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How Redman Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

The name Redman is synonymous with words such as legendary and iconic, making this American rapper a force to reckon with. From mastering the world of music to conquering the business world and the world of movies, Redman’s success knows no bounds. But what else is known about this musical genius and how has he managed to amass a legacy and stay grounded in an often murky industry? Below, we dive into Redman's net worth and legacy.

How Much Is Redman Worth?

Redman net worth is estimated at around $10 million as of 2023. This wealth is largely believed to come from sales of his music records. Redman started as a songwriter and later transitioned to writing songs for others, cementing his 30-year stronghold in the industry.

While he is known for his musical prowess, Redman is also involved in gaming, not forgetting his love for MC-ing and hosting. He is also a music and renowned film director, further increasing Redman net worth. This enormous wealth has been instrumental to his purchase and ownership of his current Staten Island, New York property, valued at around $5 million.

Redman’s Early Life and Upbringing

Redman was born Reginald Noble in Newark, New Jersey, on 17th April 1970. He attended the Speedway Avenue School, later proceeding to 13th Avenue and West Side High School. While his interest in music manifested at an early age, his academic performance could have been better, resulting in him changing schools multiple times and being expelled from Montclair State University due to poor academic performance. He moved in with his mother during this time but got caught up in criminal activities, resulting in his mother throwing him out of the home.

Later, he realized that selling substances and engaging in criminal activities would either land him in jail or cost him his life, and he decided to turn his life around. This led him to sign up as a backup singer.

Redman’s Personal Life

Redman is currently married and has three children with his current spouse and shares two others from a previous relationship. While he likes to keep his family life private, he also supports Charity 211 Community Impact, an NGO by a close friend, Dupre L. Kelly. The organization is structured around community-based programs designed to promote public policy information and improve decision-making among the residents of Newark for sustainable education programs.

Redman’s Prominence and Rise to Fame

Redman began his career in the DJ and MC world at 18, using the stage name DJ Kut-Killa. During this time, he freestyled over various tracks, centering his interest on hip-hop and funk music. He performed at various house parties and parks around New Jersey and New York.

Redman’s interaction with Erick Sermon of EPMD while DJ-ing for the Lords of the Underground gave him his big break. On request,Redman moved in with Erick in his Long Island house, with the two working together on freestyles, allowing Redman to make a name for himself during EPMD’s stage appearances. The 1990 appearance marked the turning point for Redman, with his A-Z freestyle rap about his life becoming a fan favorite among the masses. He was later signed to Def Jam and began production after this, with Erick Sermon helping him create his first major album, Whut? Thee Album that propelled him into his current prominence.

What Are Some of Redman’s Notable Works in the Music Industry?

Whut? Thee Album

The Whut? Thee album allowed Redman to gain acclaim as a rapper, with this debut album peaking at number 49 on the Billboard 200 and later becoming certified gold. Music connoisseurs took note of Redman’s immense contribution and production of his music. It wasn’t until later that Redman allowed Erick Sermon to produce his music with his long-time music partner bringing his musical expertise and influence to the tracks Whateva Man and Pick It Up. Some of the best-quoted lyrics from this masterpiece include, "Now you know you don't own a Benz, Yes I do, and chrome's the trim, Black with a system when it's hittin I'm pullin mad skins.”

Dare Iz A Darkside 1992

The 1992 Dare Iz A Darkside was another Redman hit, produced by Def Jam Recording, with the album debuting at number thirteen on the US Billboard 200. While it was a massive hit and moved on to be certified gold, it remains a labor of love that allowed Redman to transition from a dark time in his life. Some of his most quoted lyrics from this hit include the “Your flows so dated that it has friends with flip phones. Now my shits grown. I'm at a clam bake with Man-Ape”

Redman’s Other Successful Albums and Hits

While Redman’s musical works have allowed him to attain a budding career, he has had several top hitters, with Doc’s Da Name 2000 going platinum and singles such as Da Goodness, How High and Blow Your Mind garnering commercial success among the masses.

Some of his most famous collaborations have been with Busta Rhymes on the previously stated Da Goodess, Method Man on the platinum album Blackout and 2pacs’ Got My Mind Made Up on The All Eyez On Me album. Others include It’s Like That (My Big Brother) featuring K-Solo, Part 2 with Toni Braxton becoming gold certified, Dj Kool’s 2001 Let’s Get Dirty and Adam F’s Smash Sumthin.

Redman has also been featured in tracks by other artists, with notable mentions being Snoop Dogg's From Long Beach 2 Brick City, The Game's Red, Wu-Tang Clan's Redbull, The Burning Bush by 88-keys and Sweet Dreams By Pink.

What Are Redman’s Other Business Ventures?

Acting and Video Production

Apart from music, Redman has also featured in numerous films. His first was in 2001, appearing alongside Method Man in Stoner Comedy, with the role paving the way for other cinematic appearances. He later featured in The Seed of Chucky, followed by appearances in the video games Def Jam Vendetta, Def Jam: Icon And Def Jam: Fight For NY with fellow artists Method Man.

He also featured in his own television sitcom, Method and Red, with his long-time friend Method Man, with the show running from 2003-2004.

Redman has been involved in other works of art, including The Original Prankster Video For Offspring and Nickelodeon's The Fairy Odd Parents in the show’s School’s Out Musical. Others include the 1992 Uptown Comedy Club, the 2005 Celebrity Rap Superstar, the 2021 A Hip-Hop Family Christmas, and the 2022 Hip Hop Family ChristmasWedding.

Redman’s Interest in the Fashion World

Redman has also collaborated with the streetwear label Mighty Healthy, with the joint venture giving rise to 420-inspired clothing. A few of their statement pieces included cannabis-themed hats and jerseys.

Redman’s Hosting Ventures

Redman has also made his mark in the hosting world, with his appearance in Vh1'S Scared Famous expanding his creative interests.

Awards and Nominations Scooped By Redman

Some awards fundamental to Redman's successful rapping career include the 2003 best video Dirrty with Christina Aguilera by the MOBO Awards. Redman has also scooped nominations in the coveted Grammy awards, with the 2001 nomination under the best rap performance by a Duo or Group with De La Soul and the 2003 nomination in the category of Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals Dirrty with Christina Aguilera.

Redman’s Other Popular Studio Albums

  • Muddy Waters (1996)
  • Malpractice (2001)
  • Reggie (2010)
  • Red Gone Wild: Thee Album (2007)
  • Mudface (2015)

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