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How Michael Blakey Achieved a Net Worth of $60 Million

Michael Blakey

Michael Blakey is a celebrity personality in the music business who is best known for his work as a record producer, among other talents. He has achieved an incredible net worth of $60 million dollars.

We wondered if he amassed this fortune solely through his work in the record industry or if he had other sidelines that helped him to become so incredibly wealthy. After looking into his career history, here are the interesting facts about him that we discovered.

His early years

Blakey was born in 1958 in London, England. He got an early start in his professional career at the age of just 19 years old. His first job in the record business was at Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany.

He was given the title resident producer. He worked his way up through the industry through the years and throughout his career he was produced tracks for some of the greatest artists in the world. These include, but are not limited to No Doubt, Eminem, Willie Nelson, Engelbert Humperdinck, and many others.

His career in record producing

In time, Michael decided that it was time to go into business for himself. He launched three of his own record companies that spanned coast to coast. He had achieved a stellar reputation in the recording industry and worked with some of the most famous and successful artists. Blakey had worked in Germany initially, but set up his series of studios in the United States.

Other endeavors

Blakey was also a talented musician himself. He was a songwriter, arranger, composer, and musician. He even played as a session drummer for Tidal Force at Atico Records. Atico was impressed with him and offered him a job to work full time with them. He accepted the position of Chief of A& R and remained at the job from 1991 through 1994.

His career in the film industry

As though he didn't wear enough impressive badges, the multi-talented Michael Blakey entered yet another niche within the entertainment industry. He provided the music for several television shows and films. Among them were the film "Shaft," and "Jackass: The Movie."

Blakey was always busy providing services for important people in the entertainment industry. He was a vital and essential cog in the wheel that turns the business that keeps us all entertained with our favorite movies, shows and music.

Michael Blakey is an important person in music

Blakey is a man that many people who enjoy music have never heard of. Although he is popular with the A-listers in the business, he's one of the important people who works in the background to make sure that everything behind the scenes gets done the right way.

He has become a legend within his niche of the music industry, and as of the present, he has contributed to the sales of more than 100 million albums. It's no small wonder that he's considered an icon among the artists who have worked with him.

He's an award winning producer

In addition to helping so many artists to become successful, Michael Blakey has received a great deal of attention and recognition for his contributions. Although he has yet to win a Grammy Award, he has been nominated a total of five times. This is quite an honor and a distinction in itself.

What is Michael Blakey up to now?

At the age of 62, Michael is still going strong and doing what he has done the best for so many years. He is working at the job that he loves. He owns Electra Star Management and he is busy as the manager of the company.

How did Michael Blakey become so successful as a record producer?

The old saying goes that if you're doing something you love then you never work a day in your life. Well, it's party true anyway. It's obvious that Blakey is a hard worker and that he has put forth a tremendous effort in establishing his own business and keeping it running quite well for all these years.

He shared his secret for success in a recent interview. When asked how he came to be so successful, he indicated that it was because he simply pursued his passion. He further shared that his passion is music, and all he did was to turn his passion into a business. We can tell by the end result that he knows what he is doing when it comes to producing music.

A versatile an diversified career

Blakey has composed and arranged music for a variety of different movies that we didn't mention previously including "Beavis and Butthead Do America," "Who Killed Bambi," and several more.

He has worked with a variety of musical artists from pop to country. A few more names you might recognize include Coolio, Ron White, Bob Carlisle, Waylon Jennings, 2 Pac, Glen Campbell, and these are just a few more he's worked with.


After learning more about Michael Blakey and the contributions that he has made to the music and the film industry through the years, it's not hard to believe that the bulk of his net worth has been earned through his hard work and entrepreneurship within the music business.

He is one of the most iconic professionals in his niche. While many of us who love music and film may have not been familiar with his name or his significance, it doesn't lessen the fact that he is a mogul. Blakey is continuing to put out great albums. He's also helping a new generation of young hopefuls to get their names out.

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