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How Mark Wiens Achieved a Net Worth of $6.5 Million

Mark Wiens

You can helpfully use your passion and create a career with it. Once you combine your love with something else that can be useful to many people globally, you will create a good synergy and make a profitable career. That is how Mark Wiens became a household name.

Mark Wiens loved to travel and enjoyed different kinds of foods from everywhere. From the enjoyment he used to get from everywhere he visited, he decided to create an ebook guide to share his travel ventures with his social media followers and some of the delicacies he enjoyed.

Mark decided to try vlogging when his fan base was growing and opened a YouTube channel that has grown and made him the most famous YouTuber with over 6.7 million subscribers worldwide. His channel, as of September 2020, had over 1 billion views from the content he created. This fame has made him rich and reach a net worth of $6.5 million. This article will look at the journey that has enabled Mark Wiens to make these millions.

According to Migrationology, it is reported how Mark Wiens has fresh memories of how he made his first few cents from the blogs that he created after working relentlessly for a year. That pay thrilled him so much because it appeared like he had earned it from nowhere after the few coins reflected in his bank account.

The joy mark experience from getting that first pay was like freedom. What became even sweat was making money while crisscrossing the world using the internet. Within six months, Mark could make $1-$5 each day; enough motivation pushed him to do more blogs.

Hard work pays off

As the saying goes, hard work pays. When Mark was an English teacher in Bangkok, he committed himself after soul searching to work hard to create more blog posts. He would come from school and sit for about 8-10 hours writing content. Writing became a passion that he could do with ease and enjoy.

A couple of years later, he created his first food guide and made a good sale out of it. But how was Mark Wiens able to make money for his travel adventures to get ideas about his content creation? According to Fullcelebs,

Mark is quoted to have said he decided on his lifestyle priority, set a lot of goals, and put more effort to accomplish all the plans he had developed, some of these ideas he decided to make a video about them for people to learn about them and make their own money while blogging and traveling. Here are four ways Wien’s net worth has risen over the years after having a breakthrough in blogging.

1. Affiliate Recommendations (Earn commission from each sale)

The world has become a small village, and businesses have moved to internet platforms where consumers can get everything they want from social media and the websites of many organizations. The fame that Mark Wiens had made him become a good ambassador for product recommendations.

When a company contacts him to be their product influencer, he makes commissions from making recommendations about their company’s products. Mark does many affiliate recommendations for different products on internet platforms, especially on Amazon, learning courses, books, hotel bookings, and more.

With millions of fans worldwide, as a product influencer, anything he recommends can lead traffic for his followers who adore him to start purchasing them. Anything he suggests is something he has used or gone through. By this, his followers will trust it, and he makes a lot of money.

2. Travel and Food eBooks($2.99 per book)

Mark has made quite some amount from a few advertisements post that he landed and posted on his website. According to TheNetline, Mark did not enjoy advertising for clients on his website. However, since he did not have his products to advertise, he reluctantly did for them to make extra cash for his traveling and blogging needs.

Creating helpful travel and food eBook guides to inform travel enthusiasts about specific destinations, especially Thailand, has helped generate more money on his website. He has also developed his travel and food guide account, which allows him to earn a lot per month. He believes selling his products develops good trust about them, which he can sell to his clients instead of creating advertisements for others on his website.

3. Projects Engagement and Freelance writing ($500-$999)

Engaging in different projects development and freelance writing has contributed significantly to Mark Wiens net worth increment. Mark is believed to have never enjoyed reading and writing while growing. He says he felt proud of himself to have graduated from high school without reading a book.

When he decided to write blogs, it became a hobby he enjoyed doing from anywhere when traveling. He has become consistent at it and created countless quality content from it. When he writes about something that he loves, Mark enjoys it. He doesn’t have any English or journalism qualification background but creates quality content for millions of his followers.

His passion for creating blog content has landed him numerous paying freelance writing projects for inflight magazines, newspapers, and organization websites. He makes quite a lot from additional freelance writing opportunities he receives monthly.

4. YouTube’s Videos Creation ($2,000 daily)

Mark Wiens believes that articles and photos are an excellent way to develop marketing ideas. However, he says video creation can create much buzz, especially about food and travel experiences. His YouTube channel has been a game-changer in making millions of cash because it has attracted a wide range of new audiences ever since He opened his account. This is how he has gained over 6.7 million subscribers on his account.

Mark started with one video upload per week. He has since moved to post many videos in a week, enabling him to create many contacts and get advertisements from different brands. The adverts in his YouTube accounts make him much of the monthly income that he makes.

Finally, making money through blogging and travel is not a walk in the park. Things may change from time to time. It would help if you become consistent, enjoy what you do, and work hard. If you dream of attaining Mark Wien's net worth in the future, begin to enjoy what you do, make your move, and you will become successful.

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