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The 20 Richest WWE Divas Of All-Time

Women are proving that the WWE is not just a sport where men can be successful. Some of the female wrestlers, commonly referred to as WWE Divas, are drawing big crowds and bringing in the big bucks in the industry.

We've taken a look at the current net worth of some of the top figures in the world of female wrestlers, and we were shocked at how much some of them have made throughout their careers.

Although some may have brought in decent salaries, not all of them made wise investments or kept track of the fortunes that they were earning.  And for those of you who think Sable made the list, think again, she's only at $1.5 million.

Here is a list of the 20 richest WWE divas of all-time:

20. Eva Marie Net Worth - $ 2.5 million

Natalia Marie Coyle is the twentieth richest WWE Diva in the world today. She signed her contract with the WWE in 2013 under the name of Eva Marie and was paid $200,000 a year.

She has also added to her current net worth though acting and fitness modeling.  In mid-2015, Coyle began wrestling as part of the NXT women's division.

In April 2016, Eva Marie returned to the main roster, officially becoming a part of the SmackDown brand in July 2016. She officially left the WWE on August 4, 2017

19. Trish Stratus Net Worth - $3 million

Trish Stratus was once named "Canada's greatest export." The rationale behind this exclamation is the fact that she is absolutely beautiful, charismatic and an amazing performer in the divas division of the WWE.

She won Women's Champion on seven different occasions, retiring after the "Unforgiven" match in 2006. What made it even more special is that the event was held in her hometown of Toronto Ontario, Canada.

She arrived on the scene with few talents other than her dramatic good looks. She started as the manager of Test and Albert and then became more connected with Vince McMahon that led to her slapping the Wrestlemania X7 chairman on live TV.

This was when her career really started to take off. She hit the ground running and started spending more and more time in the ring. By 2001, she won the Survivor Series women's title, which was her first win.

Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at the 20th Wrestlemania.

18. Rosa Mendes Net Worth - $3 million

Rosa signed a contract with the WWE in 2006 under the name of Rosa Mendes. Her real name is Milena Leticia Roucka and she is a citizen of Canada. Rosa earns a salary of $220,000 annually for professional wrestling.

She is also a former model who helped to add to her current net worth through her efforts in both professions. She is the eighteenth richest Diva currently in the WWE. She managed former WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico from 2011 to 2013.

She was also a main cast member on the E! reality series Total Divas.

17. Paige Net Worth - $3.5 million

Paige earns an annual salary of a quarter of a million dollars through the WWE. Paige is only her ring name. Her legal/birth name is Saraya Jade Bevis.

She is a British pro wrestler who has won the WWE Diva Championship twice, once in 2014 and then again in 2016. She made history in the WWE by scoring at win at the tender young age of 21.

She has been voted one of the most beautiful of the WWE Divas on the planet, and now she is in the top twenty richest.  There's also a feature film produced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson coming out that's based on she and her family.

16. Mickie James Net Worth - $4 million

Mickie James was friends with Trish Stratus until she started acting out on her strange obsession with her. It got creepy fast. She began dressing like her and later confessed to the fact that she was in love with her.

The advances were rejected by Stratus and the two became vicious rivals in the ring. The full fury of their differences was seen in Wrestlemania XXII in their face off.

James was popular with fans, but was not promoted because there were younger female wrestlers entering the ring and they began to receive the attention that she had once enjoyed.

She was active in the WWE from 2005 to 2010, but still remains one of the top five greatest Divas of all time.

She was the five-time WWE Women's Champion, The PWI Woman of the Year in 2009 and then again in 2011 and she drew the fourth highest pay per view for Diva matches.

15. Brie Bella Net Worth - $4 million

Brie Bella is the other half of the Bella Twins tag team due. Brie is one of the most famous personalities in Women's professional wrestling today.

She is credited with winning the WWE Divas Champion belt and has been proclaimed to be one of the "hottest WWE Diva(s) in the world." She is semi retired from the ring but still pulls in an annual salary of $280,000. 

Bella was previously in a relationship with former Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen. In September 2013, she revealed her engagement to fellow professional wrestler Bryan Danielson.

The couple married on April 11, 2014. On October 5, 2016, Bella announced that the couple were expecting their first child due in April 2017. Bella gave birth to a baby girl on May 9, 2017, named Birdie Joe Danielson.

14. Stacy Keibler Net Worth - $4.5 million

Stacy Keibler wasn't the best wrestler of her time, but she did contribute exciting action for any team that she was involved with. She made her debut in the ring in 2001 with the WWF.

Keibler soon became The Dudley Boyz manager.  It worked out fairly well and she was given the nickname "Duchess of Dudleyville." The arrangement didn't last long though.

When the Dudley's turned on her, she began wrestling and it seemed that the feuds were turned up to a high pitch between her, Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson. She moved from WWE and went to "Dancing with the Stars" as a competitor.

