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How Paige Achieved a Net Worth of $3.5 Million


The WWE Superstar Paige (aka Saraya-Jade Bevis) is a face most wrestling fans know well. Some find her wrestling career controversial due to her youth when she first entered the ring at age 13, but she proved her worth. It should come as no surprise that Paige knew what she was doing; after all, she comes from a family of wrestlers. Her parents are pro-wrestlers Patrick Bevis and Julia Hamer-Bevis. Naturally, when both your parents are in the ring, you're bound to pick up a few tricks along the way. Originally her early debut was to fill a slot at an event her family was holding when another wrestler was unable to fight that night. As it turns out, Saraya liked wrestling so much she made a career out of it.

"We prefer to be the freaks we prefer to be the geeks, we prefer to be the weirdos the misfits, the oddballs but mostly we prefer to be the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves."

Early Life

Saraya must have seen more than her fair share of wrestling bouts coming from a family of pro wrestlers as she did. That wasn't all, however. Her parents also own a bar. By the time she was 15, Saraya was working as a bouncer at the family business when her parents were away. It goes to show, she was always a tough cookie, plus she learned her work ethic young. Beyond that, having parents who not only wrestled but also managed their own business must have been a significant influence on her. Though wrestling is the family business, she was more than a little afraid to consider following in her parent's footsteps. Saraya grew up seeing wrestlers at their best, but also knowing how badly a wrestler can be injured. The experience left a mark on her, but when her time came, she let all that go and stepped into the ring anyhow. We can't imagine what that must have been like for a young teen, but it was clearly a solid choice that turned into a career for her.

At first, the British born Saraya wrestled under the stage name Britani Knight. She won numerous titles in independent wrestling circuits in Europe. Her talent and beauty must have caught the eye of more than a few pro wrestling producers. Moreover, her entire family was part of a documentary called Wrestling With My Family. Presumably, those early titles and fame helped her to achieve the level of wealth and fame she possesses today. One thing is sure, Paige paid her dues and worked her way up just like any other wrestler. She spent years working on her skills before she signed on with WWE in 2011, where they first sent her to Florida. It's rumored that her mother even wrestled when she was seven months pregnant with Saraya, so she was a part of the sport before she was even born. That wouldn't be the only time she wrestled with her mother. The dynamic female mother-daughter duo would team up later too. They won the World Association of Women’s Wrestling (WAWW) Tag Team Championship in June 2007 after facing the Legion of Womb. Eventually, Saraya would defeat her mother in the Herts and Essex (HEW) Women’s Championship and the WAWW British Championship the same month.

WWE Divas

As a Diva, Paige has consistently been one of the highest paid female wrestlers with an annual salary of $250,000 to $350,000. She was voted most beautiful, which may have contributed to her success. Of course, with more than a few TV and movie credits to her name, this gorgeous Diva is doubling down on her career prospects and bringing in plenty of cash. Parlaying your name and status into more work that will make you even better known is a brilliant move if you want to build wealth and fame equally.

  • Surf's Up 2: WaveMania
  • Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon
  • Santa's Little Helper
  • The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family
  • WWE Tough Enough
  • Conan
  • Ridiculousness
  • Total Bellas
  • Miz & Mrs.
  • Total Divas

She was also in Dwayne Johnsons' film The Rock. While the main plot there was obviously about Dwayne himself, her story also featured heavily in the movie. Appearing alongside such a beloved and internationally well-known star added to her fame and made her a household name in the wrestling industry in places she wasn't known before. In addition to all her other credits, Paige is also a playable character in several wrestling video games.


Being a Diva is one thing, but victory will help your career tremendously. As the inaugural NXT women's champion Paige helped build her brand and bring in the big bucks. To accomplish that she had to defeat the WWE veterans Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox. Intriguingly, the three became close friends as a result. She began appearing on the RAW main characters roster in 2014 and quickly thereafter also became the youngest WWE Divas Championship winner when she was only 21 years old. She's the only one to ever hold the NXT Championship and the WWE Divas Championship at the same time. Sports Illustrated even gave her first place at one point for the best female solo wrestler. That's quite an accomplishment for any woman in wrestling, let alone one so young.

Among her many titles from her early career are the following:

  •  German Stampede Wrestling Ladies Title
  •  Herts & Essex Wrestling Women's Championship (twice)
  •  Premier Wrestling Federation Ladies Tag Team Championship
  •  Pro-Wrestling: EVE Championship
  •  Real Deal Wrestling Women's Championship
  •  Real Quality Wrestling Women's Championship
  •  Swiss Championship Wrestling Ladies Championship
  •  World Association of Women's Wrestling British Ladies Championship
  •  British Tag Team Championship
  • Ladies Hardcore Championship.

Paige's Story

It wasn't all beer and skittles as the Brits say. Paige was suspended from work at the WWE once for alleged drug use. She's battled with depression and even apparently considered suicide at one point. In spite of all her troubles, or perhaps because of them, the Diva has triumphed. Unfortunately, she only wrestled for four years before a career-ending injury put her out of the game. Now the WWE is making a documentary about her.

Final Thoughts

It doesn't take much effort to see where this Diva got her net worth. She's incredibly talented and drop-dead gorgeous. When you start early and work hard, you can achieve anything. We admire her perseverance through all the tough times. She truly earned every penny of her $3.5 million with the sweat of her brow and unusual bravery. It will be interesting to see what she does next, but whatever it is, we'll be watching and cheering her on.

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