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How Ant Anstead Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Ant Anstead

Ant Anstead is perhaps one of the most interesting celebrity personalities currently in the news. He became the focus of gossip columns when he married Christina El Moussa in 2017. Anstead has a colorful history and he is best known as an English television presenter as well as an amazing designer and car builder, but these are just a few of his talents. He has built a net worth of an estimated $5 million. Because of his diverse background, this makes many of his fans wonder how he came to be so wealthy. Here is what we learned about Anstead and how he built his fortune.

Net Worth$5 Million
NameAnthony Richard Anstead
BornPlymouth, Devon
Birth DateMarch 28, 1979
Source of WealthEnglish Television Presenter, Motor Specialist, Car Builder, Designer and Artist

His early years

Anstead was born in Plymouth, Devon, England in the United Kingdom. When he was age ten his family moved to Ely, Cambridgeshire. He is British born. He was born on March 28, 1979, and is currently 40 years old. He grew up in Hertfordshire and attended the Richard Hale School in the area.

Amassing a wealth of skills

Ant's first profession was in law enforcement. He became a Police Constable with the Hertfordshire Constabulary in 1999, stationed at Bishop's Stortford, then moving to Cheshunt. He eventually became a part of the Tactical Firearms Team in Welwyn Garden City, receiving citations for acts of bravery. Ant was a talented artist as well and he left law enforcement to seek some of his true passions. He quit the force and became a car developer. He was skilled at fabrication and restoring cars for his clients. At the same time, his passion for art, particularly sculpting intensified. He was at a point in his life where he could do as he wanted and pursue his dreams. He created a massive amount of pieces that became popular and many of them were displayed in private and public galleries.

He diversified his career options

Ant had achieved success in all other ventures he embarked upon but there was more that he wanted to do with his life. He loved football so he turned semi-professional in European football. Ant spent 15 years playing in the sport as a semi-pro. He played goalkeeper initially, then moved to the position of striker. He played in the regional men's football league and became the only player to win Ryman in both positions. After this, he turned his fancy to television. Ant Ansted developed his own show that was titled "The World's Most Expensive Cars." From here he was hired to host a car show on Channel 4.

Anstead was in demand

After hosting the Channel 4 show, Ant was called upon to facilitate a wide variety of television programs for the BBC. He hosted two live shows in the "Building Cars Live" series which highlighted the busiest car factories on the planet. There was suddenly a demand for Ant as a guest speaker to give inspirational talks. He was asked to appear on several UK talk shows as well as showing up at schools, foundations, and car shows.

Marriage for Ant Anstead

Ant married Christina El Moussa, who was recently divorced from her husband Tarek. While the couple was together they amassed a fortune in real estate flipping houses. Christina was a lot like Ant in that she knew how to make a fortune doing something that she enjoyed. Her estimated net worth is $12 million, so Ant definitely married within his own financial class as well as someone who was just as capable as he. The couple is currently expecting their first baby.

How Ant Anstead earned a $5 million fortune?

It's not difficult to figure out how Ant Anstead became so very wealthy. Although the exact figures for his salary have not been disclosed, we can make a few educated inferences. He started out with a ton of talent. Ant became a police constable and earned awards for his bravery. He apparently earned enough at his position to launch his own business fabricating the parts to restore and refurbish cars. His natural artistic abilities allowed him to not only create new designs in the automotive arena, but he also created interesting art sculptures which no doubt brought in a hefty sum of cash. It was reported that he made a massive number of pieces which became highly popular and likely sold for high figures. He moved into the public speaking arena because of his impressive history and knowledge about cars and the automobile industry and these were paying gigs. Again, the pay compensation has not been confirmed, but when has Ant Anstead not been involved in a money-making venture? He even created his own television show which opened up even more doors and established him as an authority.


When we look over Ant Anstead's career history, we see a consistent stream of successes. He moved from one venture to another and there hasn't been a time that we can identify when he wasn't bringing in some type of revenue be it from a regular job, is artwork, customized vehicle fabrication, or his media presence. We also can't forget that he was a semi-professional European footballer for 15 years of his life. It has been a combination of all of these things that have helped him to build his massive fortune. Ant is just 40 years old and he is married to a dynamic woman with the same drive for success. He is a famous celebrity personality who is in high demand in television representing interesting facts about the automotive industry which is something that he is an expert on. He has multiple streams of income coming in and he is set for life. We fully expect that Ant and Christina will continue to build their fortune in the years to come because Ant just seems to attract success. He's one of those rare individuals who possess a load of talent and the self-confidence to put his skills into productive ventures.

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