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How Evan Peters Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Evan Peters

Most prospective actors enroll in prestigious acting schools such as the Julliard School or maybe the California Institute of The Arts. Luckily, talent does not stay hidden regardless of the training received, as Evan Peters discovered. He only participated in school plays and joined a local theater. Still, he is now a renowned actor who Ryan Murphy relies on to portray creepy characters on "American Horror story." Over the years, the different roles he has played have resulted in Evan Peters' net worth rising to $4 million, and here's how he achieved it.

His Yearning to be on Disney Leads Him to Acting

Peters grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and had a soft spot for comedy. He loved Jim Carrey movies, especially the 1994 film "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." However, as a child, he could only picture himself in the Disney channel after watching Shia LaBeouf in "Even Stevens." He hoped he could have his own show, so he began acting in grade school. According to Interview Magazine, Peters had his first acting role in middle school, where they did a production of Oliver Twist. He played Fagin and had a lovely time teaching the other kids how to steal. He continued acting in plays while in grade school, but stopped upon joining high school. By the time Peters was 15, he was already looking forward to being an actor. He kept wishing that his father's job would have the family move from Missouri to Michigan so that Peters would then relocate to Los Angeles. His wish came true, and the family moved to Michigan, where Peters joined Grand Blanc High School. He flipped the Yellow Pages and found a local agency in Grand Blanc, Michigan and began modeling for Avante. However, since his mind was set on becoming an actor, Peters joined Flint Youth Theatre. He dreamed of one day going to Hollywood and meeting the Olsen twins, figuring it would work out since they were the same age. Therefore, he started doing commercials. When receiving his awards for his modeling talent at the American Model and Talent Conference, his mother knew her son was meant to be on the big screen going by the numerous bits of advice she got. One of the photographers advised them to seek an agent for Peters from LA; hence they traveled to California, and Peters signed with an agent and manager within a week of being in LA.

Acting Starts Paying Bills

Peters began landing auditions. According to his interview with W, he does not remember the first audition he ever did, but the second was for "Clipping Adam." He bagged the role that earned him a Screen Actors Guild Emerging Actor Award, and from then on, things started falling into place. His father decided to give acting a try, thus allowed Peters and his mother, Julie, to live in LA for one year to see if acting was worth the shot. The talent manager said that was more than enough time, and he was right because Peters landed roles in several commercials. Reportedly, national commercials usually pay $592.20 for a day's work, and the child earns residues every time the advert airs. He advertised for leading brands like Kellogg's and Sony, so young Peters must have earned a lucrative sum. Besides, his acting talent led to him finally fulfilling his dream of being on Disney Channel by playing Seth Wosmer in a few episodes of "Phil of The future." By then, Miley Cyrus earned $15,000 per episode for "Hannah Montana", so maybe Peters earned a bit less, seeing that he was yet to be famous. All the same, the acting job was worth the while, and the actor and his mother stayed for more than the one year that Peters' father had said. By the second year, Peters was chipping in to pay the bills, and the auditions were getting in the way of schoolwork. Therefore he was home-schooled, and even the prospects of joining college were put on hold because his acting career took off, and he could not juggle his work and studies. Eventually, his mother left him and returned home in 2007. In 2008, published that Peters was living the dream; he had already bought a condo in Burbank and said he would not go back to college unless he was in his 30s and things were not working out.

His Star Keeps on Shining

Of all the different roles that Peters has played, the one he will probably be most remembered for has to be on "American Horror Story." He told GQ that despite always being attracted to comedy, he aimed to work. Thus, when AHS came calling, he jumped in and gave it his all. His acting has been applauded, with fans saying he has played a serial killer and other roles so well that they could hate him in real life. Even Halsey once tweeted that the actor was attracting her to alleged sociopaths and accused murderers; funny enough, the two ended up dating. He is one of the few actors to be on nearly all seasons of the series. Although it is not clear how much they are paid per episode, such a highly-rated show, especially one created by Ryan Murphy, has to pay actors handsomely. For instance, Lea Michele from "Glee" earned $80,000 per episode. Despite the lucrative salary, he is tired of being cast in horror films. After watching "X-Men" in his childhood, he finally was cast alongside actors like Hugh Jackman when he played Quicksilver in the "X-Men" films. Should he be a consistent actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peters' net worth is bound to rise. Chris Hemsworth only earned $150,000 for "Thor" in 2011 but pocketed $15 million in 2019, "Avengers: Endgame" so Peters could bank a few more millions with the franchise.

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