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How Lala Kent Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Lala Kent is a famous model, influencer actress, podcaster, and TV personality who has established her name. Beyond that, she is a mother, who works to balance her role as a mom and influencer.

Kent’s many pursuits have earned her a lot of money, so what is Lala Kent’s net worth, and what is she currently up to?

Who is Lala Kent?

Lala Kent is a television personality and influencer who established her brand when she was a host at SUR on the show Vanderpump Rules. She was born Lauryn Elyse Burningham in Salt Lake City, Utah, on September 2, 1990, to parents Kent and Lisa Burningham.

She has a close bond to her family, and when her father died in 2018, she was crushed by his loss, and she felt like her whole world had crumbled.

While close to her family, Kent still decided to do her own thing, and she moved to Beverly Hills. She tried to find work as an actress and got some gigs, but her real break came through when she appeared on Vanderpump Rules as one of the restaurant staff. She quickly got notoriety for her role, and a lot of doors opened up for her.

Unfortunately, Lala’s life was not without struggle. Kent has struggled with alcoholism, and while she has worked to become sober, it wasn’t an easy process. S

he knows how important it is for her to stay sober, and she really needed Alcoholics Anonymous as a support after her father died. While it was not easy for her to become sober, and sobriety has changed a lot of how she interacts with the world around her, she has more clarity now and was able to deal with her grief by facing it.

What is Lala Kent’s Net Worth?

Current numbers suggest that Lala Kent is worth $2 million. Thus, she has done pretty well for herself. Plus, she still has plenty of opportunities to increase her net worth even more. She’s still young and has plenty of time to make even more business for herself.

How Does Lala Kent Make Her Money?

Lala Kent is probably best known for being on the reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules, but she had made money in a number of endeavors. For example, she has worked with many brands as an influencer. She has used platforms like Instagram to create a bigger presence for herself. She also has her own beauty line called Give Them Lala Beauty and Give Them Lala Skin.

Beyond that, Lala Kent has tried her hand at acting, and she has been in multiple films. She has also written a book called Give Them Lala, which was published in 2021. Her podcast, Give them Lala has been a huge success and spreads her impact even further.

Having so many revenue streams has helped Lala remain successful, and it has given her the chance to try a lot of new things that she wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to try. There are still plenty of pursuits available to Kent, and she seems open to exploring new possibilities.

Is Lala Kent Married?

Lala Kent is not married, but she was engaged to Randal Emmett, the father of her child. The couple called it quits in 2022, and there were rumors that Emmett was cheating on Kent.

Kent has said of Emmett, “It just was like, wow, there’s not one piece of my five years with this one person that has been truthful and honest. The only thing truth I feel that existed in my relationship was me and my daughter Ocean. That is where the truth ended. That is a hard pill to f—ing swallow.”

While there are many tensions with Randal Emmett, they currently share custody of their daughter, Ocean. However, there have been custody battles over the child. The couple has created headlines with their breakup and ongoing custody arrangements.

She has teased viewers about her dating life in the new 2023 season in which she has to deal with new dating challenges as a mother and now that she no longer has alcohol as a crutch. A lot of her new dating life has been awkward, but she has taken the changes in stride.

Does Lala Kent Have Kids?

Lala Kent has one daughter named Ocean. She has said about raising Ocean, “The most challenging is that she’s on the move and wants to negotiate everything with me.

With her goo goo gaga, she always wins…I would say the most rewarding is literally everything else,’ she adds. “I mean, just to watch this little human that’s me is f—king awesome.”

Being a mother has been a huge change for Lala Kent, especially since her split with her ex-fiancé, but it is one that she finds rewarding, and she’s working hard to give her daughter the best life possible.

Current Business Ventures of Lala Kent

Lala Kent continues to be a devoted mother, who is always eager to gush about her daughter. She has expressed how rewarding motherhood has been. She also continues to be on Vanderpump Rules, which takes up a good deal of her time.

Kent also devotes a good deal of time to keeping her personal brand going, such as continuing to work with brands, managing products of her own brands, and establishing new and exciting business opportunities for herself.

Her podcast is probably the source where she reveals the most about her personal life and what is currently going on with her, and it gives listeners a chance to get to know her real personality a little better.

Future Pursuits for Lala Kent

The future is bright for Lala Kent, and she’s sure to continue to build her brand. She may be a mom, but she’s all about balancing her role as a mother while still enabling professional opportunities.

She said about her current single mother status and how it will impact her future, “I have so much on my plate right now with the Give Them Lala Brand and I am a single mom in the sense that the only person bringing in a paycheck in my household is me. So I have a lot to focus on.”

While she isn’t against dating, it isn’t her number one priority because she knows being a good mom is important.

Kent wants to be sure to give her daughter Ocean all the opportunities that she can, so she knows that focusing on her daughter and creating that bright future is a priority.

However, that does not mean she plans on staying a single mom forever, but it does mean that her daughter’s best interests shape her financial and personal decisions, so she’s got a lot more to consider when making her future plans.

That also means that she’ll probably be choosy about any pursuits that will take a lot of time and make it harder to be there for her daughter.

Lala Kent on TV and Promotional Roles

With all that in mind, Lala Kent is still getting a lot of promotional deals and has maintained her role on Vanderpump Rules, so there is no doubt that she is doing just fine and that she has so much to look forward to. To get more of Lala, check out her podcast or the new season of Vanderpump Rules; you can also check in with her on social media, especially Instagram.

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