How Brock Lesnar Achieved a Net Worth of $28 Million

Brock Lesnar WWE Raw

Born in South Dakota on July 12, 1977, Brock Lesner is a former professional football player who is now a professional mixed martial artist and wrestler who is signed to WWE. This sportsman has done so well in his career, that it is now estimated that he has a personal net worth of $28 million. So, how did Brock Lesner accrue such a large wealth during his career?

Like many sportsmen, Lesnar made his first mark in his chosen sport while at college. Throughout his time at Bismarck State College and then the University of Minnesota, he was a successful amateur wrestler who represented both educational establishments. He didn’t begin his professional career as a wrestler until 2000 when he signed with WWE.

According to, Lesnar made his Raw debut on March 18, 2002, when he destroyed every Superstar in the ring. With Paul Heyman guiding his career, he was set for ring domination. At the age of 25 and just five months after making his WWE debut, Lesnar became the WWE Champion. This meant he was the youngest winner of the title in its history. In the same year, he won King of the Ring and then the Royal Rumble in the following year.

Following this brief success in wrestling, Lesnar decided to switch careers and become a professional football player with the National Football League in the position of defensive tackle for Minnesota Vikings. Unfortunately, the decision was made to cut him from the team before the 2004 season had even begun. The following year, Lesnar decided to return to professional wrestling., This time, he signed with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He was an immediate success in the ring as in his first match, he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship title.

By 2006, Lesnar had decided that it was time for him to change career path once again. He entered the world of mixed martial arts and signed with Hero’s, winning his first match. In 2008, he signed with the UFC but lost his debut fight against Frank Mir. This was the first downturn his career had taken, but he soon redeemed himself by winning his second and third matches, leading to him becoming the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Illness sidelined Lesnar for a short time as he underwent surgery for diverticulitis. On his return, he was defeated in a match and he made the drastic decision to retire from MMA. After an eight-year hiatus from wrestling, he rejoined WWE.

It turned out that this was a good decision as the years that have followed since are probably the most successful and financially rewarding in his career. In 2014, he won the WWE Heavyweight Championship, followed by the WWE Universal Championship in both 2017 and 2018. This meant he achieved world champion status three times during this period of his career.

During this period, Lesnar also went into the ring for UFC, even though he was contracted to WWE. Brock Lesnar defeated his first opponent, Mark Hunt, in a unanimous verdict. Despite this initial success, Lesnar’s time with UFC was cut short when he tested positive for a banned substance called clomiphene. This led to his suspension from UFC and a large fine. His win against Hunt was also overturned to a no contest. He decided to retire from MMA for the second time in 2017. During his MMA career, he had five wins out of nine matches.

Throughout his careers in wrestling and MMA, Lesnar has earned great respect for his performance. Managed by Paul Heyman for most of his career, Lesnar is a six-time world champion and has won numerous world and heavyweight championships with different organizations. His success also relates to how much viewers want to watch him in the ring as he has headlined some of the most watched pay-per-view events in the histories of both the WWE and the UFC. As they are the most watched matches, it also means that they are the most financially successful. The media has also recognized his success, with an article by ESPN declaring him as the most accomplished athlete in the history of professional wrestling.

It was his career in wrestling and mixed martial arts that led to Brock Lesnar accruing a personal net worth of $28 million. This was from a combination of prize money and fees for appearances. However, he has also made money from other means, including film, television, magazine shoots, and from brand endorsements.

In terms of his media career, Lesnar was in a DVD released by the WWE in 2003 that chronicled his career. The DVD was called ‘Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain’, and it was re-released as a three-disc DVD in 2012. A further DVD was released in 2016 called ‘Brock Lesnar: Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat’.

Lesnar’s magazine shoots have included featuring on the covers of both Muscle & Fitness and Flex in 2004, and then on the cover of the Minneapolis publication City Pages in 2008. He is also the cover athlete for the WWE 2K17 video games and for the special publication ‘WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain, UFC Undisputed 2010’.

The main brand endorsed by Lesnar is Dynamize Nutrition, When Lesnar signed a deal with them in 2009, the brand included a CD with footage of the wrestler training with all purchases of their Xpand product. He has also co-written an autobiography with Paul Heyman called ‘Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival’.

With his fortune, Lesnar has been able to provide himself and his family with a comfortable lifestyle. He lives on a large farm in Maryfield, Saskatchewan with his family. He has been married to Rena Greek, also a professional wrestler called Sable, since 2006. The couple has two children together. Their first son, Turk, was born in 2009 followed by their second son, Duke, in 2010. Lesnar also has twins from a previous relationship. His daughter Mya Lynn and son Luke were born in 2002.

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