 2004. He signed a contract with record label Trill Entertainment in 2005 and released his first official debut album titled "Savage Life." It charted on Billboard's top 200 in the 8th position at its peak. A second version of the album came out later. The next album dropped after Webby struck an agreement with Atlantic Records with his first release under the new label titled "Savage Life 2." A track on the album went all the way to the number one spot on the Rap Songs chart for Billboard, also placing among the top ten on the Hot 100 chart. Webbie was quickly becoming a hot commodity in the music industry. Webbie made the 3rd album in the "Savage Life" series in 2012, followed by a fourth album released in 2013.


The Advocate reported on a case filed against Webbie for fighting with a woman at a hotel room in Baton Rouge. They allege him to have beaten her with his fists and with a belt. They accused him of strangling her and fracturing her nose. Gradney was 31 at the time of the incident. It happened just three years ago that resulted in charges of domestic abuse via strangulation, theft for stealing his girlfriend's cell phone, damaging property at the hotel room, aggravated battery via a dangerous weapon, false imprisonment, and second-degree battery. This accounting was a long list of charges from the incident. Gradney's history of criminal activity goes back even further. In 2008, they arrested him for an incident in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, involving eluding an officer during a high-speed chase while under the influence, resulting in a misdemeanor minor in possession charge and two felony counts. This no doubt cost him tens of thousands of dollars in fines and other legal costs, but he hasn't had much to worry about with his finances. He's had a hefty bank account to draw from when times got tough for him. Paying legal expenses has not been a problem. In 2010, they accused Webbie of making comments of an inappropriate sexual nature to a member of the cast of "106 & Park," of BET. The complaints resulted in Webbie getting banned from the show, which derailed an excellent opportunity for his career. In 2012, Webbie was in trouble again. They accused him of robbing a female, then kicking her down two flights of stairs, resulting in his arrest for simple robbery and simple battery.

His career is on the right track

Although he's had some brushes with the law, Webbie has thrived in his career endeavors. His collaborations with Trill Enterprises label, Lil Phat, Lil Boosie, and Young Jeezy gave his career the boost it needed at a critical time in his development as an artist. His album sales have soared, and he draws a crowd wherever he goes. He has established a bad boy image with a criminal record to prove it.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt how Webbie amassed his $2.5 million fortune. He earned it through his hard work and dedication to the music. He's a talented songwriter and performing artist with an enormous fan base that supports his success through album sales and purchasing tickets to his concerts. Looking into his career history, we didn't see any side ventures, suggesting that Webbie has maintained a sharp focus on his music career. He uses his natural talent to express himself through the lyrics and music that he writes. Webbie has become one of the more popular and fortunate rap artists that have made it through the last cut to emerge as a star in the industry. Although he's had a few bumps in the road in his personal life, he didn't let it hold him back or stop him.

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