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How Vickie Guerrero Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

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In the world of entertainment, bad publicity is just as invaluable as good publicity. Every captivating and exciting story must have elements of conflict to hook an audience. If there is anyone who understands this aspect of entertainment is billionaire Vince McMahon. The founder and owner of the World Wrestling Entertainment franchise established an iconic legacy out of his excellent creativity and PR schemes. He has made numerous dollar millionaires throughout his career, and his heroes always made as much money as his villains. Eddie Guerrero was one of the most infamous personalities. He used to lie, cheat, and steal in the show so much that he rose to the top of WWE wrestling stars. He quickly established the Guerrero wrestling family legacy and made a fortune. At the time of his unexpected and early-term death, he was worth at least 6 million dollars. His widow, Vickie Guerrero, went on to cement that family legacy and become one of WWE’s most celebrated villainess.

Vickie’s Debut on the World Wrestling Entertainment

Eddie Guerrero was notorious for his schemes and scams that always propelled his career higher. By 2005, he had become champion numerously by winning various titles in the franchise. He even won a high stakes match against Brock Lesner who he beat as a challenger. As usual, he cheated to win the match, but his wrestling prowess was not in question. Until then, we had never seen his wife, Vicky, or their two lovely daughters. However, we knew about Eddie’s close familial relationship with Rey Mysterio. It was this familial relationship that provided the script for Vickie’s entry into the limelight, and it was well orchestrated.

We all know that the WWE is a family business: not just for the McMahons, but for every star willing to yield a unique storyline. Eddie initiated a conflict with his friend, Rey, and threatened to reveal a big secret about Rey’s family. Enter: Vickie Guerrero and her dramatic antics. In 2005, Vickie added flavor and authenticity into Eddie’s gimmicks by showing up to the arena with their two children. She publicly begged Eddie not to reveal the secret that could destroy Rey’s family as well as theirs. Eddie sent her away furiously, and the debacle accentuated more interest for the Rey vs. Eddie ladder match. On that material day, the arena was full of people who wanted to see Rey successfully defending his custody over Dominick against Eddie. What a spectacle, right? Well, Vince McMahon has a natural talent for picking the best. In that match, Vickie helped Rey to cheat against her husband in a bid to defend her family interests.

Cementing the Guerrero Legacy

Vickie never showed up to the WWE again until after the death of the late Eddie. She, however, must have been heavily involved in the background. She was a phenomenal strategist and entertainer, and these qualities came into limelight after 2006. It was only about eight months after Eddie’s death that she started showing up on WWE as a love interest for different wrestlers. Her storylines were all controversial, and she played a part in keeping several stars relevant with scandalous rivalries. For starters, she continued the Mysterio vs. Guerrero rivalry by setting up Rey vs. Chavo. She started managing Chavo, Eddie’s nephew and made a great career out of him.

In 2007, Vickie lost her position as Chavo’s business manager and later landed a job as the assistant to SmackDown’s General Manager. She acted as the Interim SmackDown General Manager as her boss planned his wedding. Before long, the General Manager suffered a heart attack, and Vickie replaced him. Just a month after her appointment, her scandals with Edge began. She made him the contender to the most coveted title in the franchise and declared it was a punishment. Soon after, the world realized that the two were secret lovers, and Edge was enjoying the ‘benefits.’ She was openly biased over and over until Edge finally became the heavyweight champion.

Vicky kept all her assets in the fold as a General Manager and helped even Chavo to gain the ECW Championship. Her on and off drama with Edge saw him cheat and steal numerously to retain the heavyweight championship. Even when he lost it to the Undertaker, she made biased decisions to help Edge regain his title. She went as far as banning Undertaker’s signature move ‘Hells Gate’ and later banished him from SmackDown. Vickie’s charades went on and off. Even when she seemed to lose, the results were excellent entertainment from WWE to the fans.

Clearly, Vicky was built for the showbiz, and athletes benefited from her management. She knew how to create relevance for the entire departments that she managed for WWE. Her conflicts created heroes and villains that fans kept on paying to see. She was able to have corporates pay to endorse one side of a conflict, and others endorse the other side. She managed pretty famous athletes and actors on and off the WWE arena including:

  • Eddie Guerrero,
  • Chavo Guerrero,
  • Edge,
  • Dolph Ziggler,
  • Big Show,
  • John Cena,
  • Eric Escobar,
  • John Cena
  • Raquel Diaz,
  • Jack Swagger
  • Laycool,
  • Kaitlyn,
  • Tyson Kidd.

The funny thing is that apart from her female athletes, Vickie had love interests with almost all of her clients. Well, it could have been all scripted, but then they had to be quite gifted actors. Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio, at one time, suspected that she was even involved with Chavo Guerrero romantically. Even John Cena once kissed her on air to shut her up and stop interfering in his high stakes match. Vickie’s entertainment antics got her the General Management at Raw. She used her position to cause more drama and spectacle. Her input helped WWE generate tons of content and keep the fans loyal.

All of the athletes that Vickie managed won multiple championships and became superstars. The rivalries that she created earned the WWE tons of money and expanded its audience. She may be infamous for the jeers and boos with which the fans always received her. Excuse her please; it takes a lot of creativity and bad press to make 8 million dollars in the wrestling arena. For Vickie, she had to use more brains than looks and athleticism.

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