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The 11 Richest Voice Actors in the World

When the wealthiest actors in the world are discussed, most would assume that live-action wins the day. However, as you will soon learn, this is the furthest thing from the case. Thanks to the following list of the highest-paid voice actors in the world, you can find out more about where the money is really at. Animation is a gold mine, and the richest voice actors in the business are living proof of that.

Whether you are able to provide the voiceovers for America’s foremost yellow family or you are more of a Family Guy, the opportunities are endless. As you would expect, these shows are going to be referenced repeatedly throughout this list. In order to find out more about which of the following names are the richest voice actors, please be sure to take a closer look at the list that follows.

Our Methodology

We pride ourselves on taking the time to double-check all of the information that is being provided to the reader. No stone is left unturned, as we exhaust every possible option before presenting our lists to the general public. This list of the richest voice actors is no different in that regard. In order to ensure full accuracy across the board, we also sourced information from the good folks at Avo’s Journey.

Like us, they are aware of the misconceptions surrounding voice acting. The highest-paid voice actors in the world can rake in checks that will put even the most famous live-action actors to shame. Meanwhile, all information related to age and location has been sourced from none other than Wikipedia. As for net worth, these figures are derived from the Wealthy Gorilla archives. Salary information is taken from a wide range of sources that will be indicated throughout the list.

  • Thorough Process

Nothing is left to chance. We take the time to search every possible list available because accuracy is everything to us.

  • Open Minded

We know that we are not the sole authority on these matters. That’s why we remain open-minded and are always willing to be corrected if need be.

  • Remaining Up to Date

The numbers can always shift and change at the drop of a hat. Our team of experts will always remain on the cutting edge, keeping you fully up to date at all times.

11. Mark Hamill: $18 million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Oakland, California
Age: 72
Net Worth: $18 million
Current Salary: $200,000 per month/$3 million per year (per The Things)
Career Highlights: Star WarsBatman: The Animated SeriesThe Regular Show, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Mark Hamill is best known for his iconic work in the original Star Wars trilogy and has since made quite the name for himself in the world of voice acting. He’s taken on a number of key roles, as viewers of Batman: The Animated SeriesThe Regular Show and Avatar: The Last Airbender can attest. He’s come a long way from his days as Luke Skywalker, that is for sure.

In addition to serving as The Joker's voice in many different animated DC projects, he voiced multiple roles in the hit series Metalocalypse. As you would expect of a voice actor of his magnitude, he was given the chance to handle guest voice roles for The Simpsons and Family Guy, a major milestone that Hamill was more than happy to cross off his personal bucket list.

10. Mike Judge Net Worth: $75 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Age: 61
Net Worth: $75 million
Current Salary: $580,000 per month/$7 million per year (per Zac Johnson)
Career Highlights: Beavis and ButtheadKing of the HillOffice Space, Silicon Valley

Mike Judge is a man of many talents. As well as creating and providing the voice work for “Beavis and Butt-Head,” he’s also co-created the TV shows “King of the Hill”, “The Goode Family”, “Silicon Valley,” and “Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus,” along with the films “Office Space”, “Idiocracy,” and “Extract.”

In 2022, Judge decided to take it back to where it all started with the release of another Bevis and Butt-Head film, which is was released to the general public on the Paramount+ streaming app. He’s now worth the grand sum of $75 million.

9. Nancy Cartwright Net Worth: $80 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Dayton, Ohio
Age: 66
Net Worth: $80 million
Current Salary: $300,0000-$400,000 per episode (per The Things)
Career Highlights: The SimpsonsRugrats, AnimaniacsGoof TroopKim Possible

The first voice actor from “The Simpsons” to hit our list is Nancy Cartwright. She originally tried out for the voice of Lisa, but after deciding Bart was the more interesting sibling, asked to read for him instead. Matt Groening, the series’ creator, agreed.

After hearing her audition, he hired her on the spot. Other than Bart, Cartwright has lent her voice to a bunch of other characters, including Rufus in “Kim Possible,” Mindy in “Animaniacs,” and Charles “Chuckie” Finster in “Rugrats” and “All Grown Up!” As of 2024, she’s worth $80 million.

8. Yeardley Smith Net Worth: $85 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Paris, France
Age: 59
Net Worth: $85 million
Current Salary: $300,0000 per episode (per Celebrity Net Worth)
Career Highlights: The Simpsons,  City SlickersJust WriteToys, and As Good as It Gets

Best known as the voice of Lisa on “The Simpsons,” Yeardley Smith started her career in the theatre, understudying the role of Debbie in the Broadway production of Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing.”

In 1985, she made her silver screen debut in “Heaven Help Us” and in 1987, she was offered her career-defining role as Lisa.

In the reverse of Nancy Cartright’s situation, Smith actually auditioned for the part of Bart, but got re-cast as Lisa due to her high voice. She now earns $300,000 per episode of the show, translating to around $7 million per season.

Add that to the earnings she makes from her occasional live-action film and TV work, and it’s easy to see how she reached her monster net worth of $85 million.

7. Julie Kavner Net Worth: $85 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Age: 73
Net Worth: $85 million
Current Salary: $400,0000 per episode (per Celebrity Net Worth)
Career Highlights: The SimpsonsClick, Dr. Dolittle, Family Guy

You might not know her face, but you’ll definitely know her voice. For over 30 years, Julie Kavner has played Marge Simpson on “The Simpsons, " which earns her a whopping $400,000 per episode.

