How Yoko Ono Achieved a Net Worth of $700 Million

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is a Japanese visual artist, peace activist, singer, and songwriter. However, she is best known as the widow of singer and musician John Lennon. Her marriage to Lennon and the various career paths she has followed has made the artist a wealthy woman. It is estimated that Yoko Ono has a net worth of $700 million, and here is an overview of how she achieved her wealth.

Her Early Life

Ono was born in Tokyo City on February 18, 1933, says Britannica. Just after her birth, Ono’s father moved to San Francisco for work, and the rest of the family followed along with Ono when she was two. They returned to Japan in 1937, before moving to New York City in 1940 and then back to Japan a few years later. In 1946, Ono became a student at Gakushuin school and graduated in 1951. She then became the first woman accepted onto a philosophy program at Gakushuin University, but left after two semesters and returned to the United States. After arriving in downtown Manhattan, she enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College.

Ono’s Career as an Artist

While she was still at college, Yoko Ono befriended musician La Monte Young, who allowed Ono to use a Tribeca loft he owned as a performance art space. One of her earliest artistic performances involved her setting fire to one of her paintings. Her career as an artist did not take off until the 1960s, and during this decade, she began displaying her work or performing at conceptual art exhibits. She was considered one of the pioneers of conceptual art. Her first minor solo exhibition was in New York in 1961. She then increased her fame in 1961 at the Yamaichi Concert Hall in Kyoto, Japan, when she performed the seminal performance work ‘Cut Piece.’

After she met John Lennon, he sponsored her first major solo art show in 1967 at Lisson Gallery in London. Ono expanded her visual art field to include filmmaking, and she made her first short film in 1964. Between then and 1972, she filmed 16 films. She began the Wish Tree Project in 1981 after Lennon’s death. It involved planting a native tree in different areas so that people could attach a wish they had written down. She has Wish Trees in various locations around the world, including one in the Sculpture Garden of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

1n 2015 and for the Personal Structures Exhibition in Venice, Ono created a piece called ‘Arising.’ The following year, she created her first permanent art installation in the United States called ‘Skylanding.’ This collection is located in Jackson Park in Chicago. The purpose of the installation is to promote peace. Ono said that she feels a connection to Chicago and that she was inspired by the Garden of the Phoenix. Ono’s most recent artwork was titled Refugee Boat. It was a participatory installation that took part in the Manhattan River to River Festival in 2019. The work is a white rowing boat in a white room, and visitors were invited to write messages on the boat and the walls throughout the festival. The purpose was to promote solidarity for refugees and to inform visitors about their history.

Her Career as a Singer and Songwriter

On the first night Ono spent with Lennon, the couple wrote what later became their ‘Two Virgins’ collaborative album, says Wikipedia. Together, they collaborated on several songs under the Beatles name that were included in Beatles’ albums. They then decided to start their own musical venture call ‘The Plastic Ono Band.’, which also included guitarist Eric Clapton, drummer Alan White, and bass player Klaus Voormann. The band released their first album ‘Live Peace in Toronto’ in 1969. Ono then began to write and record work as a solo artist, releasing her first album ‘Yoko Ono/ Plastic Ono Band’ in 1970. Lennon released a companion album ‘John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band,’ and the two albums had companion covers. In 1971, Yoko Ono released the double album ‘Fly.’

Yoko Ono’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Yoko Ono’s net worth is $700 million. She has made money through her work as an artist, and some from her work as a singer-songwriter. She also inherited a large fortune on the death of her third husband, John Lennon. As his widow, she continues to earn royalties from his music with the Beatles and from his career as a solo artist.

Her Personal Life

Although she is famous for being the widow of murdered Beatles member John Lennon, he was Ono’s third husband. Her first husband was the Japanese composer and pianist Toshi Ichiyanagi. Ono had returned to Japan to marry Ichiyanagi in 1956. Unfortunately, there were many problems in their marriage, and the couple divorced in 1962. Ono also spent some time in a mental institution as a result of problems relating to her marriage.

She then returned to the United States and married film producer and art promoter Anthony Cox in the same year as her first divorce. The couple had a daughter together, Kyoko Chan Cox. Sadly, this was another failed relationship, and Ono divorced Cox in 1968. Ono met Lennon at an art exhibit, and a romance soon blossomed. However, Lennon was still married to his first wife, Cynthia Powell, at that time. Ono and Lennon’s relationship became physical, and his wife came home to find Ono sitting in her dressing gown. When Yoko Ono became pregnant with Lennon’s child, he divorced Powell and married Ono in 1969. Ono miscarried the baby, but they went on to have a son together in 1975. Their marriage ended in December 1980 when Lennon was shot dead in the doorway of his Manhattan apartment building by a Beatles fan.Following his death, Ono founded the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park.

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