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How Slim Thug Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

With his “Boss” moniker and booming baritone, Slim Thug has been a household name to a wide range of rap fans for over two decades now. He got his start in the southern underground scene, becoming a superstar to legions of Texans before his music even began to cross state lines. At the moment, Slim Thug net worth is said to stand at $2 million and is only expected to increase during the years to come.

Let’s take a closer look at his early life and how he managed to become a rap star. When you stand 6’6″ and possess one of the most distinctive voices in music, it is hard not to stand out. Read on to learn more about his rise to the top….

Slim Thug Early Life

Born Stayve Jerome Thomas in 1980, the Houston native did not need long before deciding on a career path. By the time he was a teenager, his tall and lanky frame had earned him the nickname Slim Thug. It would soon become his stage name and he was off and running from there. He was performing at parties in the Houston area at the age of 17, earning rave reviews for his distinctive voice and freestyle skills.

How Did Slim Thug Become a Rap Star?

Local rap impresario Michael “5000” Watts took a liking to Slim’s music and from there, he was signed to legendary Houston label Swishahouse Records. While his star continued to rise, Slim soon realized that he could make far more money if he struck out on his own. This was the earliest example of his natural entrepreneurial instincts.

He came to an amicable agreement with Watts and was able to part ways with the label while remaining on good terms. From there, he began to release his own mixtapes under the Boss Hogg Outlawz imprint (which also doubled as the name of his crew). During this time, he also purchased his own record stores and started to make real estate investments.

The self released mixtapes made serious noise in the state of Texas. It was not long before bigger labels came calling. Slim would eventually ink a deal with Interscope, giving him the chance to work alongside some of the biggest stars in the world. His appearance on the Mike Jones “Still Tippin” would also set the stage for what was to come, as the regional smash eventually crossed over and went gold.

Slim Thug’s Connection With Pharrell

Once Slim Thug was officially signed to Interscope, label head Jimmy Iovine wanted to give his music the chance to cross over outside of his home state. At this time, he decided that it would be best for Slim’s career if he partnered with the Neptunes. They were the hottest producers at the time and Pharrell was fresh off producing and singing on a string of smash hits for everyone from Jay-Z to Snoop Dogg to Britney Spears.

Pharrell appreciated that Slim had already amassed his own fortune, stating the rapper was already a millionaire when they met. The album that they cooked up together was dubbed Already Platinum, a nod to the fact that Slim already enjoyed a millionaire’s lifestyle, without all of the more cumbersome aspects of fame.

How Was Slim Thug’s First Major Label Album Received?

By any measure, Already Platinum was a major success. In addition to selling over 130,000 copies in its first week and eventually receiving a gold certification, the album was also positively received by critics. The Neptunes’ influence on his sound was praised and Slim was able to expand his audience outside of Texas with ease. “Like a Boss” inspired a Saturday Night Live parody, Pharrell sang multiple hooks and he also collaborated with Atlanta superstar T.I.

While Pharrell’s involvement was more minimal on the follow-up album Boss of All Bosses, this was more of a timing constraint. This allowed him to return to the sound that he had cultivated, much to the delight of his early fans. Critics noted the shift as well. That did not stop him from continuing to create crossover hits, as his Yelawolf collaboration “I Run” proved to be quite popular.

Slim Thug Net Worth and Subsequent Career Moves

Because of all his hard work, Slim Thug net worth has now reached $2 million, with no signs of letting up. Despite the immense success that he obtained, he maintained a prolific recording schedule and was able to enjoy a number of major opportunities because of it. Pop superstars Beyonce and Gwen Stefani contacted Slim for guest verses.

The Beyonce collaboration, entitled Check On It, rose to the top of the Billboard charts. This gave Slim his first-ever #1 record. Luxurious, the Gwen Stefani collaboration, peaked at #21. He was also given the chance to collaborate with a number of other superstars, jumping on songs for the likes of DJ Khaled, Bun B, Master P, Yung Joc, Pimp C, Frankie J, Letoya Luckett, Three 6 Mafia, Snoop Dogg, Clipse, The Game, Hilary Duff, DJ Drama, Scarface, Mya, Mike Epps, Baby Bash, Trina and Waka Flocka.

Slim Thug’s Other Business Endeavors

While Slim has continued to record and release music at a dizzying pace, amassing a discography that includes 13 solo studio albums, 9 collaborative projects, 4 extended plays and a whopping 20 mixtapes, that has not stopped him from venturing outside of rap music for additional revenue. He strongly believes in investing in where you come from. This is a mentality that manifests itself with his latest project: Boss Life Construction.

This initiative gives Slim the opportunity to give back to his community by taking the time to restore a wide range of homes in the Acres Homes region. He is proud to assist the neighborhood that he came from and regularly speaks about the importance of using the money that you earn to buy your own block back. His goal is a simple one: to provide affordable housing and to raise the property value in his old neighborhood.

He is also a tireless philanthropist, forming a partnership with the Checker’s location on South Side Oak. He also loves to participate in various local events, donning a manager’s uniform to celebrate National French Fry Day. During these events, he is known to provide free meals to the local community. He advocates for the importance of independence and ownership, serving as a great example for Houston children to look up to.

Slim is also not one for designer clothes, as he preaches about the necessity of avoiding these types of unnecessary splurges. After all, he reasons, this is how the rich stay rich. We firmly expect to see his net worth continue to rise as a direct result of these wise decisions.

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