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How Ed Helms Achieved a Net Worth of $25 Million

Ed Helms

Ed Helms is an American comedic actor. He tends to be best-known for having played Andy Bernard on the American version of The Office. However, Helms is still very much active in the entertainment industry, as shown by recent projects for the movie screen, the TV screen, and the computer screen as a paid actor.

What Is Ed Helms's Current Net Worth?

Helms is relatively well-known. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are estimates of his current net worth. For those who are curious, Celebrity Net Worth says that Helms has a current net worth of approximately $25 million. There are other estimates out there. However, they seem to be around the same range of numbers.

How Did Ed Helms Reach His Current Net Worth?

Regardless, Helms was born in Atlanta, GA. He was unlucky because he was born with a serious congenital heart defect. However, one can make the argument that he was also lucky because he was able to get the issue fixed with open-heart surgery at the age of 13. Thanks to this, while Helms had to spend a week in the ICU, he seems to have been fine afterwards. Helms seems to have developed a strong interest in the arts from an early age. He is known to have gone to the Interlochen Center for the Arts, which encompasses a number of organizations that teach the arts to youth as well as promote the arts in other ways. Later, Helms went to Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH. Originally, he intended to study geology. However, he winded up graduating with a bachelor's degree in film theory and technology. In this period, Helms even spent a semester as an exchange student at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, which made his interests very clear.

Since Helms is a comedic actor, chances are good that interested individuals can guess that he started honing his craft by participating in sketch comedy. He wasn't satisfied with doing just one thing. Instead, he was involved in a wide range of activities during that time. For starters, Helms was both a writer and a performer for sketch comedy troupes. Furthermore, he used his time as a chance to learn improv. On top of that, Helms was getting started in a couple of other projects as well. One, he worked as a trainee film editor at a post-production facility. Two, he recorded some voiceover work, which resulted in him finding an agent for such roles.

In 2005, Helms auditioned for The Daily Show, with the result that he started doing "field reports" as well as hosting various segments on the show. By 2006, he had departed, though he still returned to the show from time to time even once he had become better-known. For instance, Helms made a return for a segment called Obama Quest in 2008, which covered the then-Senator's trip to Iraq. Besides this, it is interesting to note that he was also known to show up on The Colbert Report from time to time. Something that makes sense considering the close connection between the two show.

Regardless, Helms was chosen as a recurring member of the cast on Season 3 of The Office in 2006. It seems safe to say that he did well in said role, seeing as how he was eventually promoted to a full member of the cast in February of 2007. Moreover, Helms was added to the opening credits in 2010, which isn't even mentioning how he winded up becoming one of the producers. Naturally, The Office did a great deal to raise his profile, with the result that he went on to appear in numerous other projects. In particular, it is worth mentioning The Hangover trilogy of movies that came out in 2009, 2011, and 2013. This is because Helms played the role of Stu Price, who was one of the main characters in every single one of the movies. On the whole, The Hangover trilogy seems to have been quite successful. After all, the three movies had a combined budget of $218 million, which resulted in them making $1.42 billion at the box office. For that matter, the trilogy presumably wouldn't have been a trilogy if the relevant decision-makers didn't think that further movies could sell.

Nowadays, Helms remains very much active. To name an example, he was one of the two leads on Together Together, a very recent comedy about an app developer who wants to become a father without wanting to get married to do so, thus causing him to seek out a surrogate. Similarly, Helms is the male lead on a new sitcom called Rutherford Falls, which is about a couple of best friends clashing because of the relocation of a statue of the town's founder that people keep on crashing into. Jana Schmieding plays Reagan Wells, the mayor who is responsible for making the move. Meanwhile, Helms is the best friend who runs the local heritage museum, who winds up working to keep the statue in its place because he is extremely proud of having been descended from the founder. The sitcom seems to have proven to be popular on the streaming service Peacock, which would explain why it has been renewed for a second season. As such, it is possible that Helms will be occupied with this for some time. Besides his acting, he has been known to get involved in other things as well. For example, he has done a fair amount of voiceover work, which is something that has remained true even in recent years. Similarly, he is actually in a bluegrass band that he and some friends formed back when they were still in college, which has actually managed to release an album in summer of 2013.

Further Considerations

Summed up, it seems safe to say that most of Helms's current net worth can be traced back to his work as a comedic actor in either a direct or an indirect sense. He is the latter part of his 40s at the moment, so chances are good that his career will continue on for quite some time. Thanks to this, Helms's current net worth will probably continue to grow in the times to come.

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