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How Did Jackboy Achieve a Net Worth of $2.3 Million in 2023?

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Haitian-American rapper Pierre Delince, AKA “Jackboy,” credits music with helping him transition from a life of crime to a life of celebrity. And while he’s come a long way since his humble beginnings in Haiti, he still feels connected to his roots, as evidenced by his 2021 song, “Where I’m From.”

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Jackboy’s meteoric rise from the streets of Pompano Beach, Florida, to global success. Specifically, we’ll cover the following:

  • 10 things to know about Jackboy’s early life and career
  • How Jackboy made his money
  • An overview of Jackboy's net worth (and how it’s grown over the years)
  • A Jackboy FAQ

Read on to learn more about Jackboy’s inspiring story.

Net Worth $2.3M
Age 26 (b. 9/27/1997)
From Pompano Beach, FL
Primary Income Sources rapper
Social Media Following Instagram: 1804jackboy ($2M followers)

X: 1804 JACKBOY (31.7K followers)

Facebook: 1804 Jackboy (1.3K followers)

Key Highlights 1997: Born In Haiti

2003: Moves with his family to the US

2016: Releases Stick Up Kid mixtape

2021: Launches GoFundMe for earthquake relief in Haiti (and contributes $100K of his own $$ to the effort)

2023: Arrested for burglary and cyberstalking

Assets Owned $1.5M mansion, $1.15 million Mclaren p1

10 things to know about Jackboy’s early life and career

10. He got off to a rough start in life

While Jackboy was born in Haiti, his family moved to South Florida when he was just six years old. After living in several different cities, they eventually landed in Pompano Beach.

Jackboy was just 11 when he was arrested for the first time after breaking into a local home with a friend. He later explained, “[Growing up on the streets] pushed me toward crime…I was in [jail] for one day [after his first arrest]. But then it kept on ‘cause the cycle began.”

After his arrest, Jackboy ended up in a juvenile detention center, which did nothing to deter his life of crime. He was later arrested for a parade of crimes, including aggravated battery, credit card fraud, and several counts of armed robbery.

And while Jackboy’s life in Pompano Beach might have been fraught with struggle, he considers that period of his life—especially his time in the infamous housing project Golden Acres—to have been elemental in teaching him to survive. (Golden Acres was also where he first met his friend and future collaborator, Kodak Black.)

9. He owes his name to his criminal history

The name “Jackboy” means “a street thug who is part of a gang of thieves,” according to WordSense.

However, Jackboy prefers to look at the moniker in a different way.

“People, when they think Jackboy, they assume: ‘Gun. Robbery.’ But I could do it with my mind, too. I could rob you of your information in your mind. I don’t necessarily have to be doing it in a bad way,” he said in a 2019 interview on Thisis50 on YouTube.

8. He had many musical influences

Jackboy’s interest in music developed at a young age. Boosie Badazz and Gucci Mane were among his early influences. This interest led to his decision to pursue a professional career as a musician; he was just 16 when he began composing his own raps.

7. He credits music with changing his life’s trajectory

Before his 22nd birthday, Jackboy had already spent nearly a quarter of his young life in jail–8 years! Reflecting on his past, he says his rapping talent helped him overcome his rocky beginnings.

“I was supposed to catch a real, real long time [in jail], but since they saw that I was a rapper and I had a career, they gave me a chance with it…Music is the reason I got spared,” he told The U.S. Sun in 2021.

6. He has beef with Kodak Black

While Jackboy eventually signed to Kodak Black’s record label, Sniper Gang Records, a series of cryptic tweets in 2021 suggested that they may have had a falling out.

Black tweeted, “Made A ‘M’ Off Lil Jack. Took Long Enough But Dat Businezz Must Be Stood On.”

Shortly after, Jackboy clapped back using lyrics from the song “Vouch,” by Kevin Gates: “Put the folks in my business, gotta set court appointments, gotta suit up with lawyers, damn, this how we rockin’. They copyrighted my name and wanted one million dollars. The label laughed in my face, I had to pay out my pocket.”

Jackboy would later suggest that the purported rift was over. “Nah, that’s my brother at the end of the day. Hey, see your number, unblock me off Instagram, see your number, and I can holla at you," he said on Instagram Live.

5. His first mixtape catapulted him to fame

In 2016, Jackboy released a mixtape, Stick Up Kid. With features from PnB Rock and Kodak Black, Stick Up Kid garnered significant attention. This led to the release of subsequent albums, including New Jack City, JackNDaBox, and Lost in My Head.

4. He’s known for collaborating with other artists.

In addition to his solo work, Jackboy is well-known for collaborating with other artists. One noteworthy partnership? He was featured on the remix of Lil Yachty’s song, “D to the A.”

3. He still feels connected to his native Haiti

While Jackboy might have left Haiti more than two decades ago, he still identifies with his homeland. After 2021’s devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti, he joined forces with Lil Baby to build a hospital. He also shared videos on Instagram of the event’s impact to raise awareness.

“I just walked through a hospital in Haiti & all the patients sleeping outside…..I personally handed every single last 1 of them a[n] envelope full of money, but fr fr I feel like that ain’t enough…Who want[s] to go half with me & get a hospital built? It’s not really that much, especially if we using dollars,” he urged.