Her wrestling career was over with the WWE by the time she was just 28 years old. She was known as one of the sexiest as well as most popular Diva's in the sport. 

She received WWE Diva of the Year in 2004.

13. Kelly Kelly Net Worth - $4.5 million

Kelly Kelly is the thirteenth richest WWE Diva of all time. Kelly Kelly is her ring name as an American professional wrestler. It is also the name that she uses for her modeling career.

She came to the sport with a background in gymnastics and cheerleading from her time at college. She made her debut in 2006 and became an extremely popular exhibitionist and performer.

She currently hauls in $285,000 per year. Her birth name is Barbara Jean Kelly.  Kelly is also constantly linked to Chris Jericho with regards to her wrestling career.

12. Natalya Net Worth - $5 million

Natalie Katherine Neidhart came to the WWE from her home country of Canada, signing her contract with the company under the ring name of Natalya.

She earned her place among the serious competitors by taking the Diva Championship title in November of 2010. She is a popular wrestler who is well known for being member of the Hart wrestling family.

Her annual salary is approximately $300,000 but that doesn't include endorsements, etc etc.  Natalya is currently the women's champion on Smackdown.

11. Nikki Bella Net Worth - $5.5 million

Nikki Bella is the other half of the Bella Twins tag team. Both she and her twin sister Brie Bella took the WWE world by storm in the women's division.

She has earned the distinction of becoming a two time Diva Champion in the WWE. She appears as a featured guest in "Total Divas," a reality based television show on E!. She also served as a Miss USA celebrity judge in 2013.

Her salary is set at $310,000 per year.   She's also engaged to none other than John Cena.

10. AJ Lee Net Worth - $6 Million

AJ Lee is the tenth richest WWE Diva of all time. Her real name is April Jeanette Brooks. She is a three time winner of the Diva Championship. She signed her contract with the WWE in 2009, and retired from the sport in 2015.

April appeared in a short film titled "Madden NFL16" and she is also the author of the book, "Crazy is My Superpower." The book is set for publication and release in 2017. Her salary during her wrestling days was over $300,000. 

Currently AJ makes money fitness modeling and through social media.

9. Lilian Garcia Net Worth - $6 million

Lillian Garcia is the ninth richest WWE wrestler in the diva group. Although she wrestled just one match in her career as a WWE professional wrestler, she is still considered to be one of the greatest WWE Divas in the history of the organization.

She is by far one of the best at delivering ring introductions. She's got the voice for the job and she has effectively become an icon who's name is synonymous with the WWE. She was active in the WWE from 1999 to 2009.

She took a two year break and then returned in 2011 and is still with them today.

8. Terri Runnels Net Worth - $6.67 million

Terri Runnels was active with the WWE for eight years as a professional female wrestler. She signed her contract with the WWE in 1996 under the ring name of Marlena, the valet of Goldust.

She was actually his wife at the time and it seemed a bit weird for some, but it worked out. Terri was a gorgeous woman and she had an aire of class about her, even when she poked that cigar between her lips.

She was a major component of "The Bizarre Ones" act. She also served as manager for other strange acts including The Hardy Boyz, Meat, Saturn and Raven. 

Eventually, she turned to the job of backstage interviewer and this extended her contract with the WWE.  She won the WWF Hardcore Championship once, but left the organization in 2004.

7. Vickie Guerrero Net Worth - $8 million

Vickie Guerrero is one of those amazing success stories in the WWE. She started her career with them, making just a few appearances now and then, but after her husband Eddie passed away, she became a regular who was singled out to be featured several times over. 

The WWE took very good care of her and her family by keeping her in work and in the spotlight. As time went by, Vickie somehow underwent a transformation. As her comfort level rose in her role, she started taking the most heat from the crowd of any wrestler in the history of the WWE.

She first signed her contract with the WWE in 2006, and has remained active to this day. She's done everything from running the show to standing by the side of a wrestler and she still brings on a hefty response from the audience.

She won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Best on Wrestler award in 2009 and 2010.

6. Tammy Lynn Sytch AKA Sunny Net Worth - S11 million

Tammy Lynn Sytch is known as a pioneer for women in what was a new role for females in the arena of professional wrestling. She is known as "the first Diva" for her contributions.

Tammy served in several different roles in WWE throughout her career. She was a manager and did some wrestling, interviewing and has even served as the WWE TV host on occasion.

She started out as The Bodydonnas manager but became bigger with the company than the guys she was managing. Fans really loved her perky spirit and let's face it, she was drop dead gorgeous.

She managed several different wrestling teams including Farooq, The Smoking Gunns and The Legion of Doom. Her time with the WWF was cut short when she was accused of using illegal drugs.

