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How Terri Runnels Achieved a Net worth of $6.6 Million

Terri Runnels

Terri Runnels is best known as a celebrity Diva in professional women's wrestling. We learned that her net worth is currently estimated to be $6.6 million. She's had her share of ups and downs with the WWE, and it left us wondering if she made all of her fortunes through wrestling or if she had other income sources. We did a little investigation into her career and history and we learned some very interesting things about Ms. Runnels. As it turns out, she has an impressive resume and has done a variety of different things in the wrestling world, where she has made the bulk of her fortune. She was not only a lady wrestler herself, but she also managed several professional wrestlers, applied their makeup and she was even a host of WWE for a period of time.

Her early life

Terri was born in Live Oak, Florida on October 5, 1966. Her birth name was Terri Lynne Boatright. She was married to Dustin Runnels from 1993 through 1999, but the marriage didn't work out and the couple divorced in 1999. They had a daughter named Dakota together. She began her career with CNN as a makeup artist in 1985 and continued with the network until 1991, where she also did the Jim Crockett Promotions wrestling members' makeup. She moved to Atlanta and remained a makeup artist for World Championship Westling. She was asked to become a manager for WCW and made her debut as Alexandra York in 1990. She remained with WCW until 1991.

The advancement of Terri's career

Terri joined the world Wrestling Federation and made her appearance as Marlena. She was married to Dustin Runnels, aka his ring name Goldust, and Terri managed his career while wrestling as a Diva herself. In addition to managing Goldust, she also managed other pro wrestlers including Chris Jericho, Team Xtreme, The Mean Street Posse, Tori, Val Venis, Saturn, Rhyno, Raven as well as Edge and Christian. She was the winner of the WWE Hardcore Championship as well as being honored with a Slammy Award in the Best Couple category with her husband Goldust. Terri was both a wrestler in her own right as well as the manager of multiple star wrestlers during her time with the WWE.

Achieving success

Terri Runnels may not be the richest Diva but she has fared better than many of the others with the WWE. Although she didn't become a big name in wrestling until 1996 when she signed her initial WWE contract, she spent the required time working her way up in the business. The five-foot tall retired wrestler is now 53 years old and she's done remarkably well for herself, becoming a multi-millionaire. Befroe her retirement, Terri was presented with yet another career opportunity with WWE. She also accepted the job of interviewing the wrestlers backstage. This was yet one more aspect of her multi-faceted career in the wrestling industry. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Runnels income is approximately $640,000 per year, even though she's officially retired from wrestling.

Other interesting acts about Terri Runnels

Terri hosted WWE from 2001, leaving in 2004. Her departure was in line with the axe swinging frenzy that saw a lot of professionals with the WWE go down the road. This gave her the freedom that she needed to do the things she wanted to do. She responded to the dismissal by seeing the world and doing a whole lot of traveling. She briefly returned to WWE in the early part of 2018 for a special titled "Raw 25 Years." During the episode she was named as one of the legends of the company from the Divas group that had helped to make the company as successful as it had become. In addition to this, Terri had also appeared in three video games under the WWE branding as well as appearing on the television show "The Weakest Link" as a player for the charity the Ronald McDonald House, where she was the fourth to be voted out of the game. She still has a residual income from the three WWE video games that she has appeared on as well.

Final thoughts

Terri Runnels has done very well for herself as a member of the WWE. Prior to that she started out with CNN as a makeup artist and it led to her association with the WWE, but not initially as a wrestler, but rather as a makup artist for the stars. She was offered the opportunity to appear on the roster, and she accepted, herself becoming a female wrestler and part of the Divas. She married her fellow wrestler Goldust, and became his manager, as well as managing multiple other wrestlers during her tenure. Terri also hosted WWE, and conducted interviews of the wrestlers. She has fulfilled several different positions within the company before being let go. We're not sure why WWE went on a firing ramage, but we learned that they treated her with the utmost of respect ,then later invited her back for a special episode, where she was honored for her contributions to the overall success of the company. She has made the majority of her net wealth in the wrestling industry performing multiple different jobs during her tenure. Runnels has made a fortune in the wrestling business and she was able to travel the world and do what she wants thanks to her hard work earlier in her life. Now, she is in her early 50s and she doesn't need to worry about earning a living. She will always be remembered for her hard work and dedication to WWE, and she still has a huge following of fans on social media.

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