She also provides the voice of Marge’s mother and twin sisters Patty and Selma. A notoriously private individual who rarely gives interviews and refuses to be photographed at work, she’s now worth $85 million.

6. Dan Castellaneta Net Worth: $85 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 66
Net Worth: $85 million
Current Salary: $300,0000 per episode (per Fanfest)
Career Highlights: The SimpsonsFantastic 4, Super 8, Horton Hears a Who!

Best known as the voice of Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta also voices numerous other Simpsons characters, including Krusty the Clown, Sideshow Mel, Barney Gumble, Grampa, and many more.

Some of his other well-known roles over the years have been in “Futurama,” “Sibs,” “The Adventures of Dynamo Duck,” “The Batman,” “Back to the Future: The Animated Series,” “Aladdin,” “Taz-Mania,” “Hey Arnold!” “Stargate: SG-1” and “L.A. Law.”

Since 2008, he and the rest of the main cast of “The Simpsons” earned $300,000 per episode, which may well explain his astronomical net worth of $85 million.

5. Harry Shearer Net Worth: $85 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Age: 80
Net Worth: $85 million
Current Salary: $300,0000 per episode (per Screen Rant)
Career Highlights: The SimpsonsSaturday Night Live, This Is Spinal Tap, The Truman Show

The voice of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, and Principal Skinner is Harry Shearer, a veteran of the industry who’s dabbled in everything from music to directing.

According to his IMDb profile, Shearer’s film debut came at the age of 10 years old in the 1953 movie “Abbott and Costello Go to Mars.” By then, he was already an old hand, having appeared on “The Jack Benny Program” since he was seven.

Since then, he’s earned his comedy strips on “Saturday Night Live,” starred as Derek Smalls in the iconic “This Is Spinal Tap,” and made an $85 million fortune on “The Simpsons.”

As points out, he was initially reluctant to start doing voice work because he didn’t think that recording lines in isolation would be much fun. Fortunately for his bank balance, he eventually relented.

4. Hank Azaria Net Worth: $90 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: New York City, New York
Age: 59
Net Worth: $90 million
Current Salary: $300,0000-$400,000 per episode (per Celebrity Net Worth)
Career Highlights: The SimpsonsMad About, Friends, Ray Donovan, Godzilla

Up next is Hank Azaria, a voice actor that Celebrity Net Worth estimates to be worth a phenomenal $90 million. How’d he make it? Versatility. Over the years, he’s voiced dozens of characters on “The Simpsons,” including Moe, Superintendent Chalmers, Lou, Professor Frink, Cletus Spuckler, the Sea Captain, and Kirk Van Houten.

Outside of voice acting, he’s also known for his work in films such as “The Birdcage,” “Godzilla,” and “Along Came Polly,” and as Phoebe’s one-time love interest on “Friends.”

3. Seth MacFarlane Net Worth: $300 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Kent, Connecticut
Age: 50
Net Worth: $300 million
Current Salary: $20 million per year (per Wealthy Gorilla)
Career Highlights: Family Guy, Ted, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Once Upon a Time In The West

This is where the money starts getting serious. Seth MacFarlane is a voice actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and singer who, at 47 years old, is worth the monster sum of $300 million. He owes his success (and his fortune) to his knack for delivering one hugely successful TV show after another.

“Family Guy,” “American Dad,” “The Cleveland Show”…. to make any one of those would make you a major talent, but to make all three makes you a phenomenon. Add to that the success he’s enjoyed with films like “Ted” “Ted 2,” and “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” and it’s understandable why he enjoys such an incredible reputation.

Considering “Ted” and “Ted 2” (both of which he wrote, directed, produced, and voiced) grossed over $700 million at the box office, it’s also understandable how he achieved that $300 million net worth.

2. Trey Parker Net Worth: $600 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Conifer, Colorado
Age: 54
Net Worth: $600 million
Current Salary: $19 million per month (per Business Insider, figures subject to change due to streaming)
Career Highlights: South Park, Team America: World Police, Book of Mormon

Trey Parker is one-half of the brains and the voices behind “South Park.” He created the show with his college buddy Matt Stone back in the mid-90s. It fast became a global phenomenon.

Almost a quarter of a century after it first aired, it’s still generating controversies, still pulling in huge audiences, and still delivering the duo mammoth paychecks in the mail.

Recently they signed a new $900 million deal with ViacomCBS to produce six more seasons of the show and 14 movies. Parker voices numerous charter on the show, including Stan and Cartman. He’s also voiced characters in “Despicable Me 3” and “Team America: World Police.”

1. Matt Stone Net Worth: $700 Million

At a glance:

Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Age: 52
Net Worth: $700 million
Current Salary: $19 million per month (per Business Insider, figures subject to change due to streaming)
Career Highlights: South Park, Team America: World Police, Book of Mormon

With a full $100 million more than his buddy Trey, Matt Stone ranks as the richest voice actor in the world. How he made is pretty simple: “South Park.”

Matt has a diverse career (“Team America: World Police,” “Orgazmo,” “BASEketball,” and “Run Ronnie Run!” amongst others), but it’s “South Park” that brings in the bulk of money. 

That’s why he is one of the most successful voice actors, animators, writers, and producers in the world. South Park, whose IP assets are worth a cool $1 billion, pushes his net worth to a phenomenal $700 million.

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