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The 10 Richest People in Wyoming

Dick Cheney

Wyoming is a state that has wide-open spaces and plenty of room to find peace and serenity. It also has a high number of very wealthy residents. In fact, there are several billionaires living in the state. Part of the reason why there are so many rich people living there is because of its lenient taxes that are lower than the rest of the nation at 5.6%, compared to between 8 and 8.49 in other states.

Additionally, Wyoming does not collect reports or personal state income tax, which makes it one of the most attractive places for the very rich. Here are the ten richest people in Wyoming for 2021.

10. Dick Cheney Net worth: $100 million

According to Celebrity Net worth, Dick Cheney has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Mr. Cheney was born in Casper, Wyoming, and is known for his political career as a member of the Republican Party, serving as Vice President under the George W. Bush administration. He was formerly the CEO of Halliburton Oil.

9. Jonathan J. Ledecky Net Worth: $340 million

According to, Jonathan J. Dedecky estimates his total net worth at $340 million. He is an American businessman and Harvard graduate who owns a sports team, as well as his SPAC. He lived in Jackson, Wyoming, and is one of the richest people in the state.

8. John Edson Net Worth: $1.4 billion

John Edson made his fortune as an entrepreneur who enjoys water sports. He started his career selling used boats, then purchased the major boat brand Bayliner and he only paid $100 for the name in 1955. He started the manufacturing company building affordable plywood motorboats and the company grew to become a yacht-manufacturing giant. He sold the company in 1986 for $425 million to The Brunswick Corporation. He later purchased Westport Yards, another yacht maker, which he later sold for an amount that is undisclosed.

7. Amy Wyss Net Worth: $1.85 billion

Amy Wyss worked for a medical equipment manufacturing company for many years. Her father founded Synthesis, and she is the heir to the startup with a net worth of $1.85 billion. she has put in her time in the workforce. She is a resident of Wilson, Wyoming, and the seventh richest person in the state.

6. Leandro Rizzuto Net Worth: $3 billion

Leandro Rizzuto is the sixth richest person in Wyoming. He is an American businessman who quit college to help his mother and father launch a hair products business in 1959. The name of the company is Conair. The company has multiple major brand names under its umbrella as subsidiaries. He also owns numerous properties with an estimated net worth of $3 billion.

5. Hansjorg Wyss Net Worth: $6.5 billion

Mr. Wyss is the founder and former president of Synthesis, a medical equipment manufacturing company. His company has researched and developed medical equipment for broken and fragmented bone repair. Mr. Wyss sold the Synthesis company to the Johnson & Johnson company in June of 2012 for a staggering $20.2 billion. He has an estimated net worth of $6 billion. Although he is a citizen of Switzerland, he has made his fortune in the United States and he is also a resident of Wilson, Wyoming.

4. Christy Walton Net Worth: $7.8 billion

According to Wikipedia, Christy Walton is the widow of John T. Walton, son of Walmart founder Sam Walton. She inherited a part of her husband's share of the multibillion-dollar company when he passed away from a tragic plane crash in 2015. Her children also inherited billions after the accident. Christy Walton lives in Jackson, Wyoming.

3. Lukas, Walton Net Worth: $18 billion

According to Business Insider, Lukas Walton is an heir to the Walmart empire, founded by his grandfather Sam Walton. His father John T. Walton tragically died in an airplane crash in 2015. Lukas is 33 years old and he inherited one-third of the fortune that was forthcoming after his father's death.

He is one of the Walton children that you don't hear a lot about because Lukas is a private person who prefers to keep a low profile. He is currently the 59th richest person in the world as of 2020. Lukas is the chair of the Environment Program Committee for the Walton Family Foundation.

Although Mr. Walton does not share much about his personal life, it is widely known that he has donated millions of dollars of his fortune to help find solutions to help improve the health of the environment. He supports good causes with both his time and his money. He is a generous soul with the heart of a philanthropist.

2. Forrest Mars Jr. Net Worth: $23.4 billion

Forrest Mars Jr. was one of the richest men in Wyoming. His grandfather, Frank Mars was the founder of the Mars, Incorporated confectionary company. When he passed away in 2016, he was the sixteenth richest American and the 25th richest person in the world.

1. John Mars Net Worth: $30.8 billion

According to Wikipedia, John Mars is currently the chairman of Mars, Incorporated. His fortune has been steadily growing and is now valued at an incredible $30.8 billion. He is currently the 31st richest person in the world. He is the grandson of the founder of the Mrs, Incorporated confectionary company. John Mars is the richest person in the state of Wyoming.

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