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How Kevin Federline Achieved a Net Worth of $1.5 Million

Kevin Earl Federline, occasionally known by the nickname “K-Fed,” is an American dancer, rapper, actor, model, wrestler, and DJ. He rose to prominence as a backup dancer for American singer Britney Spears and was married to her for just over two years from 2004-2007, fathering two children with her.

His rap career lasted a single album and his tour was so poorly attended that it ended after just two dates in early October 2006.

Kevin Federline's net worth as of March 2023 is $1.5 million. His net worth was recently as high as $6 million in 2020. Federline makes approximately $3,000 per month performing as a DJ but has few other sources of income, no longer being able to perform as a dancer because of his age.

It’s reported that he receives as much as $20,000 per month in child support from ex-wife Britney Spears, but this money will end in 2023 and 2024 when their minor children reach adulthood.

Dance Career

Federline began his career in 1993 after dropping out of the 9th grade in Fresno, CA, due to reported educational difficulties. Completing his GED, Federline began a career as a backup dancer shortly afterward, starting as a dancer with Michael Jackson and other acts of the era including Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, Pink, and LFO. In 2001 he began a relationship with Shar Jackson, an actress, which lasted for roughly three years.

After 2001 he began appearing more prominently in music videos, including a 2008 appearance in the Weezer video for their single “Pork and Beans.”

He continued to appear in music videos as a dancer until 2016. In a court filing in 2018 arguing for an increase in child support from the trust of his ex-wife, he argued that he was no longer able to maintain a dance career due to his age of then-40, so Federline’s dance career appears to have ended by that time.

Music Career

Federline, being married to pop singer Britney Spears shortly after his 2004 breakup with actress Shar Jackson, then pregnant with his second child, attempted to begin a musical career with her as his producer.

Federline’s music career consisted of one album, 2006’s Playing with Fire. This album produced one single, “PopoZão.” The poor reception of the album and especially the single led to his music career ending in its early stages, with no follow-up album being created or produced.

Federline’s 2006 album was considered one of the worst albums ever released. Of critics, only Ron Harris of the Associated Press gave it a positive review, calling it a “credible, entertaining debut,” and praising its tracks.

More representative samplings of reviewing included Billboard’s review, giving his album a rating of 30/100, complaining of the production and Federline’s poor flow, but stating, “In general, Federline enunciates well,” a devastating example of damning with faint praise.

Selling 16,000 units in the United States, this album is one of the most poorly sold major-label releases ever, compared with the 2014 Robin Thicke disaster Paula.

Professional Wrestler

Federline, wrestling under his common nickname of “K-Fed,” appeared on WWE Raw for three months in 2006-07 to promote his short-lived album. His appearance in WWE consisted of three taped episodes of WWE Raw, including a New Year’s Day special edition, and one pay-per-view event, Cyber Sunday.

In professional wrestling, pay-per-view events are particularly important; storyline-important events normally happen in PPVs. Federline assisted regular WWE wrestler, King Booker, then the World Heavyweight Champion, in keeping his belt against perennial stars John Cena and Paul “The Big Show” Wight.

Federline’s celebrity appearances on WWE Raw were relatively inconsequential to the show’s overall storylines, as the WWE franchise was at the peak of its power and relevance in 2004 with the folding of its primary real-world rival, World Championship Wrestling. Federline still considers professional wrestling a major part of his portfolio even though he hasn’t wrestled a single match since his 2006-2007 appearances.

TV Personality Career

Until the mid-2010s, Federline had periodic television appearances, supplementing his income through TV appearances and the resulting residuals when those TV episodes were replayed.

Federline according to Sportskeeda appeared most recently on the Australian reality TV series Excess Baggage in 2012 before his turn as a DJ in 2019-20. Federline’s TV career appears to have ended around the same time as his other media appearances.


Federline has 6 children: Two with Shar Jackson, two with Britney Spears, and two with her current wife Victoria Prince. His children with Prince are his fifth and sixth and her first and second.

He receives $20,000 per month in child support from Spears. This amount is set to decrease after elder son Sean turns 18 in 2023 and terminate after his fourth son Jayden becomes an adult in August 2024.


Federline’s primary income is his $3,000 a month ($36,000 a year) job as a DJ and $20,000 a month ($240,000 a year) in child support for his two children with Spears. Some reports indicate that he makes an additional $10,000 a month ($120,000 a year) in alimony payments from Spears’ conservatorship, which may have terminated in 2022 with Spears’ emancipation from her conservators.

His relationship with Spears remains contentious, with his ex-wife alleging that he has not held a job in 15 years. Federline argues that he has primarily been a father to her and his children as well as his two children with Prince. In August 2022, Trinidadian-American rapper Nicki Minaj, a friend of Spears slammed Federline for refusing to attend Spears’ wedding to Sam Asghari, along with her children, according to Billboard Magazine.

Federline has been historically a supporter of the Spears conservatorship and appears to have had the ear of Spears’ father and sister, who were the primary conservators of her finances during the years of her conservatorship.

With the end of the conservatorship and the upcoming termination of child support as administered by Federline, his financial future could be in a significant amount of danger as he may not have the significant personal income to continue after the final termination of his financial relationship with Spears.

Charitable Activities

No significant charitable activities under Kevin Federline’s name were noted within the last four years. Federline’s profile in charitable activities has historically been low and primarily linked to the conservatorship of his ex-wife, Spears. With no charitable activities visible, we cannot advise on this aspect of his finances at this time.

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