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How Nikki Bella Achieved a Net Worth of $5.5 Million

Nikki Bella, also known as Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace by her real name, is one of the best American professional wrestlers of all times. She is one of the most successful WWE wrestlers and is deeply loved for her accomplishments in the ring. She was born on November 21st, 1983 in San Diego, California and brought up in a farm in Scottsdale, Arizona. In her young life, she enjoyed playing soccer games together with her twin sister Brianna, where they played for Scottsdale club in elementary school. After completing her high school at Chaparral High in 2002, she went back to San Diego for college. She played football for Grossmont College for over a year. Later, she moved to Los Angelas, where she served as a waitress. She started modeling, acting and working as a promotional agent while in LA.

Her first break came when she featured in the Foxy reality show Meet My Folks. This chance was a stepping stone to work as World Cup Twins with her sister Berrie for Budweiser. Nicole and her sister had some failed attempts in competitions such as ‘International Body Doubles Twins Search’ and ‘WWE Diva Search of 2006’. Nikki made it to WWE in 2007 and has since enjoyed success in her career. Nikki Bella is one of the richest ex-wrestlers in America achieving a net worth of $ 5.5 million. So, how exactly she gained her lump-sum wealth?

Net Worth$5.5 Million
NameStephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace
BornSan Diego, California
Birth DateNovember 21, 1983
Source of WealthAmerican Retired Professional Wrestler
CountryUnited States

Nikki Professional wrestling career, WWE

Nikki Bella must have enjoyed working with World Wrestling Entertainment since June 2007 which has greatly contributed to her wealth. It’s no secret that most of her wealth must have come from this WWE profession. Nicole’s success cannot be well elaborated without mentioning her twin sister Brie since they have been working hand in hand in making her dream come true. These two decent ladies were assigned to work for Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) which then was a WWE’ s developmental territory, in Tampa, Florida.

The two sisters began with victory emerging fan favorites due to their playful tricks which were entertaining. They used to hide behind the referee and switch places after taking full advantage of their identical looks. Nikki’s career kicked off after her and her twin sister Brie stepped on the scene as The Bella Twins— defeating Nattie Neidhart and Krissy Vaine.

All dreams are valid, Nicole's dream to be a superstar in her career had not been achieved yet. She immediately began competing with Neidhart and Crawford throughout October 2007. She and her sister Brie could switch positions behind the referee’s back whenever one was injured. Often, Nikki would compete with mixed tag team matches, joining forces with male wrestlers like Kofi Kingston and Robert Antony. Nicole also participated in bikini contests through which she became more famous. In January 2011, the Bella twins became screen evils.

The WWE Championship

Nikki's efforts to become WWE Divas champion finally bore fruits on April 23rd, 2012. This was after beating Beth Phoenix on Raw. However, this victory did not take long and she lost her championship to Layla only after a week because of her sister who failed to attempt at ‘Twin Magic’. The following night they still lost to Layla in triplet match. WWE later suspended them and they were forced to take a break. Despite all these, the two sisters didn’t give up, they became active again on raw and commenced feuding with several wrestlers without any positive results. The sisters were mostly entertaining the audience with their crazy acts in the stage.

Nikki becoming the ‘WWE Diva champion ‘once again is something she never knew it would be a reality. In 2014, she managed to be the champion after defeating AJ Lee at a Survivors Series, with Brie’s help and became two divas champion of all times. This was the longest-reigning Divas champion ever in WWE. Afterward, she lost the title to Charlotte after 301 days in a ‘Night of Champions’ match. She continued fighting several matches together with her sister sometimes in single matches and various tag teams. Nikki was later on announced to quit her wrestling career after developing a cyst in the brain on June 20th, 2019.

Besides all these achievements, these twin sisters have managed to be part of the TV reality show ‘Total Divas’ which started airing on July 2013. Their role in the show has greatly contributed to their wealth. The show has earned them many endorsement deals and attracts a good pay too. They are also stars in their own program entitled ‘Total Bellas’ which started October 5th, 2016. Nikki and Brie have also featured in the 2014 film ‘confessions of a Womanizer’, appeared in the WWE Youtube show the JBL & Cole show.

Nikkie's net worth

Being a Bella is no joke, it really pays. It is not known exactly how much Nikki Bella earns from Total Bellas, but according to Celebrity Net Worth, Bella is worth around $4 to $6 million range. Her contract with WWE awarded her a cool $300,000 per year. She has also accumulated wealth through endorsements all the way from the early days with Budweiser to her current show.

Nikki Bella marks to be one of the most successful WWE professional wrestlers. She managed to win the WWE Diva champion in 2012 that made her more popular. Her twin sister Brie has greatly contributed to her success in her career for being there for her in all matches. They have worked together in many programs having featured in films like movies, music and television series. The TV reality show ‘Total Bellas is one among their many achievements which visualize their professional and social life. Nicki Bella has managed a net worth of $ 5.5 million throughout her career. Thanks to her hard work, Nicki Bella will most likely live a happy life knowing that she accomplished her dream.

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