Jackboy followed up his Instagram post by sharing screenshots of a DM conversation with Lil Baby in which the two talked about partnering to build “something special” for Haitians affected by the earthquake.

But Jackboy didn’t just talk the talk. He also walked the walk: The rapper started a GoFundMe for Haiti Relief Efforts—and contributed $100,000 of his own money to kick things off.

More evidence of Jackboy’s connection to his native Haiti? He dropped his single, “Spittin’ Facts” on the country’s flag day on May 18.

2. He loves to experiment musically

When asked about his approach to musical experimentation and what he’s willing to try, Jackboy said, “Everything. Everything that they think I can’t.”

Combined with his freestyling talents, this outlook led to the cultivation of Jackboy’s unique sound, which incorporates singing, snarls, and growls alongside his clever bars.

And while making money might have fueled his music at the onset, Jackboy has a new way of looking at his music and goals.

“[When I first started going to the studio], it was all a finesse. It was like, ‘Alright, whatever, I don’t care what I say, I’m gonna get paid off of this.’ But now it’s like, I’m tryna real deal stand out from everybody….You just really gotta stay consistent, you just gotta keep on working,” he told Caplin News in 2021.

This change not only helped him develop his trademark sound but also helped him differentiate himself from Kodak Black. “With my new music, they don’t [compare me to Kodak anymore] ‘cause he not really singing as much like how I be singing…They kind of fell back from that when I switched my flow up,” he continued.

1. He’s recently found himself back in trouble with the law

On September 16, 2023, Jackboy was arrested in Florida on burglary and stalking charges.

According to sources, the arrest was associated with domestic violence charges against him with an undisclosed dating partner. This was later revealed to be singer-songwriter Lexxstasy, who discussed the situation (and her injuries) on Instagram.

Jackboy was released after posting a $5,000 bond.

How did Jackboy make his money?

Jackboy burst onto the rap scene in 2016, and his songs have been streamed millions of times on various listening platforms. Over the years, he’s had many hit songs, spurring his fame and fortune growth.

In 2019, his 17-track debut album, Jackboy, reached No. 96 on the Billboard 200. It was loaded with features from the likes of Lil Sean, Casanova, Blac Youngsta, and others.

He followed up with his second album, Love Me While I’m Here.

His 2021 third album, Jackboy 2, was also considered to be a critical and commercial success.

Even Jackboy himself has expressed surprise over his status and wealth. He said in 2021, “I never wanted to be a rapper in my life. I started rapping probably three years ago, four years ago.”

He continued, “This sh*t doesn’t mean that much to me. I made millions off this sh*t. I already won. I bought my mom a house. I won. I bought my mom a car, paid off, I won. All my cars, I got three cars, paid off. I won.”

While Jackboy is known for being a big spender, he’s also generous with his money. In addition to his philanthropy on behalf of his home country of Haiti, he famously passed over purchasing an expensive Richard Mille to purchase his mother a new house instead.

Furthermore, Jackboy is also thinking “big picture.” He’s shared plans to invest in businesses toward the goal of amassing generational wealth. Possibilities include starting his own record company and founding a rental car company.

Still, while Jackboy was lauded for his early potential and seemed poised to continue to build wealth, his recent scraps with the law may detract from his earning potential.

Jackboy's net worth: A closer look.

Much of Jackboy’s substantial network derives from his music sales. However, he has also accumulated wealth through social media, including his popular YouTube account.

According to some reports, Jackboy has made upwards of $670,000 from “1804 Jackboy,” his official YouTube channel. It currently has approximately 760,000 subscribers and more than 353 million views. Depending on the viewership, Jackboy can net as much as $27K in just one month from “1804 Jackboy.”

On Instagram, meanwhile, Jackboy’s endorsement deals command in the neighborhood of $10K per post.

Speaking of Instagram, Jackboy frequently displays his wealth on the channel with many posts featuring his signature flashy diamond chains, designer clothing, and some of the world’s most expensive sports cars, including McLaren p1s, Lamborghini Aventadors, Rolls-Royce Phantoms, and BMWs.

His Instagram posts have also featured his three-story $1.2M mansion, which boasts an impressive private wine cellar.

Frequently asked questions about Jackboy

Who is Jackboy?

Jackboy is a Haitian-American rapper known for his unique musical style and collaborations with the likes of Kodak Black.

How old is Jackboy?

Born on September 27, 1997, Jackboy is 26 years old.

How did Jackboy get famous?

Jackboy caught the attention of fans and critics with his debut mixtape, Stick Up Kid.

Is Jackboy married?

It does not appear that Jackboy is married. However, when he was dating rapper Asian Doll in 2021, she tweeted a series of messages expressing her love for Jackboy and claiming that she was ready to marry him.

Does Jackboy have kids?

Jackboy does not appear to have any children.

How rich is Jackboy?

As of early 2024, Jackboy’s net worth is reported to be around $2.3M.

What is Jackboy doing now?

While Jackboy briefly left behind his life of crime, recent setbacks have found him back on the wrong side of the law. It’s not yet clear how this will impact his career, future earning potential, and ability to grow his net worth.



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