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How Faith Hill Achieved a Net Worth of $165 Million

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Faith Hill is one of the most successful country music singers ever. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that she has managed to sell more than 40 million records worldwide. Something that has enabled Hill to build a corresponding net worth.

What Is Faith Hill's Current Net Worth?

The exact numbers are unclear for obvious reasons. However, interested parties have produced a number of estimates based on incomplete information. To name an example, Celebrity Net Worth says that Hill has a net worth of approximately $165 million, which might not be exact but should be enough to provide people with a general sense of her wealth.

How Did Faith Hill Reach Her Current Net Worth?

Hill was born in Ridgeland, MS and raised in Star, MS. This is because she was adopted by Edna and Ted Perry, with the result that she was raised alongside the couple's two biological sons. Regardless, Hill showed vocal talent when she was still young. Thanks to that, she started performing young as well.

For example, Hill performed in public for the first time at a 4-H luncheon when she was still at the age of seven. Similarly, Hill performed on a regular basis for churches, rodeos, and other places when she was in her teens. As such, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that when she reached the age of 19, she moved to the city of Nashville for the purpose of pursuing a career as a country music singer.

She succeeded. However, it took some time before Hill managed to become a country music singer. This can be seen in how she sold T-shirts for a time, worked at a McDonald's for a time, and worked as a secretary at a music publishing firm for a time.

It was at the last place where Hill started being encouraged to sing, which happened because a co-worker heard her singing to herself one day. Regardless, her efforts in this regard eventually got her the attention of an executive from Warner Bros. Records, thus putting her on the path to getting a record deal.

Faith Hill's First Studio Album

In 1993, Hill released her first studio album Take Me As I Am, which proved to be very successful. To name an example, her single "Wild One" held Billboard's number one position for four consecutive weeks, which was remarkable because she was the first female country music singer to do so in 30 years.

Similarly, one of her other singles "Piece of My Heart" went to the top of the country music charts as well. In any case, it took Hill some time to record her second studio album It Matters to Me because she needed surgery to repair a blood vessel in her vocal cords that had ruptured.

However, when it came out, it proved to be another success. Something that did a great deal to further cement Hill's reputation. By 1996, she was out on tour with fellow country singer Tim McGraw. The two became attracted to one another, so it wasn't too long before they started a romantic relationship.

When they learned that Hill was pregnant with their first child, they decided to get married, with the result that they have been together ever since.

Taking a Break

For a time, Hill took a break. In 1998, she released her third studio album Faith, which was interesting in that it moved towards a more mainstream sound while still retaining signs of her country music roots. The move proved to be a good one because Faith was a massive success.

For comparison, Take Me As I Am sold 3 million copies. In contrast, Faith sold 6 million copies. There are some people who would've taken a break after that. However, Hill wasn't one of them. Instead, she followed up by releasing her fourth studio album Breathe in 1999, which brought her more critical and commercial success.

This can be seen in how Hill walked away from the Grammy Awards that year with not one, not two, but three Grammys. Furthermore, this can be seen in how Breathe sold almost 10 million copies.

In 2002, Hill released her fifth studio album Cry, which was much more pop than country. Something that had a noticeable effect on her country radio airplay. Even so, Cry sold more than 3.7 million copies.

Faith Hill's Return to Country Music

In the mid 2000s, Hill made a return to country music. This can be seen by her new studio album Fireflies. Furthermore, this can be seen by her tour with her husband, which became the highest-grossing country music tour ever with a gross of $90 million.

Meanwhile, the second half of the 2000s was less exciting for Hill, though even so, she released a greatest hits album, a Christmas album, and other new material. Since that time, Hill has continued to be involved in various projects. For example, she and her husband had a very successful run of shows in Las Vegas in the early 2010s.

Similarly, they now have a contract with Sony Music Nashville, with the result that the two released a joint album The Rest of Our Lives in November of 2017.

Besides her music, Hill has been involved in other kinds of projects as well. For example, she has released a couple of fragrances. Similarly, she has had numerous product endorsements. On top of this, Hill has shown up in a considerable number of both movies and TV shows.

Often-times, she has shown up in those as herself, whether as a performer or in some other role. However, Hill has been known to act as well, with a particularly well-known example being her involvement in the 2004 remake of The Stepford Wives. Said movie managed to make more than $100 million, but that meant very little when its production budget alone was $90 million.

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