The company let her go at that point, and although she made a few bids to re-enter her career, she was not allowed steady work with the WWE again. She was active with the WWF from 1995 through 1998. Sunny was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame in 2011.

5. Bull Nakano Net Worth - $12 million

Nakano made two great runs in the WWE, but each was too short lived. She signed on with WWE in 1986 and built her scary reputation. One of the more popular feuds was in the 1990s and it was during her second run that she had an all out battle with Alundra Blayze.

SumerSlam 94 was brutal and the hard hitting divas had some pretty impressive match ups that made history in excitement that have yet to see in the ring and out to this day.

Hull threw Blayze all over the ring like she was a Raggedy Ann. She didn't exactly come out on top in the event, but in time, she won the belt and then held on to it for over five months before Blayze reclaimed it.

It was during her second run with WWF that she ran into some serious issues. She was busted for possession of cocaine and she was fired from the company. Bull Nakano was active in WWE in 1986 and then again from 1994-1995.

She was the one time winner WWF Women's Champion.

4. Torrie Wilson Net Worth - $18 million

Torrie Wilson is the fourth richest WWE Diva of all time. She was pals with Stacy Keibler and the two led the pack in trying to take over the ring in 2001.

It was during the Invasion angle that Wilson did a three sixty and fans became enamored of her as a favorite.  She eventually departed from the WCW and it was due to her then boyfriend, Tajiri. She came across as the female version of John Cena before Cena was even Cena.

Her visibility was high and she was one woman that the WWE pushed with gusto. Wilson also aligned with Candice Michelle and Victoria, but it didn't pull the angst of the crowd as expected.

Wilson left the WWE in 2008 as they released her from her contract. She was active in the organization from 2001 to 2008. Before her departure, she won the WWE's golden Thong Award in 2002.

3. Stephanie McMahon Net Worth - $25 million

Stephanie McMahon is the third richest Diva in the WWE, but then again, she's in the family so it was a bit easier for her to get there. Stephanie was a great entertainer who was introduced to WWE as a sweetheart of a girl that everybody loved.

She was known as the "Billion Dollar Princess." It wasn't long before we found out how mean this girl could be. She became embroiled in some of the heavier WWE storylines which made her somewhat of a notorious figure.

Her marriage to Triple H was performed on the air and it really boosted the popularity of both characters. She battled Trish Stratus and Lita, but the really big event is when she took on her own father.

She was fearless in the ring. Later on in her career, Stephanie moved to the position of the General manager of SmackDown and she stayed there for an extended period of time.

Stephanie had a child and when this blessed event occurred, she wasn't seen on WWE as much. As of now, she's made a come back to full time on Raw.

Although her appearances have become spotty since 2005, she is still heavily involved in the empire that she will one day own. She's been active in WWE from 1999 to current. She won PWI Woman of the Year in 200 and WWF Women's Champion once. We'd say that Stephanie has paid her dues.

2. Wendi Richter Net Worth - $39 Million

Wendi Richter comes in second in the richest divas of WWE list. Her popularity at one time soared to great heights, comparable to that of the great Hulk Hogan.

She ended Moolah's impressive run with a victory in the WWF Women's Championship in a scant ten minutes. She became one of WWE's most popular and biggest stars, prior to the "original screwjob" event that brought her down.

In an unplanned take down, Spider Lady pinned her at a show in Madison Square Garden. It was Moolah that Vince had ordered to pin her down and remove the belt from her person.

Richter saw this as the most insulting of all betrayals that could possibly have been handed down from McMahon. It was at this time that she refused to wrestle for WWE, ever again.

We did however, see her in 2010 at her induction into the Hall of Fame. This was one that she really had to attend. Wendi was active in the WWE from 1983 to 1985 until she left on a sour note.

The two time WWF Women's Champion had had enough of the dirty politics and called it quits.

1. Debra McMichael Net Worth - $45.4 million

The number one richest diva of the WWE of all time is Debra McMichael. She made a run in the WCW and made a name for herself in the days of the "Attitude" Era of the  WWE. 

She was once the manager for Jeff Jarrett. When he was in the ring she would stand atop the right apron and fans kept an eye out for her signature opening of the blouse button move.

She did it to distract Jarrett's opponents as well as you know, upping her brand in the WWE. Her relationship with Jarrett was a powder keg. Jeff could get a little meaner than was reasonable, but she stayed with him.

She could be a dirty bird at times, but the fans truly loved her. Debra was a one time winner of WWE Women's Champion and PWI woman of the year in 1999. She earned her stripes in the company being active with WWE from 1998 to 2002.

Jarrett left and joined WCW, and McMichael took a brief hiatus herself. We saw her reappear by the side of Stone Cold Steve Austin after the two got married in real life. Although she's been gone for years, she's still remembered by her fans.

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